You're my everything

It's hard to believe that a duo could have known each other for so long and still be together. Of course, it's not in the way Juno wants. Jervis was her everything..and she's determined to become his.


6. Chapter 6

Quietly, I snuck Julia into the house. She took everything in and her jaw dropped at the inside. I went up the stairs, having her follow me down the hallway.
  "The guest room is here. Just stay quiet." I whispered. She nodded and slinked away. I sighed and made my way down stairs. I went into the living room, thinking Jervis would be in there. He wasn't. 
  "Jervis?!" I shouted. Next thing I knew, our bedroom door was being opened and my dearest Jervis began making his way down the stairs. 
  "You were gone almost all day. Where were you?" He asked, sounding worried. I smiled widely and dug in my bag. I held out the book, waiting for a reaction.
  "I know that you left your only copy with Alice, so I decided to pick one up at the library for you! I have to wait until I have enough money to actually buy it, sorry." I stated. He grabbed the book from my hands and grinned as he flipped through the old looking pages. 
  "This is perfect." He muttered. He stopped at an illustration of the tea party for a few moments before closing it and hugging me. I returned the hug happily. 
  "Thank you, Juno. I wanted to tell you that I'm looking for a place-"
  "Another one? We just settled in, I thought you said-"
  "No. Not like that. That is where we'll meet with Alice." He explained. I mouthed an 'oh' and let him continue.
  "I wanted to know if you wanted to go with me?" He offered. I nodded and ran up the stairs.
  "Let me grab my coat..will I need..'antique?'" I asked. He shook his head.
  "No. I should have everything covered." He told me as he revealed the top of his pocket watch. I smiled and ran up the stairs. At the end of the hallway was the guest room where Julia was, I decided to tell her that we were leaving and the house would be hers.
  I softly knocked on the door. When there was no answer, I ran to the railing.
  "Go to the car and wait, I have to find my coat." I told him. He nodded and left. I ran back to the guest bedroom door.
  "Open the damn door." I muttered darkly. Julia peeked her head out of the door to check if I was alone. 
  "We're leaving for a little bit. The house is yours until we get back. See ya later!" I said. I grabbed my coat and ran down the stairs to get to my car. Jervis was already sitting in the drivers seat and-for once-he didn't leave without me. 
  I jumped into the passenger's seat and looked at him. He started the car up and we made our way down the street. 
  By the time we had reached the place, my leg began to ache again. I was becoming tired. We got out of the car and entered the building, it was creepy. So creepy that it gave me chills, and I loved it. I clutched onto Jervis's arm, not out of fear, but out of-what I would consider-a strange state of arousal. 
   He smiled and held onto my hand tightly. An older man walked up to us. He wore glasses and a hat. Jervis let go of my hand and approached the man.
  "Hello, my name is Jervis Tetch. I was here to invest in this place." He introduced while looking around. The man nodded and let us look around for a few moments. We didn't move, just looked.
  "I was hoping to get about...30,000 for this place. Maybe a bit more." The man said. Jervis looked down and chuckled.
  "Ah, well, I was hoping" Jervis stated. The man laughed at Jervis's answer.
  "That's funny." The man said after wiping a tear away. I glared and stepped forward, but Jervis held me back.
  "I'm afraid I was not joking. Now, listen to my watch. The way it's ticking synchronizes with your heartbeat. Look into my eyes, not above them, not around them, but deep into their centers." He began. He had this place, it was official. This man was completely under his control. 
  Jervis walked past the hypnotized man, I followed him to look around. This place was dark and dusty, rusty. We circled around past the old carousel.
  "It's perfect!" Jervis exclaimed excitedly. I wandered off after he said that. There was a rusty, jagged pole sticking out of the ground. It seemed rather hazardous, but no one would get up high enough to actually get hurt by it, right? Jervis had come back from around the boxes, blood splattered on his legs. He hugged me from behind and whispered in my ear.
  "I told you I had it taken care of." He whispered. I smiled and turned around to face him, placing my hands on his shoulders. 
  "Good, so we have the place?" I asked. He nodded and I giggled before standing slightly on my tippy toes to kiss him. He lead me up to a small wooden room with several boxes. There was a poorly boarded up space with what seemed like a sheet dangling over one of the corners. I walked up to it and looked down, that's when I saw the jagged pole again. I tinge of worry surged throughout me.
  "J-Jervis?" I called. He walked over to me.
  "Do you think this is safe?" I asked, worriedly. His face seemed calm as he inspected the area. He pushed gently on the boards and retracted his hand when it creaked. 
  "No, but no one will come over here.." He told me. I closed my eyes and sighed before nodding. He took my hand. 
  "Come, we must not be late." He said. I giggled at this and followed him down the stairs and to my car again. He got into the drivers seat and I, the passenger's seat. 
  "Are we going home now?" I asked. He nodded, smiling widely. 
  "Tomorrow is a big day, I would hate for us to be tired." He stated. I looked at the clock, it was only seven thirty. I stared at it confusedly, why would we be tired if it were seven thirty. We were home sooner than I realized. 
  Jervis placed a gloved hand on my cheek and made me look at him. He swiftly pressed his lips to mine. I stared at him for a few seconds before kissing back, tangling my hands in his brown, wavy locks.
  My heart fluttered and sank as he pulled away and stared at me. I was unsure of why he did that. Next thing I knew, I was still in the car, alone. I sighed, I should have known he was going to do that. 
  Entering the house in a sullen mood, I noticed one thing..the guest room was open. 
  I rushed up the stairs and saw that it was empty. I panicked. What if Jervis had found her? Was she dead? Why wasn't there any blood or something? Did he hypnotize her? 
  Through all my panicking, I noticed a note. It was on a torn piece of paper. I picked it up and traced my finger along the torn sides of the half sheet of paper as I read it.
  Hey, I'll be out for a bit. I have to sneak into Ozzy's place and get my stuff. I know that you're nervous now..but hey, have faith in me! 
  I smiled out of relief. I was happy to know she was okay. I then folded the note and placed it in my jacket pocket before leaving the room. I started down the hallway to my room, I was beginning to become tired and I wanted to change out of my clothes. 
  I took out my white tank top with red pajama shorts and slid out of my red, frilled skirt. I began to unbutton my white dress shirt but stopped when I felt a pair of arms wrap around me. I turned around and placed my hands on Jervis's shoulders. I knew it was him when that happened though, who else could it be? I slipped out of his grasp and walked over to the bed, where my pajamas were. He followed me.
  "Can I please get changed?" I asked as I grabbed my tank top. I wasn't used to him being so affectionate towards me, it was quite shocking. 
  "Just so you could take it off again? Wouldn't you rather not?" He whispered. I arched an eyebrow. That could mean one of two things, and I soon had my answer. 
  Jervis had pinned me down to the bed, showering me in kisses as he undid my buttons. One by one, our clothing was removed, and I had the night of my life.


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