Lila's Life

My name is Lila, I am 21 years old, own four boutiques and a book and I am in love with one of my best friends and there is nothing I can do about it. Welcome to my life


7. first time

we got up to my apartment and walked in, just dropping the stuff in the doorway. Peter moved his arm "I'm going to go have a shower" he said and i grabbed his arm and walked towards my room, through my room and into my bathroom. 


i got straight into the shower with my swimmers on and turned on moth shower heads and then turned around and faced Peter. i stood up on my toes and reached my arm up to his face and kissed him. i just let his hands run down the sides of my body and he slipped his tongue into my mouth. i moved my hands so the were at the edge of his shorts and slightly slid my fingers in and pulled him closer to me. 


he pulled away but not too far "are you sure you want to do this?" he asked and i just nodded and continued to kiss him. his hands ran along my body and he unclipped my bra let and pulled it off and dropped it on the floor beside us. he stopped for a second and looked at me. he pushed my hair away from my face and i moved back against the wall and then he started to kiss me again. 


he ended up turning off the water and we got out and wrapped ourselves in towels. I'm not going to give details on our first time but just every little thing he did, giving me goosebumps or when he ran his fingers along my collarbone and up my arm and entwining our fingers, kissing my body, i just fell in love with him so much more. he was so gentle with me and i loved it but the best part is the next morning, waking up right beside him.


i opened my eyes to see a bare chest and all i could smell was Peters usual smell. it wasnt bad but so good and made me feel so safe. i moved slightly gripping onto the white sheet that was covering my body and he opened his eyes and kissed my head. "coffee?" he asked in his 'morning voice' and it was so much better than his normal voice. i nodded and he closed his eyes again and breathed out. he sat up and reached over grabbing one of the towels, still half asleep and stood up wrapping the towel around him and tucking it in to hold itself up and shuffling out of the room.


i got up and pulled the sheet with me, going into the bathroom and peeing like normal, i brushed my teeth and then wrapped the sheet around my body and having to hold it up of the ground as well. my usual dark brown beached waved hair was messier than normal and there was a slight purple hickey hiding on my neck under my hair. i washed my hands and walked out into the kitchen to see him pouring coffee into mugs and watching the news. 


he smiled when he saw me and i walked up into the kitchen grabbing a mug and sipping on the coffee. he kissed my head and then walked over to the couch and sat down. i followed and sat beside him still holding the sheet up around my body and watching the news with him. 


then a live report came on about a bank robbery and most of the banks money being stolen. he looked at me and i sighed and nodded and he ran his fingers lightly along my collarbone and then held just under my jawline as he lightly left a kiss on my lips and got up running to the guest bedroom where his stuff was and got changed and then he just jumped of my balcony. i continued to watch the news as i watched about him going along and saving the day. 


i closed my eyes and breathed out and just went over all of last night. i heard a key go in my front door and then it opened making me get up and look to see Jack in the doorway. 'you know me giving you an emergency key doesn't mean you can come in whenever you want" i said and he just stood there 


'you just left this at ours last night and i came to drop it off. um Lila why are you only in a sheet?" he said holding up my purse which must have fallen out of my bag and i looked down and realised i was only in a sheet. i smiled a little and then he smiled. "you two did it last night didnt you?" he said and came in and sat down. 


"um I'm going to go and put on a robe and then ill be back out" i said walking off and closing my bedroom door. i looked around the room to see my bikini bottoms and towels on the floor and pillows where we threw them off. i dropped the sheet and went and grabbed a long white fluffy robe and wrapped it tightly around me and walked back out. 


"how was it" he said and i laughed a little and looked at him "come on i told you about Tab and I. your my best friend, we are supposed to know these things" he said and i looked at him 


"are you sure you aren't gay or something" i said and he shook his head.


"i just want to know. you guys are perfect together and you just seem happier this morning" he continued on 


"well I'm not giving out details. but it was so good. he was so gentle but he still gave me goosebumps and shivers down my spine. and just the little things he did like the small kisses and holding my hand and stroking my hair and when we were in the shower making sure i wanted to do it. honestly it was the best night of my life" i mumbled and he smiled. 


"well kiddo normally it is when you lose your virginity" he said and smiled and watched the TV where Peter was flying around and saving the day. of course he didnt know it was Peter he just saw him as Spiderman. 


"Imagine dating spiderman. like just think about it. sex could be great and so could dates cause you could go to some of the best places" he said and just watched. "i wish i could have some sort of power you know. to make things different" he said and i looked at him 


"you do. its called moron and its where you literally are the most annoying person i know" i said and laughed and he threw a pillow at him. but i just sat there smiling and looking at the TV. 


a few moments later i noticed Peter swing in and onto the balcony and he walked in and i stood up. Jack turned around and saw him as he took of the mask. "Oh shit" i mumbled and Peter stopped in his tracks and Jack just looked at Peter and then at me. 


"So i literally was just saying i was wondering what it would be like to date him and you are." he said and then he stood up and looked at me and walked around the couch. 


"Jack you can't tell anyone. if this gets out then i don't know but you just can't" i said and walked around to stand beside him. 


"Lila you are my best friend and I am yours and yet you know every little thing about me and you kept the biggest secret that your boyfriend is a superhero. not to mention Peter you could have told at least some of us. we all wonder why you are always away and not always being around and its because of something this big." he went on like he was hurt about it which i get cause its a big secret but come on. 


"Jack its not Liles fault that she didnt tell you. its mine, i didnt want anyone to know about it" he said and walked up. 


he just looked at me and i walked up to him. "Please Jack just understand we didnt tell anyone for their own good. safety even. but you got to promise not to tell anyone" i said and he just nodded and i hugged him and turned around and looked at Peter. 


"i wish i could have told you. i didnt even want Liles to know because if you didnt notice, when she first found out she ended up flying around the city but not with me" he said and looked at me. 


"i understand" he said and i went over and sat down "but i have to go cause i only came to drop your purse off" he said and i nodded and he walked out. 


"sorry i left you this morning" he said and kissed my head. 


"I'm going to go have a bath" i said and got up and walked into my room and ran a bath, using a lush bubble bar making the entire bathroom smell good. i turned on netflix and put on Cinderella and then turned off the water when it was full and the bubbles were overflowing. 


i heard a knock on the door and Peter came in and sat down beside me. he ran his fingers down my arm until he reached my hand and then he grabbed it. he brought my hand out of the water and kissed it and i closed my eyes and smiled a little. "thank you. for everything" he mumbled into my hand looking at me. and nodded and leaned over the edge of the bath and put my hand on the back of his neck and kissed him and then pulled him in. he only had his pants on but who cares anyway. 


the bath was big enough for him to sit beside me and i curled into his chest leaning on him with his arm around me, as he ran his fingers up and down my side and we just watched Cinderella. "i love you" he said and i lifted my head and looked at him 


"what?" i said knowing exactly what he said and he smiled and kissed my nose 


"i said i love you" and then he kissed my cheek and my jawline and my neck and then stopped at looked at me


"Do you have any idea how long i have waited for you to say that" i said leaning up on his chest and he smiled 


"sorry i couldn't say it sooner" and he kissed me and i felt my entire body melt. when i pulled away our lips were just parted and i felt him breath out


"i love you too" i said and then he smashed his lips onto mine and i moved so he rolled and was leaning over me and i wrapped my arms around his neck and just enjoyed the moment .


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