The Adventurs of Merlin Love Story/fanfic

Based on the Series everything is the same except Merlin is in love with Arthur's sister princess Tristan who's also a witch she is the long lost queen of the Druid and a Dragon rider she soon discovers who she really is and that she and Merlin have a connection greater than just friends will they be able to survive or will they be forbitten to love each other?


4. Lancelot

Tristan's POV
Merlin had asked me to go on a romantic walk in the woods he even picked me flowers he's so sweet I'm not even scared about going behind my father's back anymore as long me and Merlin act normal in front of him and Arthur we can get away with it for now we were now holding hands walking and laughing suddenly we heard a noise "what was that?" I asked Merlin looked around "I don't know suddenly a creature jumped out of the trees and charged at us me and Merlin quickly ran when were about to be killed a man jumped out of the trees and fought it both me and Merlin were shocked. We find out the man who saved me and Merlin was named Lancelot and he wants to be a knight of Camelot not going to be easy and we also find out the creature is a griffin half eagle half lion and I swear I heard it talk while it was charging at us but I didn't tell Merlin that not yet anyway he's too busy helping Lancelot lie so he can become a knight this is not going to end well right now I'm in my chambers Gwen is doing my hair "did you hear Lancelot was arrested" she said my eyes widened "what why?" I asked even though I knew the answer "he lied to the king and Arthur about being nobility he's been sentenced to death" she said she sounded sad "oh no but he just wanted to be knight" I said Gwen sighted suddenly the warning bells were going off "what the?" I asked me and Gwen ran out of the room I saw Arthur and Merlin "what's going on?" I asked "the griffin is attacking the castle Tristan stay in your chambers" Arthur said I groaned "I want to help" I said "No" Arthur yelled and ran outside I looked at Merlin and he had a look on his face "what's going on" I asked him he looked at me "you and I can kill the griffin with magic" he said "Merlin we're get caught" I said "not if we make it look like Lancelot killed the griffin there's a spell we can put on his weapon that has enough power to kill the griffin but it will only work if we do it together" he said taking my hand in his I sighted I really hope I won't regret this "ok let's do it" I said he smiled and kissed my hand. We ran to where the griffin was and all the knights and Arthur were on the ground injured "ARTHUR" I yelled  Merlin pulled me back "later we must do this now" he said I nodded he grabbed both my hands "focus all your energy on the griffin" he said I nodded and closed my eyes Merlin began saying the spell I said it too I felt power go through me than my eyes turned color than all of suddenly we heard a loud noise I opened my eyes and the griffin was dead me and Merlin looked at each other and smiled "we did it" he cheered I smiled I just did my first big spell and it felt amazing I never felt so much power before Merlin pulled me into a hug I nuzzled my face into his neck "look what we can do when we do magic together" he whispered in my ear I smiled suddenly we heard groaning the knights were waking up so was Arthur "Arthur" I yelled and ran over to him I helped him sit up "who did that?" he asked I looked at Lancelot "Lancelot" Arthur said I nodded feeling guilty about not telling him it was me and Merlin but can't tell him not yet anyway. After the battle Arthur tried convincing Father that Lancelot would make a great knight but father wouldn't listen as usual so Lancelot decided to leave Camelot Merlin tried to convince him to stay but he wouldn't listen now we were watching him leave and Gwen was talking to him and Arthur was jealous "Are you jealous dear brother?" I asked Merlin forced down a chuckle Arthur rolled his eyes "course not" he said than left me and Merlin laughed "he so likes her" he said I nodded than smiled at Merlin he looked to make sure Arthur was out of sight than wrapped his arms around me "at least I'm not afraid to admit I like someone" I said Merlin and placed his lips on mine kissing me sweetly.

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