Lila's Life

My name is Lila, I am 21 years old, own four boutiques and a book and I am in love with one of my best friends and there is nothing I can do about it. Welcome to my life


4. Harry


It had been three days since i found out Peter was Spiderman and i was currently sitting on my couch drinking a coffee and watching the bachelorette. there was a knock but not from my front door. i looked around and saw Peter aka spiderman standing on my balcony and i stood up and walked over opening the door to let him in. 


"I know who the green goblin guy thing is" he said walking in taking off his mask. 


I just stood in my doorway looking at him for a second. a few days ago he said that he promised my parents not to drag me into this. but now he is. "Who?" i mumbled slowly walking back over to my couch and sitting down leaning over the back of the couch looking at him pace back and forth around my lounge. 


"Its Harry. like Harry i grew up with as a kid. our parents all used to work at Oscorp together, well his dad owned it but still. he's flying around the city in a green goblin costume on a board that the entire edge seems sharp as a knife and has these weird bomb things that he was throwing around and blowing stuff up. something has changed him and i don't know what it is but something has, he has completely gone dark and know he is flying after me around the city and i don't know what to do. he doesn't know I'm spiderman but like he was my best friend as a kid, well my only friend as a kid and now what. i gotta hand him over to the cops or something or stop him some how but i don't know how" he was just pacing back and forth across my lounge and i was just staring at him. when he stopped talking he looked at me. "What?" he said stopping and looking at me. my head was on my arm and i was looking up at him. 


"i can't tell you what to do" i said and he came and crouched down in front of my face and looked at me directly. 


"i don't know what to do Lila" he said. i could feel him breathing he was so close and i didnt move i just looked from his eyes to his lips to his eyes again and then studied his face. i parted my lips and moved my face slightly closer to his and looked at him lips again. he did the rest. he slammed his lips against mine and slightly stood up and i put my head back leaning back and it was so good. i felt more connected to Peter than i ever have and my stomach was turning like a washing machine but it was a good feeling. 


he pulled away and stood up and looked at me. "What am i doing? i promised your parents. i can't pull you into this" he was talking softly like he was talking to himself and i put my mug down on the coffee table, stood up on the couch and walked over so i was behind it and stood right on my tippy toes and kissed him again. 


"I don't care" i muttered and kissed him again. but then i pulled away "but i do have to stop now because i am meant to be meeting up with my brother for dinner. he wants to talk to me about something and is bringing someone. you can totally come if you want but you would have to change. its at the Burger Joint at 33 West 8th street." i spat out really quickly and then kissed his cheek. 


"Ill be there" he said and i turned around and walked into my bedroom. i heard my balcony door close and i looked out my bedroom window and saw him swing past. then i went into my wardrobe and changed into a denim skirt, a loose black silk crop top that met the skirt and a light black long cardigan. i put on my black heeled boots and left my hair out. then i put everything i needed into a small Tony Bianco side bag and brushed my teeth before i walked out the door. 


i got a taxi to the Burger Joint and walked to out front where my brother Daniel, and Jen were standing. "Um hi" i mumbled slightly confused. 


"uhhh we should go inside" Dan mumbled and turned around opening the door and letting us in. we went and sat at a table for four leaving one seat free and opened the menus. 


before i even looked at mine i shut it and looked up "Okay whats this about" i questioned. 


"Um Liles, this was my idea but don't get mad we just wanna know what you would think of us um dating?" Jen just came out starring right at me and i kinda could see this coming. i nodded and already knew i was going to say yes but i made it look like i was thinking about it. 


"I knew this was coming. and I'm going to say yes but i feel its going to be weird because you know does that mean he comes to our parties and stuff cause that would be a little weird" i said looking between them. the seat beside me moved and i saw Peter come and sit down. he was wearing just jeans and a shirt with his normal black jacket that he always wears. 


"Peter?" Jen said and i turned my head towards Peter to see him look at Jen then at me. 


"Hi Jen" he said a little confused. 


"Um just to fill you in Jen and Daniel are going to be dating" i just said out straight. to be honest i didnt care because i knew he would look after her and she would be good from him from the normal girls that he used to date that were into drugs and not doing anything with their lives. i wouldn't have to worry about either of them. and to be honest they have always had a thing, like they always used to sit closely and look at each other all smoochy like but never really did anything. it wasnt like a normal best friend getting annoyed because her bff's sibling was in the room being annoying. plus they have known each other forever and just fit perfectly. 


"oh i saw that coming" he said and i laughed a little then looked at Peter to see him look at me and smile. 


"But Peter why are you here?" Jen asked and looked at me with a grin on her face. 


"Oh i invited him. you know we were hanging out and stuff." i didnt really know how to categorise us yet because we hadn't established what we are. 


she nodded and smiled and i picked up my menu and read it. "Well well well. its the whole clan" i turned slightly and saw Harry standing there with a grin on his face. i looked at Peter and then back at him.


"my god Harry i feel like its been forever" Daniel stood up and 'man hugged' him and then grabbed a chair and pulled it up to our table. 


"Peter" he said and shook his hand. "My god Lila you've grown up to be more beautiful than you were as a kid" he said and kissed my cheek and went around to Jen. "And who is this pretty lady" he continued on


"Um this is my girlfriend and their best friend Jen" Dan said and i looked at Peter and he looked at me. he shook her hand and then sat down at the table between Me and Dan. 


i just looked at my menu and tried to act normal like he wasnt the cities villain flying around and chasing the guy I'm completely in love with. the waiter came over and we all ordered what we wanted. i was just getting a vegetarian burger with pineapple, beetroot, lettuce, carrot, cheese, and spring onion and it came with a side of chips. I'm not a vegetarian but i just wasnt in the mood for meat. Harry was just talking to Dan and Jen just trying to get to know her and they all seemed so happy and Harry was just acting normal and like he wasnt some guy flying around the city in a green suit. 


"So Jen do you know if these two are dating yet?" he said and looked towards us and i looked at him and then and Peter and down at my hands. "I mean you two as kids were so cute always running around and holding hands and hugging. i heard somewhere that at parties you guys get really close. and i mean you are here together at dinner. kinda seems like a double date" he continued on and i just sat there and then looked up and Jen was smiling. 


"Im not sure but they might as well should be" she said. our food came and it stopped the conversation. i cut my burger in half and it flattened it down so i might actually be able to fit the entire thing in my mouth. "This is so good" Jen said chewing on her food. i nodded to agree with her and then continued to eat. i just sat there silently eating my food like we all did. Peter hadn't spoken at all he was just eating and looking at Harry and then at me and then his food. 


"So Harry what have you been doing with yourself lately?" Peter said and i put my burger down and looked at him and then at Harry. 


"Oh you know, just trying to learn how to run Oscorp. dad can't do it forever so someone has to. Pete you should come and check it out one day. i could get you a job there, with your brain we could go really far" he said taking a bite of his chip and then i looked back at Peter. 


"Thats actually such a good idea Harry. he needs to do something like that to keep him challenged and busy" Jen said and i looked at her and she looked at me. 


"Im sure he's busy enough with uni and school and stuff" i said and looked back down at my plate. 


"Yeah school gets pretty full on a lot with assignments and stuff. plus i go away to visit like people at the coast all the time remember. but thanks for the offer" he added and looked at Harry. 


"Nah man all good. but that offer is always there okay. and you can pop in whenever you want to look around. any of you can" Harry added and we kept eating. 




dinner had ended and we were standing outside the restaurant saying goodbye to Jen and Dan and i was standing so close to Peter and i was slightly holding his arm as Harry's car came around. "Well goodbye guys" he said and shook Peters hand and grabbed mine and kissed it before getting in, closing the door and his car left. 


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