The Adventurs of Merlin Love Story/fanfic

Based on the Series everything is the same except Merlin is in love with Arthur's sister princess Tristan who's also a witch she is the long lost queen of the Druid and a Dragon rider she soon discovers who she really is and that she and Merlin have a connection greater than just friends will they be able to survive or will they be forbitten to love each other?


9. The Moment of Truth

The Moment of Truth,
Tristan's POV
Right now I village women came to castle to beg for help her people and her are starving cause of a warlord and his gang keep stealing their food and too top it all over she's Merlin's mother I could tell by the way he was looking at her he must of felt terrible about his village and of course my father was being difficult and wasn't going to send anyone to help Arthur tried convincing him too but he wouldn't allow it but knowing Arthur he's not going to let people suffer and of course Merlin is gonna go with him since it is his home "I'm coming too" I said following Merlin to his chambers "no Arthur wouldn't allow it and either will I" he said I groaned "don't you want me to see where you were raised besides I would really like to meet your mom" I said Merlin tried to not smile but I saw one on his face "fine but if Arthur yells at me and makes me do extra chores I blame you" he said I giggled and nodded "fair enough better go pack" I said than I ran to Merlin grabbed his face and smashed our lips together he wrapped his arms around me mine went around his neck right away I love kissing him so much we pulled apart and smiled and off I went to my chambers to pack for another adventure. Just as I though Arthur yelled at me for coming and of course blamed Merlin for not stopping "Arthur don't blame Merlin I wanted to come you guys need all the help you can get plus if Gwen can come than so can I" I said Gwen smiled and Merlin smirked a little his mom smacked his head I giggled we stopped for the night to make camp I tried sleeping but I could hear Merlin and his mother talking it was quite cute than I heard them talking about me couldn't help but listen in "so you and the princess huh?" she asked in a whisper "mother how did you know?" he asked she shook her head "like I didn't notice her defending you right away no princess would ever defend a servant unless they meant something to her" she said wow she's good "mother please you can't tell Arthur or anyone we're not allowed to be together Uther would have me killed if he find out" Merlin said his mom sighted "of course I won't say anything but that is horrible the king shouldn't be allowed to mess with true love" she said wait true love is what me and Merlin have true love? never thought of it like that finally they went to sleep I turned onto my side and sighted is it really true love?. We got to the village just in time it was under attack again and Arthur rode in to save the day as usual me and Gwen started fighting too and we were doing pretty well if I do say so myself Merlin however wasn't doing so good thankfully he used his magic quickly but when he tried to use again Arthur noticed but thankfully he didn't see Merlin do it just that a giant dust cloud formed around him and his friend Will speaking of him he's being a real jerk he doesn't believe we can help them defeat this gang Merlin is trying to convince him we can but it isn't working Arthur is trying to train the villagers to fight but it's not going well and I'm teaching the women how to do archery and it's going pretty well their aim is little off but we're get there but we don't have long the gang is coming back in 1 day and Will is still being difficult Merlin is talking to him but it isn't working out he said he'll tell Arthur Merlin was one to use magic what kind of friend is that. Today is the fight day and we're going to plan a surprise attack on the gang we're all hiding weapons me and Arthur were the look out suddenly I saw them they were looking around for us "1,2,3" whispered Arthur "NOWWWW" he yelled and we all charged they were not expecting it we began fighting it was going pretty well but we were still losing I saw Merlin's mother being attacked I shot a spell at him and he died his mother looked at me and smiled I smiled back she must be so proud of Merlin suddenly the leader sneak behind Arthur and aimed an arrow at him "ARTHUR LOOK OUT" I yelled but before I could do anything Will jumped in front of him getting hit he fell to the ground "NOO WILL" Merlin yelled and ran to him Arthur killed the leader and the gang retreated to the forest we carried Will to the hut but there was nothing we could do for him before he died he told Arthur "it was me that used magic" he said my eyes widened and I looked at Merlin he's covering for him what a good friend than he died I put my hand on Merlin's shoulder he fought back tears we rode back to Camelot "Merlin" I said he turned around and smiled at me I walked over to him and pulled him into a hug he cried into my shoulder I think it really is true love me and Merlin share.

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