You're my everything

It's hard to believe that a duo could have known each other for so long and still be together. Of course, it's not in the way Juno wants. Jervis was her everything..and she's determined to become his.


15. Chapter 15

  Hot tears trickled down my cheeks as I slammed the suitcase shut. I had to leave and stop caring about him and what he’s doing. But first, I would need a place to stay until I had enough money to leave Gotham. This place would haunt me and cloud my thoughts so all I thought about was him, it already happened. I didn’t have enough to afford a new place, so I would have to beg a good friend of mine. As soon as my car door had shut, I was on my phone calling my only friend in Gotham. After three rings, they picked up.

  “Juno?” She asked in a hushed voice. All I did was sniffle and immediately she started with her worried questioning.

  “What’s going on? Are you alright? Do you need me to come over?” She inquired. I wiped away more tears and took a deep breath.

  “Can I- can I stay at your place? I-I can’t stay here anymore.” I struggled to find the right words in my jumbled and numb head. Even though I couldn’t see it, I could tell what she was doing on her side, she was probably shifting from one foot to the other, holding onto the arm that was holding the phone with her free hand, looking around before looking at her feet. The prolonged silence was a little nerve-wracking, but I knew it was because she was thinking, and when she’d think, she’d fidget.

  “Yeah.” Her voice finally came through, soft and caring. I breathed a sigh of relief, feeling the tears well up again as I vigorously nodded my head, knowing she couldn’t see me.

  “Thank you so much.” My voice cracked.

  “Don’t cry, honey. It’ll get better, I promise. Here’s my address, you got a pen?” She asked. I nodded, digging in the glove compartment, eventually finding one in the paper filled area.

  “138 Antoinette drive. Apartment 21.” She explained, I nodded as I scribbled the information on a small piece of scrap paper. Of course, I didn’t think about what I was writing down. All I could think about was curling up and getting some rest. 

  “See you soon.” I told her quietly, starting up my car and hanging up. I didn’t know Gotham as well as I used to. When Jervis and I were navigating the city, I had to use the GPS on my phone. So, as I got that ready, I turned on my radio.

  I found myself changing the song every two seconds. I hated modern music with a passion and it was only angering me further. I was still mad about what he said and what he refused to say. The voice in the back of my head was telling me to go back and find him, join him so he’d love me again. That wasn’t what I was going to do though. I refused to go back, I refused to think of him… but as I drove, the more I found myself thinking of him.

  I finally made it to her apartment, questioning my surroundings immediately. It was quite odd that the mayor and his girlfriend lived in such an awful apartment. I expected them to be living in luxury, in something like a studio apartment, maybe even a penthouse… but this?

  The inside reeked of rotten wood and made me fear for the infrastructure of the building and everyone’s safety. The room was lit by a few lamps, one located behind the desk, and a few others were table lamps resting on top of the coffee tables, which were damaged and puffy from the lack of coasters. The cement walls were gift-wrapped in peeling, moldy, turquois wallpaper while the floor was covered by a forest green, scratchy looking carpet that had a few dark stains on it. I wasn’t sure what the stains were, but I had a hunch. This is Gotham, after all. There was no one at the desk so I took it upon myself to find Julia’s apartment. I decided it would be best to avoid the elevator and made my way up the stairs toward the first floor, where I was sure Julia resided.

  Her apartment was located at the very end of the hall on the first floor, on the right. I hesitated before knocking on the door with the metallic number ‘21’ above the peephole, I was still unsure about leaving that place. It would be a real shame to let it go to waste. It was so beautiful… and it would have made a great home for us… where we could start over.

  I snapped out of it and began to frantically knock on her door. The thoughts were catching up to me once again and trying to convince me to go back to him. I refused to let that happen. It took a good five seconds of knocking before she finally unlocked and opened her door. She looked exhausted, she was in her pajamas still as well.

  “Come in.” She states with a yawn, moving out of the way and opening her home to me. I take a look around. While yes, Julia had taken the extra measures to make her apartment look much better than the lobby, I still couldn’t grasp the fact that the mayor and his girlfriend were living in an apartment like this. Her apartment was a lime green color with black rugs and furniture. The curtains were drawn back, allowing the natural, grey-looking lighting into her place. She had a nice view of the city streets, while not the ideal view, it was decent.

  “You and mayor Cobblepot live here?” I inquired. No matter how tired she was, she still moved quite fast when I mentioned that.

  “No no no. Ozzy and I aren’t together anymore. Things got… complicated.” She explained while running a hand through her long, curly locks. I arched an eyebrow, instantly intrigued by her statement. Things must have gone south after she came clean about her infidelities.

  “Have a seat. You want a dr-” She stopped, placing her glass down and closing the cabinet.

  “Right, you can’t drink.” She muttered. I nodded as I placed my suitcase on the floor next to the sofa I sat down on.

  “Even if I could I wouldn’t have taken you up on your offer. Never liked the taste of alcohol. By any chance do you have any tea?” I asked hopefully. She poured herself a glass of wine before turning around and searching her cabinets for a few moments as I sat in silence.

  “No, I don’t. Sorry.” She apologizes. I put a hand up, shaking my head.

  “Don’t apologize. I wasn’t thinking straight when I started packing, I knew I should have brought some.” I stated while looking down. Julia took a seat in the armchair across from the coffee table in front of me, swirling the wine in her glass while one of her arms was crossed over her other arm, her legs crossed as well. She had this messy yet sophisticated look to her and it was quite the sight to see. After a few moments of silence, she asked a question.

  “What happened?” I found it hard to answer this question. I knew what happened, but how was I going to tell her? It was painful enough to just think of it, but to actually tell someone? To let those words slip past my lips? I had to tell her.

  “He didn’t mean to.” I began. She leaned forward to place her now empty glass on the table.

  “He kinda… he made it seem like he didn’t care about me.” I told her, letting out a noise that sounded more like a cross between a scoff and a laugh. My heart began to ache as these fresh memories resurfaced.

  “Maybe I was thinking irrationally, maybe he… maybe he does care. I’m betting you that he’s at our place right now, looking for me!” I exclaimed while grabbing my suitcase and standing. Julia scurried to her feet, stopping me from leaving.

  “Juno, that’s crazy. There is no way he’d be there right now. Sit back down and tell me the full story.” She demanded. I looked down, trying my best to keep those creeping thoughts away.

  “He said that he only loved Alice. No mention of me, fury in his eyes and venom in his words as he spoke them. There was so much passion in everything he did when mentioning her... when defending her and her memory. He never did something like this for me. Not once. Not even when I was shot. He barely showed any regret when he saw it for the first time.” I teared up. Julia watched my every move closely before finally pulling me into a hug.

  “He doesn’t deserve you. You are so sweet and caring, something he could never be.” She tried to help me with her words, but this only made me feel worse.

  “But I love him. I don’t want to leave him; I don’t think I have until just recently. I miss him.” I confessed to her. She pulled me even closer, gently shushing me as I finally gave into my tears.

  “It’ll only be me and you soon.” She told me. I looked up at her curiously.

  “My sister’s here for the weekend. She took a vacation and decided to stay with me for the last few days.” She told me. I nodded before resting my head on her shoulder, letting silent tears fall.

  “You’ll be here for us, right?” I asked. She nodded.

  “Always.” She told me. I smiled at this. It was true that I did miss Jervis, and truth be told I didn’t want to do any of this without him… but it seemed like I had to. There was no way he’d come looking for me and the last thing I’d want is to fall into his trap and run back to him once more… if it was a trap in the first place. I was still unsure of his intentions after all of this time. Why keep me around like this if you had no feelings for me? It was there when I came to the conclusion that he was in love with me… he just didn’t know it yet.






  I'm not dead! Yay! Okay so I threw together a filler chapter after watching the Gotham season finale, cause ya know, post it while the craze is still going on. Learned that the hard way with my Resident Evil fanfic....

  Anyway... I almost stopped watching the finale and the show all together. I got really mad cause I thought they killed Jervis. Luckily my brother called me back into the room when they said he was fine, so I was fine. Kind of. I was still and emotional wreck, but still okay.  If they had killed him then this story would've ended... like no joke. What else would I write about? I refuse to do a revenge arc like Jean in 'Not Far.' It'd go no where and she'd probably end up dying in the end soooo... no.

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