The Adventurs of Merlin Love Story/fanfic

Based on the Series everything is the same except Merlin is in love with Arthur's sister princess Tristan who's also a witch she is the long lost queen of the Druid and a Dragon rider she soon discovers who she really is and that she and Merlin have a connection greater than just friends will they be able to survive or will they be forbitten to love each other?


12. Le Morte d'Arthur" sacrificed to save Arthur and Merlin's Mother

Le Morte d'Arthur" sacrificed to save Arthur and Merlin's Mother
Tristan's POV
Ok so there is this creature called the Questing Beast and if you get bitten by it you die straight away so of course Arthur is going to try and kill it before it reaches Camelot and he fought me about going with him even Merlin argued with me about it but of course I told them it didn't matter I was going weather they liked it or not but Morgana has been acting very strange like she knows something bad is going to happen it's very scary Merlin noticed too I can tell he knows something's not right with him finally we were off on yet another dangerous quest but than again when is a quest never dangerous. Now we were fighting the Questing Beast I shot arrows at it but it dodged every one of them and just as I was about to be bitten Arthur jumped in front me and he got bitten than suddenly Merlin slayed it "ARTHUR" I yelled I crawled over to him he looked so pale we took him back to Camelot Gaius couldn't do anything to heal him Merlin than left the room I left Father with Arthur "Merlin where are you going?" I asked he turned around "I'm going to talk to the dragon he may know something" he said I nodded "ok hurry I can't lose my brother" I said Merlin put his hand on my cheek "I won't let that happen" he said than ran away I went back to the room Father was on the urge of crying "Father you need to rest I'll stay with Arthur" I said he looked at me and grabbed my hands "I don't know what I would do if I lost you and Arthur I can't lose my son" he said I wrapped my arms around him hugging him close "we won't" I said although I was doubting myself Father finally left I crawled into Arthur's bed and rested my head on his chest his breathing was soft we're losing him "I can't lose you Arthur" I said and fell asleep with tears in my eyes. I woke up the next morning to the door opening I opened my eyes and it was Merlin he looked scared, confused and sad "how is he?" he asked I sat up and stretched "no change so did the dragon know how to cruel him?" I asked prying I was right but judging by the look on Merlin's face it wasn't easy of course "there's a antidote on the Isle of the Blessed but another life must be sacrificed to save Arthur's" he said  of course nothing's simple "ok who's the sacrificed?" I asked he just shrugged "I don't know but I must go to Isle" he said I quickly stopped him "I'm coming too" I said Merlin quickly shook his head no "stay here with Arthur he needs you I'll be back" he said I sighted but nodded "Merlin be careful" I said he nodded and kissed me sweetly I'm glad Arthur isn't awake to see this or it would be awkward we pulled away and he ran out I walked back to Arthur and held his hand hold on Arthur hold on. I went to see Gaius cause Father wanted alone time with Arthur but I too worried about Merlin to practice magic "don't worry my lady Merlin will be fine" Gaius said I nodded he will be fine he has to be suddenly Merlin came running into the room panicked "Merlin" I said jumping up Gaius looked just as surprised "did you find the antidote?" Gaius asked "yes I gave it to Arthur and he's recovering" he said I smiled thank god but what about the sacrifice "who's the sacrifice?" I asked Merlin shrugged "I don't know I thought it was one of you two but thankfully it wasn't" he said walking over to me I smiled and ran into his open arms "I was so scared" I said Merlin held me tighter and looked at me straight into the eyes he leaned forward just before our lips met we heard Gaius at the door "what is it?" I asked "stay over there" Gaius said Merlin ran over to him and gasped I followed and gasped too it was Merlin's mother she was the sacrifice oh no Merlin carried her to his room Gaius followed I stood there and thought about what I must do and off I went to the isle of the Blessed. I know you must think I'm crazy but I can't let Merlin lose his mother and I can't lose my brother so this must be done I arrived to the isle of the Blessed and man it looked creepy I walked more than I spotted someone it was Nimueh "you" I said "well well isn't it the princess of Camelot come to save her boyfriend's mother" she said I glared at her "spare Merlin's mother" I said she let out a evil chuckle "and why must I do that if I do Arthur dies" she said "take me" I said she looked shocked but happy "well this is indeed a treat the princess rather die to save her boyfriend's mother you must really love her" she said I didn't say anything now I really wish I told Merlin I loved him "very well goodbye princess" she said I closed my eyes tightly ready to die than everything went dark. I heard someone crying wait I'm not died impossible I opened my eyes it was raining I was on the ground and Merlin was above me "me.. merlin" I said too weak to talk "Tristan oh my god I thought I lost you" he choked I reached my hand up and touched his cheek "I would never leave you" I said he smiled and kissed my head Merlin once again saved my life there's no doubt in my mind I'm in love with this boy.

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