You're my everything

It's hard to believe that a duo could have known each other for so long and still be together. Of course, it's not in the way Juno wants. Jervis was her everything..and she's determined to become his.


3. Chapter 3

Jervis paced uneasily in the living room. From my angle on the stairs, the glow from the fireplace gave him a halo of light, finally allowing the world to line up with the way I saw him. 
  We had at least five minutes before we had to leave for 'The Sirens' and ten minutes before Jervis's show started. He was nervous, I knew that, but it wasn't over the show.
  "Yuk-uh-Jervis, it'll be fine. I know that James will find her, from what I've heard, he used to be one of the best at the GCPD." I tried to calm him down, but this comment only caused him to glare over in my direction.
  "No. How can I trust anyone around her." He muttered. I walked down the last few steps and toward my distressed partner. 
  "What? Could you repeat that just a little bit louder." I asked as I placed a hand on his shoulder. He glanced at me, a pained, worried expression on his face.
  "I have my doubts." He said as he straightened up, brushing my hand off of his shoulder. I clutched at my hand, following him like a lost puppy. 
  "Just..focus on the show." I suggested. He turned to look at me.
  "How can I do that when my sister is out there, lost, confused, scared..." He trailed off. 
  "You never know, she might be just fine on her own. She might even be happier." I told him. He immediately grabbed my shoulders.
  "How could you say that?!" He shouted. I pursed my lips.
  "I'm sorry, Jervis. But hey, maybe she's miserable without us!" I happily stated. He smiled before grabbing the keys and taking my arm. 
  Sometimes, I like to think that we are together. Although I know that we're not, he does make it seem like we are. It's a little misleading, even for me. 
  Once we were in the car, I brought this up.
  "Jervis? Do you think we could..I don't know..ever be together?" I asked. Of course, he was outside the car, on the phone with James, and I began to doubt myself.
  "I shouldn't say that." I muttered.
  "Say what, Juno?" He asked me as he started the car. I shook my head. 
  "Oh, nothing. It's..nothing." I said. He shrugged and we left for 'The Sirens'. The car ride was silent. Not an awkward silence, but a comfortable one. Although I was feeling extremely conflicted, I would feel better when I looked at him. 
  When we finally got there, Jervis rushed inside. I stayed behind, scolding myself for that stupid thought from earlier. I was stupid to think that this was the time to bring up a relationship. 
  I eventually got out of the car to catch up with him. Once inside, Tabitha stopped me.
 "What's going on? He's freaking out." She asked. I looked down and nodded.
  "I know. He's been like this all night, and I kinda made it worse earlier. But don't worry, normally this doesn't carry onto the stage with him." I reassured her. She rolled her eyes and walked away. I sat down at the bar and stared at Jervis, who seemed to have calmed down. I watched as he checked his phone, even from this far away, I could tell that there was a change in his demeanor. 
   People started filing in and I zoned out. I couldn't help but wonder what was able to change his mood so easily. I didn't delve too deep into my darkest thoughts, as a matter of fact, I was quickly pulled out of them. 
  "Hey, do you want to sit with me?" Tabitha had approached me. I nodded as I stood up. We sat down at a table right next to the bar. It had a little lamp in the middle of it. 
  "I don't think I mentioned how nice this place was before." I complimented. She smiled. I immediately turned all of my attention to the stage where Jervis had stepped onto. Then I realized, I was sitting with Tabitha, but Barbara wasn't in sight. I didn't bother to ask where she was, I knew exactly where she was. My suspicions were confirmed when she stepped onto the stage. After Jervis had hypnotized her, he turned to the audience.
  "What would we like to see ms. Kean do? Physical feats? A trip into her psyche?" He asked. I sat there, lips pursed. I was holding back some..awful...suggestions.
  "She said we needed more whimsy." Tabitha shouted out. Jervis turned back to Barbara. 
  "Barbara, when you wake up you will be madly in love with me. You will find me irresistible." He said. Tabitha shifted uncomfortably. My eyes widened out of rage and my breathing became uneven. She had already awoken by the time I focused on the show again.
  "Barbara, do you care for me?" He asked her. She nodded before slowly making her way over to him.
  "Yes." She answered. 
  "Do you love me?" He inquired. She continued to walk towards him. She placed a hand on his chest and leaned in before answering again.
   "Oh yes." She kissed him. Actually kissed him. The act had me turning red with anger. I knew that I couldn't trust that awful, awful woman. She was secretly in love with him and I knew it all along! 
  "But what if I cannot feel the same? What if I love another?" Jervis's words had rescued me from the darkest recesses of my mind. He turned to face the crowd.
  "I'm sorry, Barbara my dear-" He was cut off by that succubus smashing a wine glass and holding it to his neck. My eyes widened out of anger and fear and I started toward the stage before being stopped. 
  "It'll be fine." A voice from behind me reassured. I looked to see a woman with strawberry blonde hair. She was wearing a green classy dress with a low neckline and had a subtle purple lipstick on. She pointed to the stage.
  "Look." Jervis was bowing and making his way off of the stage. I let out a sigh of relief and turned to the woman.
  "I'm sorry, I didn't introduce myself, I would've but you looked like you were going to kill someone. I'm Julia Vance." She introduced. I shook her hand.
  "Juno Sanford." I told her. She smiled. 
  "Are you two..a thing or something?" She asked. My eyes widened and a blush spread across my face.
 "Oh, no..we're I We're just friends." I stumbled on my words. She giggled at my embarrassment. 
  "Whatever you say." She said while crossing her arms. 
  "Haven't I seen you before?" I asked. She shook her head.
  "I don't think so." She responded. I was searching my thoughts and memories, I knew I had seen her before. 
  "Aren't you the new mayor candidate's girlfriend or something? I saw you with him in the newspaper." I said. She nodded.
  "Yeah, I'm his girlfriend." She said with a somber tone. I arched an eyebrow and smirked.
  "Someone doesn't seem happy." I stated. She looked at me nervously.
  "N-no. I'm perfectly fine. Livin' the dream. I get to live in his mansion, he's a great guy." She stopped and sighed. I placed a hand on her pale shoulder. I leaned into her ear.
  "But he doesn't pay attention to you.." I whispered. She sighed again. 
  "I shouldn't be discussing my love life with someone who is-clearly-in love with her best friend." She looked down.
  "Look, you'll lose him if you don't let him know. Trust me." She suggested before leaving. I glared. What did she mean by that? Was she trying to steal him too? 
  Jervis had pulled me out of my thoughts as he placed a hand on my shoulder.
  "He's here." He told me. I nodded and followed him to the front of the club. I wasn't paying attention to their conversation. I was thinking about what miss Vance said. 
  'I'll lose him?' I thought to myself as I mindlessly followed Jervis. We were on the roof and they went back to talking about Alice. 
  "Do you hear my watch ticking Mr. Gordon?" Jervis inquired. Gordon looked down at the watch then back at Jervis.
  "Yes." He answered gruffly. 
  "The way it's synchronizes with your heartbeat." Jervis says. Jim looks up at him again.
  "Are you asleep, Jim?" Jervis asks. 
  "Yes." This is where I zoned out again. Miss Vance had been on my mind ever since our conversation. While I will admit, she is rather enchanting, her words had gotten under my skin.
  "When I count to ten, you will simply walk off of the ledge." I rushed over to Jervis, who was currently commanding the ex-cop to kill himself.
  "Oh, Jervis! Make him do a flip!" I pleaded. Jervis chuckled and started counting. Then, out of nowhere, a familiar face had came into our lives again. Everything felt like it was in slow motion as I turned around to face her.


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