The Adventurs of Merlin Love Story/fanfic

Based on the Series everything is the same except Merlin is in love with Arthur's sister princess Tristan who's also a witch she is the long lost queen of the Druid and a Dragon rider she soon discovers who she really is and that she and Merlin have a connection greater than just friends will they be able to survive or will they be forbitten to love each other?


6. The Gates of Avalon, first date

The Gates of Avalon, first date
Tristan's POV
Right now I was out hunting with Arthur and Merlin yes I finally convinced Arthur to take me hunting it wasn't easy but Merlin helped too he's so sweet but I think he just wants me beside him at all times LOL just before Arthur shot an animal Merlin bolted in bumping into Arthur I giggled "Merlin your a complete idiot" he yelled at him and smacked him on the head "come on Arthur if you weren't making him carry all this he wouldn't lose his balance" I said Merlin smiled at me I blushed and smiled back Arthur rolled his eyes than suddenly we heard a noise it sounded like a girl screaming "what was that?" Merlin asked Arthur shushed him there was another scream this time louder Arthur grabbed his sword from Merlin and ran towards the noise me and Merlin looked at each other and ran after him we saw him fighting bandits I quickly got my bow and arrow loaded and amed at one bandit and shot him in the chest he fell to the ground "nice shot" said Merlin I looked at him and smiled "thanks now use your skill and make that big branch fall" I said he smiled and said a spell the branch fell and landed on another bandit's head than there was only one left and Arthur scared him away than Arthur began flirting with the girl Sophia I rolled my eyes oh no. My Father has invited Sophia and her Father to stay in the castle for a while hurry and Arthur has made Merlin her servant which is not ok but Merlin promised me nothing would happen and has told me Arthur has offered to show Sophia the kingdom "are you serious?" I asked Merlin just smiled "yes I think he loves her" he said I rolled my eyes "he just met her what about his prince duties" I said "he asked me to cover for him" Merlin said my eyes widened "my father will throw you in the strokes so fast" I said Merlin sighted "I promised him I have to do it" he said taking my hand in his "fine but if you get rotten food thrown at you don't blame me" I said he chuckled and kissed my hand I giggled and smiled I'm falling for him more and more each day it's scary but amazing. Just as I thought Merlin got rotten tomatoes thrown at him in the strokes he did kind of deserve it but I still find it funny when he walked through the door covered in food "I hate to say I told so but I told you so" I said gigging he glared at me than started washing himself I smiled "how about tomorrow we got for a ride in the forest" I said Merlin pulled his head out of the bucket and looked at me "you mean like a date?" he asked I blushed and nodded "yes our first official date" I said he smiled and nodded "of course" he said I smiled and left the chambers smiling like an idiot. Now me and Merlin were running after Arthur and Sophia cause they going to elpo and than Sophia is going to kill him this is what he gets for falling in love at least I fell in love with a good person but we were too late Sophia was about to drown Arthur "NOOO" I yelled "stay here I'll save him" Merlin said "be careful" I said he nodded and ran to the lake he dove in and came back up with Arthur in his arms thank god. Thankfully Arthur didn't remember anything just the story Gaius and Merlin told him which was pretty funny now I was getting ready for my date with Merlin I'm so excited "you look so beautiful my lady" Gwen said I smiled "thank you I have a feeling Merlin is going to love it" I said she laughed "it will make him like you even more maybe even love you" Gwen said I suddenly felt scared what if he didn't love me "oh my god do you love him?" she asked a little excitement in her voice I blushed "I think so" I said she smiled "you need to tell him" she said I shrugged "I don't really know if I love him yet I don't wan to lie to him he deserves real love" I said "it sounds like you love him" Gwen said I rolled my eyes "I said I don't know if I love him yet even if I did my father would never allow it" I said Gwen sighted "that's true so I guess keeping this a secret is for the best" she said I nodded "thank you Gwen now you should go help Morgana now" I said she nodded bowed than left I looked at myself in the mirror smiling. Merlin had told me earlier he would meet me out front with horses I walked out the front and sure enough there he was with 2 horses my white one of course he looked very handsome when he saw me he smiled I giggled and walked down the stairs and walked up to him he bowed at me "princess" he said I giggled at him than he pulled flowers from his back well flower it was a red rose "for you" he said I blushed and took it "thank you" I said he nodded and helped me onto the horse he got onto his horse than looked at me "follow me" he said than galloped away I quickly followed him. Merlin led to a hill that overlooked the castle it was beautiful "Merlin this is amazing" I said he helped me off my horse and smiled "it's mine secret place I come up here and practice magic and too clear my head" he said I smiled him showing me his secret spot is so sweet we had a picnic on the hill looking at the castle "thank you for today Merlin I really needed this" I said he smiled "it was your idea I just planned it" he said I smiled than just starred at the castle all these things were going through my head "what's you thinking about?" Merlin asked I looked he really is the only person I can be honest with these days "Merlin do you really think I'm the long lost princess of the Druids?" I asked he looked shocked "well it would explain the mark on your hand but doesn't explain why your in Camelot and how your the very last Dragon Rider" he said I sighted Merlin took my hands in his "but it's also exciting cause somehow I'm connected to them too so that means we can be together" he said I smiled "I wish there was a way I could find out for sure I can't ask Father he'll denial it all" I said "I got it we're go to Druids and we can live with them in peace we won't have to hide our magic" Merlin said I jumped up from the blanket "YOU WANT TO RUN AWAY I CAN'T LEAVE CAMELOT IT'S MY HOME AND WHAT ABOUT GAIUS AND ARTHUR?" I yelled Merlin grabbed my hands and looked at me "think about it we won't have to hide who we are and we can be together without sneaking around we could start a life together" he said got to admit starting a life with Merlin sounded tempting  and not having to hide anything sounded amazing too "I'll think about it" I said he smiled leaned forward and kissed me I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer to me as far as first date goes this one was the best one ever we rode back to the castle right beside each other we walked through the castle not holding hands but they did brush each other it was torture to act like we weren't together more than anything I wanted to us to be allowed to be together and to use magic without being afraid we would get killed we got to my chambers before I opened the door I looked at Merlin I looked around to make sure no one was coming I leaned forward and kissed him gently he kissed back "goodnight princess" he said our foreheads were resting on each other "goodnight Merlin I'll think about what we talked about" I said he smiled and kissed my nose I opened the door and went inside I closed the door and leaned against it smiling like a idiot I'm in love with Merlin.

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