You're my everything

It's hard to believe that a duo could have known each other for so long and still be together. Of course, it's not in the way Juno wants. Jervis was her everything..and she's determined to become his.


1. Chapter 1

  Gotham. It was hardly a place to find peace or safety. Crime-ridden, dirty, cloudy, wet-looking. Everywhere you look you'd see steam erupting from a basement where most kitchens to nightclubs were most likely located. At least I hoped it was that.
  If she was here, I don't think she's alive. I could've said no to him. I could've stayed in my apartment in Toronto. I could've forgotten all about him and his sister and our past..but I didn't. I followed him here. This awful place. 
  This was where I grew up, though. Where WE grew up. It brought back so many memories. That didn't matter though. We were here for one reason and it was her. I didn't get it, but that doesn't matter.
  My feelings didn't really matter to me. I wasn't sure if he cared either. I wanted him to love me-but clearly-that was not happening. I understood him. Worshiped him. I knew that she was the only family he had left, I knew that he would try to cling on to the only living relative he knows of. 
  I shivered as a cold burst of wind carrying a light sprinkle of rain practically whacked me in the face. My foot splashed into what had to have been the fiftieth puddle tonight. 
  I found myself clutching at my red winter coat. I only had one more block to go, he was performing tonight and I was determined to be there. He might have used my car, but that was just a minor setback! When you love someone enough, the miles between you don't matter. You'd do anything to get back to them. 
  'It's worth it.' I would constantly tell myself. After a few more minutes, the rain finally stopped. I breathed a sigh of relief when I finally realized that all that was hitting me was wind. 
   I approached a building with a sign that read 'The Sirens'. I made it. After several blocks of walking in heels, I finally did it. The excruciating torture of the cold rain seeping through my clothing, and I did it. It was all worth it.
  When I opened the door, I noticed that the crowd of people were mainly gathered at the front except for a few people scattered amongst the bar. The lighting was dim, but everything had a blue hue to it. My attention gravitated from the decor of the club to the stage after a few gasps emitted from the crowd and I could tell you why. It was him. 
  Jervis Tetch, my lifelong friend. The person I traveled over five blocks in heels and rain for. The one man I'd ever do that for. Even from this distance-and angle-I was still mesmerized by him. Everything about him, every single little detail. His wavy brown hair, his dark eyes that seemed to hold and remember the demons of every person he had met. 
  It wasn't long before he disappeared from the stage. I was too late. I pushed through the crowd of people, keeping my head down. Occasionally, catching the attention of some rich snob. Next thing I knew, I was stumbling back after running into someone's back. I had no clue who I ran into, and I didn't necessarily care.
  "Sorry." I muttered while keeping my head down. I tried to continue my search for Jervis, but the person grabbed my wrist. 
  "About what, Juno?" I looked up as fast as I could. I saw him, Jervis, smiling a beautiful, lopsided smile. My expression softened.
  "Bumping into you..." I trailed off, a smile forming on my face. I jumped up, wrapping my arms around his neck in a tight embrace. He hugged me back. I could tell that he was shocked to see me here. Even though he was shocked, he smiled and pulled me next to him. 
  "This is Juno, I hope you don't mind that I brought a date." He told the two women in front of us. One had short blonde hair, while the other had long black hair. One seemed intrigued while the other looked like she couldn't care less.
  I blush at his words. Although, I knew this wasn't his intentions and I most certainly was not his date, I was still overjoyed by this title. If I was his date, he wouldn't of left me at our hotel without my car. 
  "I'm Barbara and Tabitha." The blonde introduced. I smiled. 
  "Nice to meet you." I said. Barbara touched my arm.
  "You're soaked!" She exclaimed. I nodded slightly.
  "I know, I had to walk here. It was raining." I explained. Barbara leaned back slightly.
  "Oh. You would think you two would've come here together." She claimed. I glared subtly.
  "What are you getting at?" I asked, my happy tone wavering. 
  "Well, if you two were together, wouldn't you have come here at the same time?" She questioned. I sighed, feeling the uncontrollable anger rising. I went to answer her with some stupid excuse, but Jervis cut me off.
  "I had to be here earlier, she wasn't ready yet and she told me to go ahead." He told her. It wasn't true though, I wasn't supposed to be here. 
  I couldn't deny the frustration and threat I felt when I was around this woman. I felt like she was trying to get between Jervis and I. It couldn't have been a coincidence, all of her questioning, she was trying to get between us. I was convinced. Why else would she be questioning our relationship like that?
  "Juno, when you're ready, I'll be at the hotel packing up. I've found a place for us." Jervis said before disappearing into the crowd. He managed to snap me out of my darkening thoughts. I looked over at Barbara, glaring one last time before following him out. 
  I ran up to my charcoal grey Volkswagen Beetle. Stopping at the drivers seat.
 "Can I drive?" I asked. He nodded and climbed into the passenger's seat. It felt nice to actually drive back to the hotel instead of walking five blocks in heels to get there. He got out and I went to park the car. When I got back to the room, Jervis had already packed my things up.
  "You already.." I trailed off. He nodded. I checked my bag and saw that he wrapped my "antique" up and placed it in the corner of my suitcase. 
  "I figured it was the least I could do. I saw how frustrated you were becoming with Ms. Kean." He explained. I smiled sweetly, still staring at my suitcase. Then I remembered.
  "Where is this place you found anyway?" I asked. He picked up his bags and smiled at me. 
  "You'll see."

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