The Adventurs of Merlin Love Story/fanfic

Based on the Series everything is the same except Merlin is in love with Arthur's sister princess Tristan who's also a witch she is the long lost queen of the Druid and a Dragon rider she soon discovers who she really is and that she and Merlin have a connection greater than just friends will they be able to survive or will they be forbitten to love each other?


3. The Poisoned Chalice, Finally admitting Feelings

The Poisoned Chalice, Finally admitting Feelings
Tristan's POV
 Today a kingdom Camelot used to be in war with is coming to the castle to sign a truce to end the war between the kingdoms it's a important day except one thing I can't get Merlin out of my head I can still feel his lips on mine I want to be with him so badly but I can't do that to my family I was standing beside Arthur watching my father and the other king talk I looked to my side and saw Merlin I quickly looked away these feelings need to leave before I do something I'll regret. Now I was at the banquet dressed in my best clothes and I was trying so hard to not laugh at Merlin but I was failing "it's not funny" he whined I smiled "sorry nice hat" I said than he suddenly took it off he was looking at a maid from the other kingdom "she's pretty isn't she for a maid" I said "she's pretty enough to be a princess" he said I suddenly felt jealous thankfully the banquet was almost over we all took a drink than suddenly Merlin dropped to the floor "MERLIN" I yelled Gaius and Arthur carried him to the chambers me and Gwen following they put him on the bed "he's going to be ok Gaius?" I asked looking at him he didn't look convinced "I'm sure he will m'lady but first I have to figure out the poison you and Gwen wet his fourhead to bring his fever down" he said I nodded Gwen handed me cloth and we began wetting his four head "I'll go speak to father" Arthur said I could tell he was worried about Merlin we all were he can't die he just can't Gaius figured out a cure for Merlin but father refused to let Arthur go and get it but he did anyway Merlin has 2 days to live Arthur better hurry up I continued to wet Merlin's head he was still burning up "I'm scared Gaius Merlin is going to die" I said "you must believe Arthur will get the flower for the poison to save him" he said I nodded and looked at Merlin if I  said I wanted to be with him maybe he never would of talked to that girl "you care about him a lot may I ask why?" Gaius asked I took a deep breath "we kissed 2 nights ago and ever since he's I can think about but we can't be together" I said Gaius looked shocked "m'lady you mean more to him than you know I never seen him the way he is around you and you might be fighting your feelings cause of your father and brother but I can tell you don't want too" Gaius said I looked at him and than down at Merlin he was right I didn't want to keep my feelings for Merlin suddenly Gwen came running into the chambers "m'lady the king has thrown Arthur into the Dungeron and is going to destroy the flower" she said my eyes widened he can't do that "Gwen stay here with Merlin" I said and ran out my father has gone too far this time I reached the Dungueon and father was about to destroy the flower "NO" I yelled but it was too late he sqeezead it in his hand he turned around and saw me "how could you?" I asked through my tears "why do you care so much?" he asked I looked at Arthur and said "he may just  be a servant to you but to me and Arthur he's a friend" I said than I saw a leaf fall to the ground I quickly grabbed it and ran away "stop her" my father yelled to the guards I ran and ran and ran I nearly ran  into Morgana  "help me" I whispered she nodded "go I'll keep them busy" she said "thank you" I said and ran faster I finally got to the chambers "I got it" I said and handed it to Gaius "we got to hurry he doesn't have much time" he said I walked over to Merlin and he wasn't breathing "no" I said but we were too late "NO MERLIN"  I screamed tears were in my eyes Gwen was crying into Gaius chest "Merlin I'm so sorry I wanted to be you I still do that kiss was magical I don't care what Arthur or my father would think we could of kept it a secret I'll never forget you" I said and kissed his fourhead suddenly his eyes opened "MERLIN" I screamed and hugged him we pulled away and our lips met. Gwen promised she wouldn't say a word about me and Merlin and Father let Arthur free now me and Merlin were alone in his room holding each other "this is crazy I'm breaking one of my father's biggest rules right now" I said Merlin chuckled "well your keeping your powers a secret from him so this is just a another secret" he said kissing the top of my head I smiled "I'm starting to like having powers" I said Merlin smiled "it makes you special but it puts you into things that could kill you or someone you love" he said I blushed "but if we work together we can end our destiny's together than we can be together without hiding it" he said I smiled that sounded nice but I still have so much to learn about my powers, my life and how I ride a dragon without getting killed "I should go back to my chambers" I said Merlin pouted but nodded "See you tomorrow" he said I pecked his lips lightly and smiled I stood up from the bed and left the room Gaius was sleeping so I tipped toed pass him and walked back to my chambers a smile never leaving my face oh no am I in love with Merlin no I can't be I got back to my chambers just before Gwen showed up thank goodness "have fun with Merlin tonight M'Lady?" she asked I blushed and glared at her she chuckled I went to bed having the best sleep I have had in a while.  

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