You're my everything

It's hard to believe that a duo could have known each other for so long and still be together. Of course, it's not in the way Juno wants. Jervis was her everything..and she's determined to become his.


7. Chapter 7

The next day, I woke up next to a sleeping Jervis. This had been the first time I had woken up with him next to me in months. I smiled as I curled up under the blankets, burying my face in the pillows as memories from the night before flooded my mind. 
  If I were to tell anyone, it would seem rather embarrassing, but I didn't plan on telling anyone. This was something that concerned Jervis and myself and I doubt he would ever be open about the relationship we have. That is, if there is any relationship. 
  I eventually sat up, allowing the thin, white sheet to fall from my chest and pool around my legs. I realized that Julia was most likely here now, it was morning. She had refused to stay at Oswald's, so she had to be here. 
  I grabbed my red, satin pajama shirt that was carelessly draped over the end of the bed and slid my arms into the sleeves. As I began to button it up, the top button had snapped off as I put it through the hole. I sighed as I clutched at the two loose sides which were showing off too much cleavage for my comfort. Even if we were inside and alone. I then searched for my black panties, which I was sure they were on the foot of the bed last. I looked on the floor, where they could have easily been knocked onto, before eventually finding them underneath the sheets and sliding them back on.
  Before I made my way down the hall, I left a kiss on Jervis's cheek, causing him to stir in his sleep. I crept away, taking extra caution not to wake my beloved. Hence the open door to our room. 
   I made my way to the room at the end of the hallway. I turned the nob to Julia's door, and to nobody's surprise, it was locked.
  "Good girl." I muttered as I flipped the end of the maroon hallway rug to acquire the skeleton key. I unlocked her door and noticed that she was awake. She had been on the other side of the bed, lying on her stomach. 
  "Hi." I greeted. She looked up slowly, a terrified expression on her face that eventually melted into one of relief. She got up and straightened herself up before speaking.
  "Close the damn door." She told me. I gasped and did as she said. She sighed and sat down on the bed. I blinked as I stared at her open window, the navy blue curtains dancing with the lazy breeze that blew throughout the room. 
  "Is that how you got in and out?" I asked her as I shut her window. She nodded before making a face. I furrowed my eyebrows and pursed my lips. 
  "What's that about?" I inquired while pointing at her. She shook her head with a sigh. 
  "I got back around 11:30 last night. Maybe next time, you should try your best to stay quiet. Tell your boyfriend too." She told me with a smirk. My eyes widened and my face burned with what felt like the raging fires of hell. I felt extremely embarrassed, I couldn't move. My mouth was moving but the words weren't coming out, it was all a jumble of sounds and stuttering. 
  "Hey, it's fine. When you're feelin' that much at the same time, I guess you can't help it. I've been there." She tried to comfort me, but I stood there, arms still crossed, face still burning with blush.
  "Why are you telling me..let's just drop the subject." I said. She shrugged and laid back, tucking her hands behind her head. We sat there in a comfortable silence that continued for minutes.
  "I saw Ozzy last night. He didn't see me though." She told me. I looked down at her confusedly. She sat up, chuckling.
  "He's turned orange!" She laughed. I cringed slightly at her volume and at her statement. 
  "That doesn't sound healthy." I told her. She wiped the tears from her eyes, still laughing loudly. I wasn't sure whether to stop her or to laugh along side her. It was quite funny, now that I think about it. 
  "It was a spray tan!" She exclaimed. I chuckled to myself. 
  "Surely you jest." I stated. She shook her head, a smile on her face.
  "He was talking with-" She stopped abruptly and stared at the wall with wide eyes. I followed her gaze and found nothing there. I waved my hand in front of her terrified face.
  "With..with who?" I inquired. She didn't say anything else, just got up and grabbed her bags. 
  "I'm gonna fix this." She muttered as she opened the window. I jumped off of her bed and rushed to the window.
  "No!" I shouted, trying to stop her with my mere words. I knew that words would not help, for she was already in the windowsill. By the time I actually got to the windowsill, she was walking along the tree branch that extended to the window. I wasn't going to follow her.
  "Where are you going?" I asked. She turned to me.
  "I have to go back, Juno. This is just gonna get worse if I don't go back." She explained before jumping off of the tree. I leaned out the window as I watched her run across the grass and over the fence. I shook my head with a small smile on my face as I left the guest room. I knew that I was going to see her again. She seemed to be in a bit of trouble and I couldn't help but wonder if it were like this all the time for her. 
  I closed the door and made my way down stairs. 

  Jervis and I drove to an old wrestling training building. I was unsure of why we were there, but I didn't bother to ask. As he got out of the car, I followed him into the old building. There were five men in red, black, and white striped wrestling uniforms. 
  As Jervis walked in, clapping slowly and speaking, I kept close to him. I was extremely vigilant. The place was dimly lit, the only light seemed to be coming from the door and a single, dangling spotlight above the ring. Not to mention the numerous puddles everywhere, which had to be a safety hazard. He stopped a few feet before the ring and the two men who were wrestling stopped as they all gathered around, intrigued by Jervis's presence.
  "And you are?" One of the masked wrestlers asked. I glared slightly. It wasn't intentional of course, I just wanted to seem slightly intimidating.
  "Jervis Tetch. I have a job that suits your particular skills. My sister has been taken by the GCPD. I need you to help me get her back." He told them. I leaned on his shoulder and closed my eyes, I was already bored of this conversation. One of the men in a white and red striped wrestler uniform took off his mask and looked at Jervis with disbelief and bewilderment.
  "You want us to break someone out of the GCPD?" The man asked. 
  "Not 'someone' sister. I assumed someone like yourselves understood the bond of family." I knew exactly what he was doing. He was trying to guilt them into this, before using his last resort. I smirked at this.
  "What's in it for us?" The same man inquired. Jervis looked up at one of the masked men in red and black. He pointed up with a smirk.
  "Does he..ever speak?" He inquired. The man removed his mask, revealing a less than angered face. I glared up, feeling like he was being a bit hostile toward us. Jervis reaches into his pocket as he begins to speak.
  "Regardless, if you would do me the courtesy of listening to me I think you would find me to be...quite persuasive." Jervis tells them as he holds his pocket watch open, the ticking being quite audible from every corner of the building. 
  The men had a blank stare as Jervis began to hypnotize them. I picked up my bag off of one of the only dry spots on the floor. Luckily, it was big enough to hide my 'antique.' 
  I placed a hand on Jervis's shoulder and whispered to him.
  "I'll be in the car." I told him before leaving. I sat in the passenger's seat, staring down at my notebook, which held my numerous writings. Most of it consisted of descriptions of Jervis at different points in the day, but others contained tales of friendship that blossomed into something more. See a pattern yet? 
  I wasn't sure whether I should keep the notebook or lock it away, bury it.

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