You're my everything

It's hard to believe that a duo could have known each other for so long and still be together. Of course, it's not in the way Juno wants. Jervis was her everything..and she's determined to become his.


5. Chapter 5

It was three o'clock and I was getting sick of staying inside. My leg was feeling much better after I washed it and changed the bandages, so I decided to go out. I figured I would go downtown to the library then to the lake to take pictures of the ducks. 
  The sky looked like it could open up at any moment, so I made sure to bring my panda umbrella. That umbrella was my prized possession! 
  Just as I had predicted, it started drizzling. I opened my umbrella so I was prepared for when it started down pouring. Of course, a gust of wind had blown my umbrella out of my loosely wrapped hands. I gasped before running after it. 
  "Hey!" A familiar voice shouted. The person moved my umbrella from their face. It was the woman from the club, Julia Vance.
  "Next time, hold on just a little tighter..please." She scolded as she handed it back to me. I held it over my head and the rain began to pour down. I smiled shyly as I held it out slightly. 
  "You're gonna get wet if you don't get under here." I told her. She rolled her eyes before ducking underneath my umbrella.
  "Better?" I asked cheerfully. Julia didn't answer, she only sighed before asking if we could get going.
  "Let's go to my car..we could drive to wherever it is you want to go." I offered. She nodded and together, we walked through the quickly forming puddles and mud. By the time I had reached the car, my stocking-clad legs were soaked.
  "I'll drive! Where do ya have to go?" I inquired. She sighed sullenly. She seemed to be upset, extremely upset. I sat there waiting for an answer, but that was when she turned to me and I saw the look in her eyes. She wrapped her arms around me in a tight embrace, crying into my shoulder.
  "Anywhere." She muttered into my ear. I gradually returned the embrace, confused and becoming mutually saddened. 
  "Anywhere but where Oswald is.." She cried. I let go and pushed her off of me gently. Her eyes had become red and puffy from crying. 
  "W-what happened?" I asked nervously. I didn't want to pry into her business if she didn't want me to find out. She held onto her hand and looked down before speaking.
  "I just made a huge mistake. He's been ignoring me. You were right. You helped me realize how much I needed to find someone new. And last night, Edward came back. I-I talked to him. One thing lead to another, and..I cheated on Oswald. I can't go back there!" She explained hysterically crying. I furrowed my eyebrows.
  "Why can't you go back? How would he know you-um-slept with this Edward guy?" I asked. She shook her head.
  "When I woke up this morning..he was gone. For all I know he could've told Oswald by now." She told me. I smiled.
  "Oh well, I guess you have no where else to go but my place!" I said happily. She nodded slightly and stared at the rain splattering on the windshield. 
  As I started down the road to my house, I couldn't help but think about how this was affecting her. She seemed so upset, distraught. I took a sharp turn because I realized that I had forgotten to go to the library. When I got to a light I turned to her.
  "It'll be fine." I tried to reassure her. I finally reached the library. When I found I parking spot, I turned to her.
  "Do you wanna come in with me?" I asked. She nodded and got out. The library was almost empty, except for two blonde women. One with platinum blonde hair and another with strawberry blonde hair in ponytails. The one with platinum blonde hair seemed to be the librarian while the other was reading a newspaper article on 'The Maniax.' Whatever that was. I'm not caught up on everything that went on in Gotham. Jervis was only paying attention to what had been going on in Indian Hill and didn't update me on anything else.
  "I'll be back. I just gotta pick something up." I told Julia who seemed to be focused on the strawberry blonde. I approached the supposed librarian. 
  "Excuse me? Miss?" I asked. She turned around.
  "Y-yes?" She asked. I smiled and continued one with me question.
  "Does this library have 'Alice's adventures in wonderland?'" I asked. She nodded and pointed at a section in the back corner. I walked over there to find it. 
  When I returned with the book, the girl with the ponytails was at the counter, bugging the librarian. 
  "Are ya sure I can't keep this? I'll pay ya!" She offered. The woman rolled her eyes.
  "For the last time no! It's apart of the reference section, no one can take those." The librarian explained. The ponytailed girl huffed and turned around. 
  "Move." She muttered grumpily. I crossed my arms while putting the book on the counter. I pulled out my library card which I had since ninth grade.
  "Excuse me?" The girl turned around with a seemingly sarcastic smile.
  "I'm so sorry! I have places to be loli!" She said sarcastically with over the top hand gestures. I glared and poked at her shoulder.
  "Look you little-" 
  "Harleen.." Julia muttered as she separated the girl and I. 
  "She meant no harm. You were being rude." She scolded. I scoffed as I grabbed the book and walked away. Before leaving, I stopped and looked back.
  " it? I don't think you're a bad person..just having a really bad day. I forgive you." I said before leaving. Julia rushed to my side.
  "Do you know her?" I asked, sounding a bit annoyed. She nodded and smiled slightly.
  "She's the sweetest kid when you get to know her." She told me. I rolled my eyes. Secretly, I hoped to never see her again. I took the book out of my bag and smiled.
  "Jervis'll be so happy that I got this." I stated happily. I opened the car door and started it up. I looked over at Julia.
  "Are you sure you don't want to go back? I'm pretty sure Jervis will be mad if I bring a total stranger to our place." I asked as I pulled out of the parking spot. She nodded. This was the normally calm and cool about everything girl I had met the other night...and she was actually worrying. Caring. I sighed.
  This just didn't seem like her. I knew that something was up. I was smarter than to ask, I had terrible experiences with that in the past, so I didn't. I just kept driving. 
 "I mean...if you didn't care about him you wouldn't be hiding. In my opinion, you should tell him what happened. Be honest." I told her. She shook her head, her blonde curls bouncing and perfectly framing her face.
  "And risk getting killed? No thank you." She said. I sighed before shrugging slightly.
  "Well, I tried. My best feature, in my opinion, is how honest I am with the person I love." I said. She smiled and went to go say something back, but I cut her off.
  "Ah! I love this song!" I shouted as I turned the radio up.
  "You got your keys, but where ya goin'? The third degree..just isn't workin' cause ya walked without askin' me to go and if I followed ya home would you be alone?
  I'm three steps from the edge woah don't push me over it, 
  Don't ya know don't ya know
  Every girl is capable of murder, if ya hurt her
  Watch out you don't push me any further, any further!
  You're not the only one walkin' round with a loaded gun!
  This little girl is capable of murder, cause you hurt her!" I sang along. Julia turned the radio down and turned to look at me.
  "This definitely seems like a song you would like..but about what you don't have any secrets between the two of you?" She asked. I shook my head. 
  "Nope. The only secret I had was one. But I told him last night so..boom!" I told her. She looked at me with such intensity, it felt almost as if she were trying to read my thoughts.
  "What about him?" She asked. I stopped singing under my breath and thought about it. Did he have any secrets? Was he keeping things I should know away from me? Was she trying to get under my skin to break us up. 
  "I-I'm not sure..I've never talked to him about it." I stated. 
  "Well, at least you're honest." She looked out the window. 
  "Hey, you could turn the windshield wipers off, it's stopped raining." She told me. I perked up. Maybe I was going to get to do what I wanted today. After a few moments of contemplating whether I should go or not, I eventually decided against it. Julia had been through enough today and I wasn't going to drag her off to another place where Oswald could be lurking. 
  "Let's go home." I said to her, before making a u-turn.


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