Lila's Life

My name is Lila, I am 21 years old, own four boutiques and a book and I am in love with one of my best friends and there is nothing I can do about it. Welcome to my life


2. Party Time


i opened my eyes and pulled myself up out of bed. dragging my feet down the bedroom hallway to the wardrobe and grabbed my black satin robe and wrapped myself in it and tying it up. my doorbell rang and i slowly shuffled out tying up my hair as i answered the door to see Jack standing there. 


"I had a feeling that today you would be getting ready for the party and not tomorrow" he said coming in smiling. he knows me too well. 


"How come you are always right" i mumbled grabbing a glass of water and sitting on the bench drinking it. 


"So what do you want me to do?" he asked and i smiled. thank god someone is here to help. I'm perfectly capable of doing it myself but its good to have someone to help me. 


"I would like you to go downstairs to the cafe and get me a smoothie" i said reaching over to my money jar and getting out some money giving it to him "You are welcome to get something yourself too" i said and he smiled walking out of my apartment and i walked into my bedroom and pulled up my covers and making my bed before going into my closet and undressing, and then i put on some yoga pants and a t shirt. then i walked back out and Jack just put the change back into my jar and he handed me a smoothie. it was mango passionfruit and strawberries and it tasted so good. 


"So i pretty much just need to mop and vacuum the floors and then just decorate. everything else is pretty much done." i said looking around and he nodded as i went to get out the vacuum and mop he took the vacuum and started while i put vinegar and eucalyptus into the mop bucket with hot water and went around behind him moping the grey tiled floors. 


we finished the floors and i slid on some shoes and Jack grabbed his car keys and we got into his car going into a shopping centre to find some stuff to decorate. i grabbed a happy birthday sign, some helium balloons and some other small things not to clutter my apartment but make it nice. then i grabbed a white and black polka dot table cloth to make a backdrop and then grabbed some little face features where there is moustaches and speech bubbles which I'm going to write things like "happy birthday Jake" etc. 




It was the day of Jakes party and i just finished writing a blog post on 'how to get ready to have the best party" and uploaded it. now i have packed a small leather backpack with my macbook air, and wallet and keys and phone. just the simple things that i need. then i put on a black straight line skirt with ankle boots that had a little heel and a white body suit with long sleeves that was off the shoulder. then i let my hair fall naturally and grabbed a clean eyebrow brush and ran them through my freshly done eyelash extensions. 


i walked out the door with my bag and across the road to my first boutique where i saw Gwen watching everyone as she was typing up on the computer. i walked over and we kissed each others cheeks and then i just supervised while writing up reports and looking over some drafts for new clothing lines. 






I was finishing getting ready for the party. I'm wearing a short black dress that was designed to fit the body but it wasnt tight. i put on some make up and left my hair as its natural and then opened my front door as people started to arrive. 


My friends that i knew were coming tonight were Jen, Jack, Peter, Maria, Tabitha, Belamy, Jake, Macy, Justin, Georgia, Jason, the twins Luke and Mark and Lukes girlfriend Emelia and then i said people can bring plus ones. 


Scott arrived after a few people and i smiled, walked up and wrapped my arms around him. "Would you stop going away on holidays" i said into his chest and he laughed a little "I'm not kidding. it makes it hard to actually catch up with you" i continued pulling away from him and he nodded and put his drinks in my fridge. 


someone put there music through my system and people started drinking and mingling and dancing as did i and then i turned to look at the door and i saw Sam and his new girlfriend. Sam was a guy who i had a minor thing with and we were going out on dates and stuff and then suddenly he ended up dating his best friend and broke my heart. i met him at one of Jacks parties that he had and we just hit it off. i haven't spoken to him since but he walked straight up to me. 


"Hey Lila, a few people told me you were having a party with open invitation. i hope its okay i came" he said suddenly. i just nodded in response and watched him walk around and say hi to everyone. thats it. no sorry for breaking your heart or how are you doing? i just shook it off and walked over to Peter and sat beside him stealing his drink and drinking it. 


i noticed Jen see Sam and walk across the room. "Oh god" i mumbled and i got up walking towards her in my filled apartment and grabbed her arm pulling her away. "Its fine. i said he could be here" i muttered to her and she shook her head. 


"Well if you want him to leave just ask me and ill push him out" she said turning on her heel and walking away. Jen knew he was bad news when she met him and she warned me and then did the whole 'told you so' but was still there for me. i knew that she wanted to scream at him because she did when he first broke my heart like a lot of people did. 


i noticed Maria and Belamy arrive hand in hand and Belamy had a few bags cause he brought over air mattresses for me for people who were staying over. the spare room i gave to Jack and Tabby and Jen was in my bed with me but everyone wanted to stay over so i asked people to bring some. i said just to put them in the spare room and welcomed them in. 


So far the party is off to a great start. 

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