The Adventurs of Merlin Love Story/fanfic

Based on the Series everything is the same except Merlin is in love with Arthur's sister princess Tristan who's also a witch she is the long lost queen of the Druid and a Dragon rider she soon discovers who she really is and that she and Merlin have a connection greater than just friends will they be able to survive or will they be forbitten to love each other?


7. The Beginning of the End, Finally learning the whole Truth

The Beginning of the End, Finally learning the whole Truth
Tristan's POV
I keep thinking about what Merlin said yesterday about us running away and live with the Druids I gotta admit the idea of being free and be together was tempting but I can't just leave my father and Arthur can I? and after falling asleep finally I had a strange dream there was a young boy, Merlin a dragon my brother and me holding the young boy's hand like we were connected in some way as I slept I heard a voice in my head it sounded like a little boy yelling for help at first I thought it was just another dream but it sounded so real than suddenly my chambers doors threw open and Merlin ran in I sat up "Merlin" I said than noticed he wasn't alone it was a boy not just any boy but the boy from my dream "I didn't know where else to go please help him" he said I looked at the boy he looked so innocent why were the guards after him? "quit behind here" I said guiding them to my curtain thing the boy went in and Merlin stay with him "keep quite" I said the boy smiled at me like he knew me "he's a Druid" said Merlin my eyes widened maybe that's why we're connected and now I understand why the guards are after him now I really want to protect him suddenly there was knock at the door "TRISTAN ARE YOU IN THERE?" yelled Arthur I looked at the boy he looked scared "it's ok just stay quite" I said and closed the curtain I jumped into bed "come in" I yelled Arthur opened the door I let out a fake yawn "what is it Arthur?" I asked "there's a intruder in the castle a guard said he saw him run into your chambers" he said "well he's not here I been sleeping the whole time" I lied "who's the intruder?" I asked "a Druid boy" Arthur said "well I'm not hiding any Druid boy here" I said Arthur sighted "very well sorry to have woken you sister" he said than left I let out a sigh and went behind the curtain Merlin was beside the boy "he's running a fever" he said I looked at the boy he looked very pale "ok go back to your chambers it's late I'll watch him" I said Merlin nodded and stood up I took his place and wrapped a protector arm around the boy who snuggled against me he trusts me but why? "Merlin you need to ask Gaius for help" I said he quickly shook his head no "I can't he'll tell the king" he said I sighted "but he can heal him" I said the boy was now sleeping "I know just let me try before we do anything else" he said I sighted and nodded he put a hand on my knee smiled than left I looked at the boy who are you?. This is getting very hard my father has ordered guards and Arthur to search the entire village for the boy I had to move him to Morgana's chambers he wasn't safe in mine anymore and now Morgana has formed a special bond with him too it's a little strange and Merlin finally told Gaius about the boy and he has treated him but Merlin didn't look happy about it what is going on with him he went to see the great dragon about the boy and ever since he's been acting so strange I went to his chambers and find him on his bed "Tristan what you doing here?" he asked "what did the dragon tell you about the boy?" I asked he sighted "I must let the boy die" he said my eyes widened "but he's just a child" I said "there's nothing I can do he must die" he said I'm angry now "NO I WON'T LET MY FATHER KILL AN INNOCENT CHILD" I yelled and ran out of the room can't believe Merlin would do this looks there's only one thing to do smuggle the boy out of Camelot but how without being caught? as I walked I thought of a plan but than saw Morgana holding the boys hand where capes "what are you doing?" I asked "getting him out of Camelot" she said I looked at the boy I bend down to his level "stay with Morgana" I said he nodded and smiled "thank you princess" he said in my head my eyes widened princess? "now go" I said Morgana smiled and ran with the boy I prayed they would make it out. Sadly Morgana was caught by Arthur and the boy was thrown in the Dungeon now Morgana was begging Father to not kill him but it wasn't working I barely looked at Merlin I was still mad at him I could feel him starring at me Morgana stormed out of the room Father looked angry so I will just let Arthur deal with him I left the room too I heard someone following me I knew it was Merlin "Tristan wait please" he begged I sighted and stopped "I'm sorry but I had no chose the great dragon said if the boy lives Arthur would die" he said I let out a deep breath "but why what could he possibly do?" I asked Merlin took my hands "I don't know and knowing how much he means to you I won't let it happen" he said my eyes widened "but what about the great dragon?" I asked Merlin just shrugged "your more important" he said I blushed he's so sweet "ok than what are we going to do?" I asked "well you can break the boy out go through the secret passage and I get the door open than you can take the boy back to the Druids" he said I nodded sounds like a plan "but Arthur has the keys to the cells" I said Merlin smirked and handed me the cell key my eyes widened "oh Arthur is going to punish you big time" I said he chuckled "it's worth it" he said I smiled and kissed his cheek time to do something I never thought I would do I walked down to the Dungeon snuck pass the guards which was very easy and find the boy in the cell he looked sad I unlocked the door he looked up and saw me he smiled brightly "don't worry I'm going to get you out here and back to the Druids but I need you to promise me something" I said he nodded "you tell the Druids I need to ask them something about my past" I said he nodded and smiled big like he knew what excetly I was talking about I handed him my hand he grabbed it and gripped it we began running before the guards could see us we ran through the secret passage and there was Merlin at the end "you showed up" I said "of course I did" he said than opened the door he had a horse all ready we got out I helped the boy onto the horse than looked at Merlin "get the key back in Arthur's room before he notices it's missing I'll be back by morning" I said Merlin hugged me than kissed forehead "good luck" he said I smiled got on the horse and galloped away. We stopped in the woods I helped the boy down and he started pulling me guess he knows where to go suddenly people wearing capes came forward must be the Druids the boy walked to them a man wrapped his arms around him "thank you princess for returning the boy to us if there's anything you need let us know" he said I took a deep breath "actually there is something I want can you please tell me what this mark means?" I asked showing them the mark they all gasped and the boy looked happy they guided me to the camp sat me down and explained everything to me I'm shocked I didn't lose my cool so much to take in and I find out I have younger siblings too and the boy is one of them oh and his name is Mordred I didn't want to leave them but I had no choice Mordred begged me to stay I leaned down and smiled "I'll come back I promise but in the meantime stay out of Camelot my father and everyone are probably looking for you right now" I said he nodded and hugged me tightly "I love you sister" he said I pushed back the tears "love you too brother" I said than kissed his head I got on my horse waved goodbye to the Druids and galloped away. I got back to the castle Father was furious Mordred escaped Arthur kept telling him he's not in the city Merlin gave me a look I knew I would have to tell him what happened not looking forward too it Father dismissed everyone "Tristan come over here" he said I looked at Merlin and he smiled "yes Father?" I asked "where were you when the warning bells went off?" he asked my eyes widened quick think of something "I was out for a nightly ride I needed to clear my head" I lied he looked at me than smiled "very well off you go" he said "night Father" I said than left letting out a huge breath of relief I got to my chambers and my bed and night gown were all set that Gwen is amazing I looked out the window and sighted my whole life has been 1 big lie.

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