You're my everything

It's hard to believe that a duo could have known each other for so long and still be together. Of course, it's not in the way Juno wants. Jervis was her everything..and she's determined to become his.


14. Chapter 14

   With this new information from Barbara, I figured maybe word had spread to the GCPD already about the disappearance of Valerie and-of course-Lee. I quickly found a spot and hastily parked, rushing inside the familiar building for a second time that day. My heart pounded as I searched the building for the familiar ex-cop. I wanted to warn him, I wanted to help him and find Jervis to put a stop to all of this.

  As I made my way through the numerous cops blocking my way, Captain Barnes made an announcement. As he mentioned Jervis and what he’s been doing, my heart sank. But I refused to give up hope. Maybe the worst he’ll get is a little jail time if I stop him from hurting Valerie and Lee.  I shrunk back into the corner of the room to avoid being seen and taken in for questioning. That was the last thing I wanted.

  Finally, I had caught sight of Jim. He was standing before the containment cell for suspects. He handed the albino in all white a pad and a pen and the man began to scribble something down. I pushed through the crowd of cops once more and prepared to confront Mr. Gordon, but I was too late. He was already heading for the door by the time I had made it to him and it would be too much trouble to attempt to follow him through the crowds once more.

  He was stopped by a man on his way out, and this gave me the perfect opportunity to follow him. I found an opening in the rushing crowds and made a break for it. I couldn’t make out what they were saying, even from the short-ish distance I was at. As soon as they walked out the door, I took off; rushing to my car, making sure they didn’t see me. I had managed to follow them successfully, but I had to park my car someplace else, out of fear that it would seem extremely obvious that I was following them.

  They were both inside by the time I had returned. I approached the brown double-doors and hesitated to knock. I knew that if I did, I would get turned away by those stupid goons, the Tweeds. I stopped, taking a deep breath and thinking. Where would I be able to sneak in?

  My eyes immediately trailed to the steps below the main entrance. There seemed to be a side door. Where it led to I had no clue, but it was worth a shot. I swiftly went down the stairs, walking up to a dark, wooden door which seemed rather ominous, but I couldn’t let it deter me.

  The door was unlocked, much to my surprise, and I assumed that Jim and the other man left it open while entering the building. The room I entered was dark and musty. It reeked of mold and dust, making me assume it was their basement. I looked around, making sure I was alone. There were shelves of candles and a table with some sort of cabinet. It had many drawers and piqued my interest, especially when I saw an open box below it.

  I studied the dusty surface of said table and box, interested in what other treasures could be found within. I wanted to refrain from doing so out of fear of being caught and thought of as a thief. I closed the only drawer I opened when I saw it was as empty as the box below it.

  My heart pounded as I ascended the stairs, nervous that I was entering the wrong apartment. However, these thoughts were immediately silenced when a familiar voice boomed from a room that was down the hall. The words this voice shouted were undesirable and most definitely not meant for my ears.

  “She was the only thing I ever loved and you sent her soul to heaven above!” Jervis finally came into view, and to say the least, I was shocked. I was disgusted and felt betrayed. He pressed the gun to Jim’s head and I couldn’t seem to control my anger, the rage that boiled deep within.

  “That’s nice to know.” I said in a dangerously low tone. Jervis’s head snapped in my direction, his expression immediately softening.

  “Juno, my dearest Juno, please I’m a little busy now darling so won’t you run along and I’ll see you later.” He told me. I refused to move. There was no way I’d leave without knowing the truth. He could do whatever the hell he wanted at this point, I wouldn’t care. I wanted to know how he truly felt.

  “No. I’m not going to leave until you tell me exactly what I was to you, considering Alice was the only person you ever loved.” I ranted. He turned to Jim, dropping his arm so it rested at his side.

  “Just a moment please, I promise she’ll be taken care of with ease.” Jervis uttered in a volume barely above a whisper, but I still heard it.

  “I will not!” I bellowed. Jervis jumped slightly at my sudden outburst.

  “All I want is for you to tell me the truth! Is that so much to ask?” I inquired. As if things couldn’t have gotten more frustrating, he didn’t say a word. As a matter of fact, the entire room went silent. I immediately found myself scoffing and turning away. I didn’t need an answer anymore; I had gotten my answer. Tears threatened to spill from my eyes as I began to walk off.

  “I came here to stop you from hurting anyone else. While you might not care about me, I still love you. I don’t want to see you get yourself into more trouble. Especially with…” I stopped, wanting to say something about the baby… but I decided that now was not the time. I wiped my tears away and prepared myself for what I was about to say.

  “Goodbye, Jervis. I wish the best of luck for you. Don’t come see me, don’t call me. I don’t want to hear from you ever again.” My voice cracked on the last few words, I didn’t truly want this to be the end, I never wanted this to end this way. I half expected him to realize what he was doing was wrong, maybe I had just timed all of this wrong, maybe it wouldn’t have ended this way had I came a bit earlier or later. I would never know.


*Third Person pov*


  As soon as Juno was out of sight, Jervis turned back to Jim. He felt no guilt for his lack of an answer. He did not love Juno as much as he loved Alice, he simply did not want to say such an obvious answer aloud. As he continued on with his little game of life and death, Lee spoke up.

  “You really don’t know, do you?” Jervis lowered his gun and looked at the brunette to his left. He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion as she glared at him.

  “I barely know that girl, but I could tell how much she loves you. I know that it’s probably not in my place to tell you, but she’s pregnant.” Lee explained. Jervis couldn’t seem to grasp what had just come out of the doctor’s mouth. Juno couldn’t have been… he refused to believe her.

  “Enough of this! Instead of telling me who you love… tell me who to kill.” Jervis instructed. Jim nervously looked around at the two women at the table.

  “Tell me who to kill on the count of three or I kill both of them which would be such… a thrill.” Jervis explains as he begins to count. By the time he reached three, Jim had his answer.

  “Kill Lee.” He said. Lee’s eyes widened in shock and Jervis smiled.

  “Oh. I see. You’re telling me to kill Lee because you love Vale.” Jervis continued as he pointed his gun at the reporter to his right. He pulled the trigger, blood splattering everywhere and staining her white shirt. Vale began to breathe heavily as the fear of what was happening set in. Jervis left the room swiftly, not realizing that Lee and Jim had rushed to the bleeding woman’s aid. In fact, he was too distracted to realize this. All he could think about were Dr. Thompkins’s words. Was Juno really pregnant? Why hadn’t she told him? After all of this, he would soon realize that there was no going back. He couldn’t even confront Juno about this, she was so infuriated by his words and actions that she had decided that she didn’t want to see him. For all he knew, she could be on her way out of Gotham as he walked out of the apartment complex.

  He decided it was best not to dwell on such things. There was a good chance he would never see her again, so what was the point? Instead, it was Gotham’s turn. He was not done avenging his fallen sister. Although, he was too thick to realize that she’d still be alive if not for him.


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