The Adventurs of Merlin Love Story/fanfic

Based on the Series everything is the same except Merlin is in love with Arthur's sister princess Tristan who's also a witch she is the long lost queen of the Druid and a Dragon rider she soon discovers who she really is and that she and Merlin have a connection greater than just friends will they be able to survive or will they be forbitten to love each other?


1. Valiant, finding out the truth

Tristan's POV
I'm going to make this intro short and simple I'm King Arthur's little sister he has a thing for my serevent/ best friend Gwen and I have a thing for his new servent Merlin it's his first day today my brother only hired him cause he saved his life I couldn't help feel like me and Merlin are meant to be friends or even more than that whenever I'm near him I feel a connection of some sort I also feel like he's hiding something from not just me but everyone including the king he's not very good at a lot things but I actually find it kind of cute anyway that's my story back to the present right now I just finished practicing archery you see I'm not allowed to be a knight just because I'm a girl and the princess so I have to watch my brother in a tournament fighting other knights even though I'm just as good at fighting as he is but of course my father would never in a million years let me fight so archery is the closest I can get better than nothing I guess right now I'm watching my brother torture poor Merlin it's funny but also horrible Arthur is awful to him but Merlin takes it well but I can tell he's struggling and Arthur is just laughing at him I looked at my lady in waiting she was smiling "Gwen look how my brother treats his servant and yet you and me are like more like friends" I said she chuckled "perhaps you should go down there and help him m'lady" she said I smiled and walked down the hill Arthur was about to hit Merlin with a mace "ARTHUR stop it" I yelled at him he turned and looked at me and groaned Merlin looked up from the ground and smiled "come on sis I need to train" Arthur whined I rolled my eyes and looked down at Merlin "practice on your knights not on your poor servant on his first day" I said Arthur rolled his eyes and left I gave Merlin a hand he smiled as he stood up "don't let my brother get to you he just wants to see how tough you are" I said Merlin smiled in pain "making me a human target isn't a good way to make me tough" he said I chuckled "you should go to Gaius you have another big day tomorrow" I said he nodded and I started walking back up the hill "Tristan?" Merlin I turned and smiled "yes?" I asked "thank you" he said smiling I felt my cheeks turning a little red "your welcome" I said quickly turning around and started walking again am I falling for a servant boy? The next morning Merlin had to put Arthur's armour on him and had to make sure it was right or my body would kill him right now I was in Gwen's house watching her teach Merlin how to put armor on I must admit Merlin looks cute with armor what am I saying? now he was helping Arthur put his armor on and Arthur was getting inpatient  and finally walked away I walked up to Merlin and put my hand on his shoulder "you did well" I said he smiled at me I went to sit beside my Father the tournament started I must admit I'm glad I'm not fighting I looked around and saw Merlin watching a distance I smiled  there's something about him I can't put my finger on it but something about him is different from any other servant I seen but what? My brother is about to face the final knight in the tournament and I just find out he has fired Merlin cause he had accused the knight of cheating so now I was following Merlin to break into the knight's chambers and prove he's cheating "Merlin are sure about this I mean you already got fired if we get caught you be thrown in the Dungeon or worse killed" I said he turned around and shushed me "relax he's at the feast and I just need one thing to prove to Arthur I was right you stand guard" he said than said "if you see him stomp your foot or something to signal me" he said I nodded and he went around the corner I really hope he knows what he's doing. I been standing guard for like 2 minutes and still Merlin hasn't come out suddenly I saw the knight walking towards his chambers uh oh quick Tristan think I grabbed something off the floor and was about to drop it when the knight stopped and turned around Merlin came out of the room and we ran back around the corner "about time I was signal you" I said Merlin looked at me confused "I thought you did I  head a singing voice it sounded like you" he said I gave him a confused look now "I didn't sing Merlin but I thought about it" I said Merlin looked surprised and shocked now "what is it?" I asked "nothing come on we got to get this to Gaius" he said in his hand was a snake head "how on earth did you get that?" I asked "long story now come on" he said grabbing my hand my heart fluttered a little. We got to Gaius chambers and handed me the snake the head and he started making a cure for the snake bite than out of where Merlin told him about what happened between "Gaius while I was getting I had Tristan stand outside and guard" he began Gaius looked up shocked "you had the princess keep guard you know how dangerous that is" he yelled "it was my idea Gaius he wanted me to come in the room with him but I said no" I said "very well continue" Gaius said Merlin looked at me and smiled "thanks" he said I smiled and nodded "anyway while I was in the room I heard a voice inside my head and it sounded like Tristan" he said that made Gaius perk up "what?" than Merlin said something in a whisper I couldn't make out "m'lady did you hear anything in your head?" he asked I shrugged "I wasn't really paying attention really I was too focused on making sure Merlin didn't get caught" I said than Gaius asked something shocking "may I see your arms m'lady?" he asked I gave him a confused look but held my arms out "sure but um why?" I asked he didn't answer just started looking at my right arm what is he looking for? he than starting looking at my left arm he stopped and starred Merlin looked over his shoulder and his eyes widened "m'lady have you always had this mark" Gaius asked he pointed to the mark on my arm "I have had it since the day I was born my father insisted it meant I was special Arthur was jealous for so long too" I said Merlin choked back a laugh I smiled but Gaius wasn't smiling "what is it?" asked Merlin Gaius walked over to his desk and grabbed a book "I seen that mark somewhere before" he said my eyes widened "what does it mean?" I asked scared of the answer Gaius was flipping through the book than stopped he looked worried he showed Merlin and he looked worried as well "what's wrong?" I demanded they both looked at each other than Merlin took my hands in his "your more than just a princess your a Druid" he said "what's a Druid?" I asked "their people with magic the king forbitten them from ever entering Camelot years ago" Gaius said I gave him a shocked look I felt numb "you mean I have magic?" I asked Gaius nodded than looked a Merlin and nodded at him "your not the only one" he said before I could ask what he meant Merlin said something and a book moved "you have magic too?" I asked he nodded I was more than shocked I was furious with Merlin for not telling me he had magic at my father for not telling me what this mark really meant but I can't think about that right now "we're talk about this later right now the tournament is about to start come on" I said and walked out of the chamber I heard footsteps behind me I knew it was Merlin "Tristan wait" I heard him yell he caught up I stopped and looked at him " I know your confused and mad but listen to me there's a reason we hear each other in our heads we have some sort of connection" he said "we can't talk about this right now my brother is about to fight Valiant we need to show he's cheating" I said Merlin nodded and ran over to Arthur to help him suit up "are you alright m'lady?" Gwen asked I turned and looked at her "oh yes I'm fine Gwen let's go take our seats" I said she nodded and we walked to the stands all I could think about was how my life has been a complete lie. Thankfully Merlin find a way to expose Valiant for cheating and Arthur won the tournament I was happy he wasn't killed but could not stop thinking about what Gaius told me I have powers and not really a princess how could my father keep this a secret from me and also Merlin has magic but didn't tell me or Arthur I'm mad at him but the feeling I get whenever we're together is still there no matter how hard I try to broke him out I can't and that's scary right now I'm in my chambers Gwen is getting my bed ready for sleeping I was starring out the window looking at the mark on my arm why would my father say it was a birthmark when it wasn't and what was this connection me and Merlin have "will there be anything else m'lady?" asked Gwen I snapped out of my trance "oh no thank you Gwen good night you should go help Morgana now" I said she nodded and bowed and left the room I starred out the window some more suddenly there was a knock at the door I walked over to it and opened it Merlin was standing there "Merlin what are you doing?" I asked "come with me I have something to show you" he said I sighted and followed him he grabbed my hand and dragged me down the hall "where we going?" I asked him he shushed me and continued to pull me we started going down a dark stairwell it looked kind of scary Merlin grabbed a torch and we continued and too my surprise we now in  a cave "what in the world?" I asked "you haven't seen nothing yet" Merlin said I looked at him like he was crazy than we came to a gate "wait here" he said I gave him a look but nodded he walked through suddenly I heard a roaring noise I looked through the gate and it was a dragon I jumped back Merlin is talking to a dragon this day just a lot weirder suddenly Merlin held out his hand to me "come on" he said "are you insane that's a dragon" "don't worry he won't hurt you" he said I sighted and took his hand and walked with him the dragon was huge but chained up thank god "Ah hello there princess Tristan" it said my eyes widened "you know who I am?" I asked I looked at Merlin and he looked just as shocked "of course I bought you and Merlin together" he said Merlin and me looked at each other "what do you mean?" he asked "you both have a destiny but in order to complete it you must do it together" the dragon said "how?" I asked "you just discovered your powers so your learn how use them like Merlin than both of you must protect Arthur" the dragon I have to protect Arthur hurry "am I really a Druid?" I asked must as well learn the whole truth now "not only are you a Druid your the long lost queen and a dragonrider" the dragon said Merlin looked more shocked "what do you mean she's a Dragon Rider?" he asked "she's the last one like your the last Dragonload" the dragon ok this is too much I turned around and left I heard Merlin  say thank you to the dragon and ran after me I ran back to my chambers "Tristan wait" he yelled I stopped at the door I pushed the tears away for now "enough Merlin I just want to sleep and hopefully wake up from this horrible nightmare" I cried he took my hands "I know your scared I am too but this is your destiny and I promise I'll be by your side every step of the way your become the Druid queen and magic will be outlawed and their will be peace but in order to do that we must protect Arthur together" he said I sighted the idea of being with Merlin all the time didn't sound so bad "you should sleep tomorrow we start magic lessons" he said I rolled my eyes "good night Merlin" I said our faces were so close now before I knew what was happening his lips were on mine I quickly pulled away opened my door and ran in I shut it and leaned against what did I just do?

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