Lila's Life

My name is Lila, I am 21 years old, own four boutiques and a book and I am in love with one of my best friends and there is nothing I can do about it. Welcome to my life


3. Peter?


The party had died down and we were all sitting in front of the TV, the mattresses were blown up and there were pillows and blankets everywhere as we were under the air con. i was sitting on the couch beside Peter who was stuck in the corner and was holding my hand and Jack was on the other side of my nursing Tabby as she was falling to sleep. 


we were watching 21 Jump Street and then putting the second one on afterwards. some people still had their drinks in their hands as they were watching it and some people were now having water. i was feeling my eyes get heavy but i didnt want to fall asleep so i took a deep breath and blinked a couple of times. i think Peter noticed cause he put his arm around me and i fell on him. he does this all the time but i think its because he's looking after me. he always is asking if I'm okay and making sure I'm comfortable. thats what i love about him. 




I opened my eyes at the sun coming through the lounge. i had fallen asleep on the couch last night and i looked around to see people everywhere splattered around my lounge. i leaned up and looked to my left but Peter was nowhere to be seen. anywhere actually in the room. 


i grabbed my phone off the couch and shuffled my way through the bodies trying not to hit anyone and i went out onto my balcony to find Peter sitting there with a coffee. but he doesn't drink coffee... 


"You have a coffee but you don't drink coffee" i mumbled walking over and sitting on the other chair on the other side of the table and he smiled. 


"I made it for you. i knew once i moved and made coffee you would wake up. plus you wake up with the sun so i kind of figured you would get up" he said and i smiled and took the coffee, having a sip and relaxing and nodding. 


"This is so good" i mumbled and closed my eyes letting the morning sun come over the New York buildings and hit my skin. "thanks for being here" i continued on and he nodded just looking out into the street. i followed his eyes to see a couple of guys walking down the street carrying bottles of some sort of alcohol and stumbling everywhere. 


Jack came out with his own coffee, i love how he just decides to help himself to my coffee. slides down the little railing on my balcony and slowly drinks his coffee. unlike me, Jack got complete drunk last night and he looks like shit right now. "how you feeling?" i asked looking at him leaning my head on my hand smiling a little. 


"I feel like running down the yellow brick road and throwing up half way" he said and i just giggled a little. 


"Cute" i heard a light voice and turned to see Peter sitting there with a smile. 


"What?" i said and his smile got bigger 


"Cute as in funny cute about the yellow brick road" he said but it was more of a pause and as he continued to stare at the street he continued on "and the giggle was cute too". i smiled a little and took another sip of the hot coffee in my hands. 


i noticed through the glass doors that everybody was starting to pull themselves up off the ground and walk around using the bathroom and going into the kitchen. Maria and Belamy and Tabby folded the blankets and picked up the pillows stacking them onto the couch and then they came out. 




it was late afternoon and everyone had left, i was pulling down decorations and loading glasses and plates into the dishwasher. i had already had a shower and changed into a pair of shorts and a massive top that covered them, my hair was in a bun and slightly wet still. 


there was a knock on my door and i walked over and opened it too see Spiderman standing in the doorway of my apartment. "Oh my god" i mumbled. as in oh my god spiderman is standing in my doorway but he had scratches all over him and his suit was ripped and he was bruised and slightly hunching over. he reached up and pulled his mask off and Peter was underneath. "oh god" i mumbled again and then he fell into my apartment and i caught him. 


"Jesus Peter" i said and he was laying on my floor in my walkway and i shut the door and looked at him. "What happened" i asked looking at him and he grinned. 


"I love how i just show up and you find out I'm the guy swinging around the city saving people and you just ask whats happened" i just sat there. "theres some guy in a green suit flying around. he's kinda scary" he said breathing deeply and then pulling himself up and crawling over to my kitchen bench and leaning on the edge of it. 


i grabbed the first aid kit and got out non alcoholic cleaning wipes so it wouldn't sting and helped him pull off his top or whatever and sat there slightly touching the cuts over his body. i was just trying to process what i am witnessing. then it hit me and i felt tears in my eyes. i stopped helping him and just sat there and lifted my eyes to his. 


"My parents" i mumbled and looked at him and he nodded. "You, you were there when they were killed. they they they were trying to help you and they still died. i thought you were meant to save people Peter. why didnt you save them" my voice was weak but it was hard to talk without bursting into tears. 


"I tried. i promise you Liles i tried to so bad. they were the ones that knew about the antidote for the city and they brought it up. i was evacuating the building but they didnt leave and when they came up and gave it to me they were murdered. they held on until the end when the cure was put out and they saw me trust me. they knew i was him and i wish i could have saved them i really do cause they pretty much raised me. they made me promise them that i would keep you out of it. they made me promise and its been the hardest thing in the world to try not to come to you because you and my aunt are all i have. and I'm only close to you cause our parents were close and they were here for me when they died when i was a kid and thats why i kept the promise because they helped me so much and i regret not making sure they got out of the building everyday because i know how much you need them and I'm just so sorry Lila honestly" he blurted out and i just sat there with tears rolling down my cheeks but it wasnt like i was full on crying. 


his face came closer to mine and he just looked at me. i nodded in response and he wiped my tears from my face and looked at me. "Honestly Liles I'm so sorry i couldn't save them. i wish i could have but i just couldn't. it was too late" he mumbled and leaned back against the counter and his eyes fell to his lap.  


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