You're my everything

It's hard to believe that a duo could have known each other for so long and still be together. Of course, it's not in the way Juno wants. Jervis was her everything..and she's determined to become his.


4. Chapter 4

There she was. After all this time searching for her and she came to us. I'd never seen Jervis change his mood so quickly in my life. 
  " last I have found you!" He exclaimed happily. She pointed the gun at him, although she tried to seem strong, her expression showed how terrified she was. I clutched at my skirt angrily.
  "Tell that man to get down." She told him. He stepped towards her and she seemed to grip the gun tighter.
  "Mister, get down!" She yelled at Jim.
  "He can't hear you. Now-" As he stepped closer to her she threatened to shoot. I timidly followed Jervis.
  "Don't come near me!" She shouted. Jervis paused, looking genuinely confused.
  "But why would you come here if you didn't want to talk?" He asked. I awkwardly stood behind him, watching this drama unfold.
  "You're a monster." She insulted. I gripped my skirt tighter. The nerve she had tonight. He was just trying to reunite with her, his only family! She had the nerve to claim he was a monster. 
  "But Alice, I love you." She shot at him and barley missed. He quickly ran off as she continued to shoot at him, I stupidly followed. A bullet had hit my left leg. I fell and felt at the wound, blood coated the two fingers I used. 
  Shakily, I stood up and slowly made my way to the door leading to the stairway.
  "Juno?" She asked as she leaned down next to Jim. I looked back only for a moment to glare at her. 
  Later that night, I finally found Jervis who was busy desperately trying to fix his coat. I slowly approached him, when I reached him, I turned him around to face me. I was enraged.
  "You left me!" I shouted. I couldn't believe that he left me to walk home with a wounded leg. I moved my skirt up to show him what happened.
  "It could've been worse! I followed you and you left me there!" I exclaimed. His eyes widened as he stared at my leg. Next thing I knew, I was caught in a tight and loving embrace. 
  "I'm sorry. I didn't want to leave you, but I wasn't sure if she was following me. I'll help you with that." He apologized. I looked away, still a little upset with him. But I realized that my petty grievances weren't as important as getting this bullet out of my leg.
  "Fine." I said as I crossed my arms. He lead me into the bathroom, allowing me to lean on him as we ascended the stairs. There didn't seem to be a downstairs bathroom. 
  He seated me on the counter before searching the cabinets for supplies. He handed me a balled up dark blue washcloth and dug tweezers out of one of the drawers.
  "What am I supposed to do with this?" I asked as I held up the washcloth. 
  "Bite into it." He said as he placed the tweezers above my wound. I quickly did as he said, realizing that he was going to take the bullet out. I took a quick, deep breath.
  The pain I felt as he plunged the tweezers into my bullet wound was unbearable and caused me to scream at the top of my lungs. I could already tell that if it weren't muffled by the washcloth in my mouth, it would've been such a bloodcurdling scream that people could easily believe there was a murder taking place here. 
  I clutched at the counter and breathed heavily. Tears were streaming down my face and dripping off of my jawline. Jervis pulled the bullet out, holding it up and examining it. He then pulled out some rubbing alcohol and bandages. The alcohol stung. It stung so badly, in fact, that I screamed out. Again. He was already wrapping it up by the time I realized he wasn't cleaning it anymore. 
  He helped me off of the counter and down the stairs, back into the living room. I examined his coat to see what he had fixed already. The stitch work was quite messy and I couldn't help but bring it up.
  "Yukki..I mean-Jervis...I'm sorry. About Alice. C-can I try to fix clearly isn't something you're good at." I asked. He nodded and handed me some scissors. I undid the messy stitches and began to fix his coat. It wasn't too hard because the bullet didn't make too big of a hole. I was handing it back to him in no time. 
  I slowly made my way back to the staircase. Jervis rushed to my side, letting me lean on him again.
  "Here, let me carry you." He offered. I blushed as he lifted me bridal style. My heart fluttered and my breathing became shallow as I nestled into the crook of his neck. This bliss was quickly taken away from me as he gently laid me on the bed. 
   "I wish I could see you like that more often." I commented as he undid his bow tie and a button on his shirt. He slid his gloves off and sat on the bed, looking down at my leg. 
  "Is something wrong?" I asked. He shook his head and laid next to me. I didn't get to see him next to me often, I could always tell he was there, though. 
  I curled up next to him as he wrapped his arms around me. He kissed the top of my head before speaking.
  "Remember when we were younger..and I made that promise to you?" He asked. Out of all the important and broken promises he had made, there was only one that stood out.
  "If this, you know, finding Alice thing..doesn't work out. It'll be the last time before I give up. And I want to fulfill that promise. After all of this is over, I'll do it." He promised. After all these years, and he's finally going to do it. I immediately lurched up and locked lips with him. 
  It was full of passion and built up feelings of need, jealousy, and love. He slowly pulled me on top of him, his hand trailing down my back before resting just before my butt. I ignored the pain I felt in my leg. I gently bit his lip before pulling away. I sat up and looked down at him.
  "I love you, Jervis." I told him with a small smile. He held onto my hand.
  "I know. I've been able to tell since we met. It was the way you looked at me." He answered. I moved my right leg as I laid next to him, my hand resting on his chest. 
  "In that case, I can't wait until this is over." I said happily. I sat up again and unzipped the back of my dress. I leaned over to grab my tank top. As soon as I got my dress off, I put on my tank top and laid back down with him. 
  "Will we stay in Gotham when it's over?" I asked. He shrugged.
  "Maybe." He answered. I smiled as I closed my eyes. 
  The next morning, I woke up and he was gone. In his place was a bouquet of yellow roses and a note which read;
I'm sorry about your leg, my dear. I still feel like it was my fault this happened to you.
  I must apologize about the flowers, I feared I would lose my head because they weren't red.  
  Although, they should brighten your day even though the sky is grey. 
  I love you, my dear.
  It was the sweetest thing I had ever laid my eyes on. I wasn't even mad that he wasn't there! I got out of bed and slowly made my way down the stairs. That gesture probably made my day. 
  Jervis was seated in the living room, quietly sipping his tea as he read the newspaper. I leaned over the back of the chair to greet him.
  "Morning." I stated happily. He turned to look at me before placing his tea cup and saucer down along with the newspaper. 
  "You seem to be better this morning." He commented. I nodded slightly. My leg still hurt, but not as badly as yesterday. I limped over to the couch and sat down, I never stopped looking at him though. 
  "Did you mean everything you said last night?" I asked. He looked at me seriously. 
  "Did you?" He inquired. I furrowed my eyebrows and nodded. 
  "Of course I did! Why would I lie about something like this?" I answered loudly. He smiled.
  "There's your answer.." He trailed off. I looked down at the bandages around my thigh. I then looked back up at Jervis, who looked like he was uncomfortable and upset. 
  "It wasn't your fault." I reassured meekly. His eyes darted away from mine and I looked back down. This was basically what had happened all day. Awkward silences as he mentally yelled at himself for what had happened to my leg....
  .......or was he?


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