Lila's Life

My name is Lila, I am 21 years old, own four boutiques and a book and I am in love with one of my best friends and there is nothing I can do about it. Welcome to my life


5. Flying through the city

I had just finished at my last boutique checking in and writing up reports and i was currently just walking through the streets of the city. i heard a few people around me call out things like 'theres spiderman' or 'hey spidey' or whatever and i just smiled a little and turned around and then he dropped to right down in front of me. 


"Wanna lift home?" he asked and i giggled a little


"Yes please" i said and i put my arm around his neck and his arm went around my waist and then i was in the air. it was like flying, well we were flying but it was so much better. like nothing could bother us up here just going through the city. 


i saw my balcony o my apartment and we landed on it and we were just standing on my balcony. "Meet me on the roof" i said and walked inside putting my bag down and getting into the elevator going to the top floor and then walking down the hall to the fire escape or the stairs and walked up and out onto the roof of my apartment building. i looked around and saw Peter sitting there without his mask on and i smiled walking up to him and falling into his arms. 


i kissed him lightly and then looked at him. "Hi" i said and he smiled. 


"What you been doing?" i asked looking at him 

"You know just helping the lovely New York police out catching some guy who did a hit and run or something" he said and shrugged and i laughed a little. 

"so just your usual day" i said and he nodded. 


before he could talk again there was some screams and police sirens in the distance. i stood up and so did he and we walked over to the edge of the building and then the green goblin or Harry came up and was right in front of us. i stepped back a little and Peter stood there without his mask on just looking at him. Harry's mark pulled back to show his face and he seemed confused. 


"pete?" he said and then looked at me. "i never expected this you know. i knew you were the hero type but i never thought you would actually be one" he said and Peter looked at me. 


"But you are. and I'm guessing you guys are together. you know being up here alone all close and stuff. its kind of cute and would have been perfect but then i show up. doesn't that suck" he said and his smile was so big it was scary. 


"Liles go inside" Peter said and i stepped back a few times before turned around and walking a little too quickly towards the exit on the other side of the roof. 


"instead how about we go for a little fly" i heard and i turned around and saw Harry coming towards me 


"Harry dont" Peter yelled out and he was putting on his mask and running towards me and then Harry grabbed me and i was in the air again. but this time i didnt feel safe. 


i was slightly standing on his board and one of his arms were around my waist and i was looking behind to see Peter swinging behind and i don't think i could have held onto Harry's arm any tighter. "Harry what are you doing? this isn't you." i said and in the distance i could here Peter yelling to put me down but that was it. the sirens and screams below were all blurred out and my heart was going a hundred miles per minute. 


"Well Lila, spiderman stopped my cross genetics when he cured the city from turning into lizards so i want to stop him before he can stop me again. now i have a way to do it" he said and then laughed. it was the scariest thing I've ever heard and then he turned a sharp corner and my feet slipped of the board and i screamed as i held his arm so tight before i could stand again. 



"harry you have known me forever. our parents used to work together. we grew up as kids together. Peter was only saving everyone" i said and he laughed again 


"im glad your parents died on the roof. i know they were helping stop the cross genetics too"


"HARRY PUT HER DOWN" i could here Peter yelling out behind us. 


"Well if he wishes" he said and let go of me and i screamed as i fell and then grabbed the edge of his board. i felt an instance sting mixed with burn to my hand as the edge was sharp but it wouldn't be as bad as falling to my death. 


my hand slipped a little more and it was cutting into the knuckles of my fingers. i looked up and blood started running down my arm and i felt a sting to my eyes because the pain was so bad. then Harry turned another sharp corner and my hand slipped from the board and i was suddenly falling through a street of New York. i was screaming as i was falling and then strong arms caught me and i wrapped my arms around Peters neck as he slowly put us down. we were on the floor but i didnt let go from around his neck, i just sat there, my feet not touching the ground with my arms around his neck just trying to calm down. 


"are you okay?" he asked and i shook my head and slowly let go and Peter grabbed my wrist and looked at it. then the police all pulled up and so did an ambulance and police officers all came over to hold people off and someone came and looked at my hand. Peter came up and whispered in my ear "I'm going to go change and ill be at your apartment" he said and then took off. i just stood there with someone cleaning up my hand and bandaging it and complete strangers around taking photos and just standing there watching me. 


a police officer escorted me into a car and i gave him my address and he dropped me home. he was stationed outside the building for security and apparently wasnt going to move all night. 


i walked up to the elevator and eventually got to my room and as i opened the door i was engulfed into Peters arms. i just stood there and then he walked me over to the couch and sat down pulling me up onto his lap. "Liles, this is why i can't do this. this is why your parents made me promise" he said and i sat up and looked at him. "I can't have you becoming a victim because of the life i live. it just can't happen. i - i - i - i can't be putting you in danger" he said and he had slight tears in his eyes and i just sat there 


"Peter i " he cut me off 


"No Lila i can't do it. I'm sorry. you haven't even been known about this for a week and you have already been hurt. and I'm always going to have enemies and i just can't be putting you at risk. I'm sorry" he said and he leaned over and kissed my head and then got up and walked out of my apartment. just like that, he gets up and leaves me here. completely heart broken.

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