The Adventurs of Merlin Love Story/fanfic

Based on the Series everything is the same except Merlin is in love with Arthur's sister princess Tristan who's also a witch she is the long lost queen of the Druid and a Dragon rider she soon discovers who she really is and that she and Merlin have a connection greater than just friends will they be able to survive or will they be forbitten to love each other?


8. Excalibur

Tristan's POV
Today is mine and Arthur's coming of age ceremony don't ask what that means it's confusing but basically there's a huge feast with the knights and everyone important I'm not looking forward to it my father loves playing match maker with me and knights it's very annoying and creepy Arthur finds it amusing I'm pretty sure Merlin won't like it either he hates hiding us from everyone but it's the right thing to do for now sometimes I just want to yell out I love Merlin but than I remember he can be killed and I could be banished so that's not going to happen anytime soon right now I was getting ready Merlin always sneaks into my room after he helps Arthur sometimes it doesn't work out but mostly it does Gwen finished my hair when a knock on door sounded it was Merlin's secret knock "let me guess Merlin?" Gwen asked I blushed and nodded she chuckled and walked to the door and sure enough it was Merlin "go on I'm done got to go help Morgana now" she said and left the room Merlin blushed and walked over to me "I needed to see you wow you look beautiful" he said I blushed "thank you and you look very dashing in your servant outfit" I said although he wore the same thing every day he smiled and grabbed my hands "so you excited about the ceremony Arthur is thrilled?" he asked I sighted "oh yeah very excited about being thrown to ask every single knight in the room" I said Merlin gave me a confused look I sighted and let go of his hands "my father wants me to marry a knight" I said his eyes widened "isn't  there a way to get him to change his mind?" he asked I looked at him a serious look "have you met my father?" I asked he sighted and nodded "don't worry Merlin it isn't going to happen cause I reject every single knight my father pushes to me" I said I could feel Merlin smiling big I giggled and turned around and sure enough he was smiling I walked towards him he began walking and soon we were in each other arms "your father is going to suspect something if you reject every single knight he throws at you" he said I sighted " I don't care let him suspect he'll never figure out it's you who I want to be with" I said he smiled than started to lean forward but before our lips met there was yelling in the hallway "MERLIN WHERE ARE YOU?" it was Arthur Merlin groaned I giggled "better go I'll see you down there" I said he nodded I leaned up and kissed his cheek he blushed and left I giggled he's so cute. The Ceremony started and just like I thought my father got 2 knights to flirt with me I rejected them both Arthur was trying to not laugh and Merlin was avoiding eye contact with me this is just like I thought boring suddenly a window explored and a dark knight jumped through he looked creepy Arthur jumped in front of me like I was worthless and couldn't defend myself but I must admit I was grateful he acted so quickly to protect me the black knight challenged any knight a fight to the death a young knight accepted this is not going to end well Gaius looked very worried. The young knight died fighting the dark knight than he challenged again and another knight took it at this rate the only knight left will be Arthur oh god we got to defeat this knight but how? ok this just got ten times worse I find out from Gaius and Merlin that the dark knight is actually died come back to life after my father killed him years ago when me and Arthur were just babies and that my Father wants to take Arthur's place in the battle Arthur is trying to talk him out of it but it hasn't worked so me and Merlin are going to the dragon for help hopefully he can help us for some odd reason Merlin has a sword in his hand wonder why we met the dragon who of course scared us half to death with his entrance we told him about the knight "well looks like the only you young wizards can do is let Uther die" it said not an opinion "he's my father I can't just sit back and let him die" I said my voice louder than usual Merlin grabbed my hand "I know what to do  burnished this sword with Dragon's fiery breath it's called a Excalibur" he said ok I'm confused "dragon breath is magic?" I asked the dragon looked at me like I was crazy "hey give me a break this is still new to me" I defended myself Merlin chocked back a chuckle I glared at him "very well I'll do it but you must promise after Arthur uses it you must hide it where nobody would ever find it again" he said I nodded "I promise" Merlin said the dragon told us to back up I backed away so did Merlin and dragon breathed a huge flame of fire it was amazing scary but amazing he was finally done Merlin grabbed the sword thanked the dragon and we left I really hope this works. Ok so it turns out Father is fighting guess Arthur talking to him didn't work Merlin gave him the sword even though it was meant for Arthur they began and the dark knights came off and he looked like a zombie gross and Father was doing pretty well but still was losing where's Arthur Father could use his help Father fell to the ground and knight had his sword pointed at him "FATHER NO" I yelled Gwen grabbed my arm pulling me back suddenly the knight explored and of course it was Arthur holding the dragon breath sword yes once again Arthur saved the day Father declared he's going to keep the dragon breath sword um sorry Father we made a promise to a dragon and I don't think you want to make him mad Merlin took the sword and now we're on our way to hide it "are you sure it will be safe in the lake?" I asked "of course it's the last place anyone would look for a sword this powerful" Merlin said pulling me towards the lake he took the sword in his hands and threw it into the lake it was a pretty good toss too "nice toss" I said he chuckled and walked over to me grabbing my hands "no one can know what we did to the sword" he said I nodded Father isn't going to be pleased when he sees it's missing oh well Merlin put his hand under my chin and pushed my head up before I could say anything he kissed me I kissed back placing my hands on his shoulders and his arms went around my waist man this boy is amazing we pulled away smiled held hands and walked back to the castle letting go hands before we entered the castle ugh I hate this law and every law Father has made.

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