You're my everything

It's hard to believe that a duo could have known each other for so long and still be together. Of course, it's not in the way Juno wants. Jervis was her everything..and she's determined to become his.


9. Chapter 9

Jervis had been pacing the room, fixing minor things that were out of place, including the chair I had knocked over. I followed him to the other side of the room, standing behind him, but still in front of the Tweeds. Alice kept her gaze focused on the floor in front of her, trying not to show too much emotion.

  "Well?" Jervis asked as he stood in front of the table. He spread his arms slightly.

  "You like it?" He inquired. She didn't reply. Jervis made his way toward the seat in front of her, sitting down and attempting to get her attention. She said nothing and continued to stare with a blank expression.

  "I know you were surprised to see me the other night... but I want you to know that I forgive you." He told her. Alice's head snapped in his direction, an angry and sad expression finally made its way to her face. Jervis smiled still.

  "For everything." He finished. She did not change the way she looked at him, in fact, this seemed to make her angrier.

  "But..." He started. I shifted in my spot, feeling as if I were going to puke. I wasn't sure if it were because of what she had told me or if I was getting sick, either way, I felt like I was gonna hurl.

  "I need you to understand the consequences if you ever leave me again." He told her.

  "I need you to understand how important you are to me." Jervis reached for a flap on the small table beside him, Alice watched as he unveiled a series of large needles. Now I really felt nauseas. I always had a terrible fear of needles, I could stare at them and they'd still make me feel uneasy. Alice gasped at his little reveal and a single tear rolled down her cheek.

  "Don't. Please." She began to beg. Jervis picked up one of the needles, bringing it towards her left arm.

  "Now... you might feel a little prick." He tells her as he pushes the needle into her arm. I look away, cringing as the sounds of her screams fill the room. He continuously repeated this action until each and every one of the syringes were filled with her blood.

  "What are you going to use that for?" She inquired nervously as Jervis placed the last syringe on the table with the others.

  "Oh, I imagine I'll mix it into a public drinking fountain. Create a few dozen monsters." He answered her before laughing. I furrowed my eyebrows and looked away, that disturbed me as well. Why would he hurt innocent people over her?

  "Please, Jervis, please. I'll do anything you want-"

  "You will now." He cut her off, raising one finger.

  "Because you know the price other people will pay if you don't." He stated as he raised his hand to caress her cheek. I stared in horror, jealousy bubbling within me as well. I wanted to walk over to him and slap him, but I didn't. He took his hand back and looked away.

  "I don't know what I'd ever do if I lost you." He said lowly. There was an aching feeling that emerged from within my chest at his words, without knowing what I knew, this would seem sweet, but in reality... it was sickening. The jealousy was becoming too much for me to handle. I wanted to scream and cry and walk away... but I couldn't. I had to be here for him.

  "That connection... it keeps me sane." He tells her. My lip trembled as I finally turned away. I was finally done; I couldn't watch this anymore. I heard him say something like 'it always has' but I chose to ignore it. Then, there was the sound of guns clicking. I turned my head almost immediately, my nerves set on edge by this small sound. I clutched my ax, bringing it up slightly.

  "Tetch." It was Jim Gordon. He was alive and I was genuinely confused. Had he overcome the impulse? Jervis got out of the chair and kneeled in front of Alice, using her as a human shield.

  "Jervis?" Jim asked. The Tweeds brought up their shotguns, aiming at the two men in front of us.

  "Don't move." Jim ordered. None of us listened, instead, I stepped forward. I needed to be close to Jervis, I had to make sure nothing happened to him.

  "Mr. Gordon. I can't say I'm entirely surprised. So stubborn." He muttered the last part. Jim walked forward, still holding his gun up.

  "Let her go. Now." He commanded. Jervis shook his head slightly.

  "You know I can't do that." Jervis told him. Alice tried to look at Jim.

  "But if you let me leave here with my dear sister..." He trailed off and caressed her cheek again.

  "My dear Alice... then I'll free you from that nasty little impulse." Jervis shrugged. He looked up at them, still hiding behind Alice.

  "Maybe you could live a long, happy... well, a long life." I giggled at this. Jervis turned to look at me briefly, this had been the most attention I received from him in the past two hours.

  "Let her go and you live." Jim told Jervis. My heart sped up, all it took was that one, little glance he gave me in order to drag me back in. I walked closer to him, the man behind Jim pointed his gun at me.

  "Don't move." He ordered. I nodded and looked down at Jervis, placing Antique on the ground, leaning it against my leg.

  "One question." Jervis said, raising a finger. One of the Tweeds started the metronome in the back up, Jim's eyes widened as the ticking began.

  "Do you hear that?" Jervis asked jokingly. Jim dropped his arm, holding it down. With this action, the Tweeds opened fire, as did the man who arrived with Jim. I got down, grabbing my ax and kneeling next to Jervis. The other man shouted at Jim, who only stood there, staring blankly. Jervis untied Alice and dragged her to her feet and putting her in front of him. She let out a terrified shriek. I stayed low, unsure of what to do. Next thing I knew, a boot had hit my side. Gently, may I mind you.

  "Juno. Get up." Jervis ordered. I nodded shyly and stood, standing beside him with a sad look on my face. Jervis began backing up, using Alice as a shield, knowing that they wouldn't dare shoot him if she were in front of him.

  "We both know what you really want." Jervis began.             

  "I saw it in your eyes the first time we met." He told him. In the shadows I saw the other man moving behind the boxes and crates. I began to move toward him, ax ready.

  "You want to be free." I didn't get too far, however. Jervis grabbed my arm harshly, pulling me back roughly. I was barely able to regain my balance. It took a few moments for me to realize that Alice wasn't his only shield.

  "Free from the pain." Jim continued to stare blankly, as if he were immersed in a dream. Completely unable to tell what was going on around him, only hearing Jervis's words.

  "And you can be." He struggled with himself, trying not to succumb to these thoughts he was having.

  "Stop fighting and let go." Jervis urged him. It seemed like he was giving up, he was raising his gun. I was also struggling. I wasn't too sure about this one, there was no way he'd just give up. I tried to escape Jervis's iron grip, but to no avail.

  "No!" Jim screeched, raising his gun and aiming for the metronome before pulling the trigger and splintering the item. Jim then realized... he was free. I shook my head and backed away to the best of my ability, trying to hide behind Jervis.

  "Well well, Mr. Gordon breaks my spell!" Jervis shouts before laughing maniacally. In this sudden chaos, Jervis's grasp had loosened and I was able to pull myself away. As I backed up into the corner, I was able to hear what Jervis was telling Alice.

  "I dare say we bid this foul city goodbye." He said. Alice turned in his grip, trying to push herself away.

"No!" She shouted. Jervis struggled to regain his grasp on her.

  "Alice." He scolded, grabbing onto her shoulders. She didn't stop fighting.

  "I'll never go with you!" She exclaimed. Jervis looked over at me as if asking for my help, but I did not budge.

  "Why do you say such things? We belong together, you know that. I love you." He told her. I backed myself further into the corner, feeling the tears burn in my eyes once more. My heart was breaking; I knew that much. I was being torn apart as well; do I kill her, the victim of his abuse? Or do I leave him? Forget all of this and move on.

  "You're insane!" She shouts, finally freeing herself from his grasp... but at a price. She fell out of the poorly boarded up opening in the wall. A nauseating sound echoed throughout the entire building as Jervis screamed in horror. I joined his side to behold the horror below us, Alice was draped over the rusty pole sticking out of the ground, and it was sticking out of her now as well. My heart began to ache as I realized that the shots had started up once again. I rushed to get Jervis out of there.

  "You killed her!" He screamed at Jim. We rushed down the stairs and I kicked the door open, the cool night air rushed through the doorway. I put Jervis in the passenger's seat and got into the driver's seat, ready to leave this place and just sleep. Although, I had this feeling that Jervis wouldn't do much sleeping tonight. Not after what happened.

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