Harry Crow

What will happen when a goblin-raised Harry arrives at Hogwarts. A Harry who has received training, already knows the prophecy and has no scar. With the backing of the goblin nation and Hogwarts herself. Complete.



104. Time To Pay The Piper

Albus sat alone in his cell, deep under the ministry. Since he would be representing himself in his trial, a list of the charges Albus would be facing were sitting in front of him. The ministry clearly thought they had him this time but Albus could see there was really only one damning action he needed to talk his way out of. Placing that stunner on the portkey would be enough to see him convicted of assisting in the attempted murder of the boy, no one could seriously doubt that there would be any other outcome from that matchup.

He currently had two ways to approach this dilemma, claim it was to give Harry a painless ending or deny all knowledge of placing the spell. It would really only be his word against Severus', since all the magical evidence would disappear after the stunner was triggered. It was something he was going to have to give a lot of thought to. Then again, he wasn't exactly in a position to do anything else at the moment except prepare his defence.


The extended family portkeyed from Crawley to Hogwarts and arrived just as Sunday lunch was about to commence. They were all made welcome and sat as the four usual did for lunch, with their friends and the Potter Scholars. Jamie loved all the company though Astrid was rather used to it, she would spend time like this at least once a week with her godfather.

The four confirmed they would be missing the last week of Hogwarts but there would be enough of the family staying in the castle to let everyone know what was decided today about holidays. One thing was already certain, both Harry and Neville's birthdays would be celebrated on the island with a massive party - and everyone currently sitting at the table was invited.

"Harry, Minister Oblansk contacted me to say the Bulgarian Ministry of Magic voted unanimously to honour all five of you. He vas hoping a date for doing that could be arranged soon?"

"Thanks, Viktor. Minister Murphy has already made the same offer from the Irish Ministry."

"Don't forget Harry, we'll have the ministry summer ball and The Queen also wants to meet us. They're both talking about some kind of award as well."

It was just too good an opportunity to miss for Padma. "Don't listen to misery guts here, Hermione's just worried her chest won't be big enough for all these awards they keep throwing at us."

Even Hermione chuckled along with the laughter, but this time Harry had the last laugh. "I happen to think my wife's chest is absolutely perfect just as it is."

This had everyone looking at the couple for confirmation, until Hermione displayed the Potter matriarch ring. "We are considered of age in two of the three societies we live in, therefore Harry is now my husband. Our wedding still goes ahead next summer at Kingussie though, that will then make us legal in all three."

Hermione was fine announcing they were married, she just wasn't about to discuss the mechanics of how that came to be - there were first year present and the older ones could work the details out for themselves. Due to her injury, she found herself receiving gentle hugs of congratulations while Harry found his hand being shaken quite a lot. Neville didn't miss Dan and Emma sitting there smiling, or the look of longing on Padma's face, so there would soon be a discussion between the Patils and the Longbottoms. Padma had been sneaking into his room the last few nights as they drew comfort from each other over what they had just faced, declaring themselves married too would permanently solve their sneaking-around problem.

Hermione was having a quick whispered conversation with Padma on that very subject. "We didn't even ask for this. Father offered, then mum and dad agreed. We weren't about to refuse, and have no intention of hiding this either. The plan was to announce it to the rest of the family later today, Harry though has been wanting to shout it to the world since he put this ring on my finger last night."

Sapphire and Barchoke arrived amid all the merriment, she hadn't known about this development either and was just as excited for them. As Hermione's new ring was being admired, Harry asked Fleur for a quiet word - Roger was invited along too. standing in a quieter corner of the hall, Harry got straight to the point.

"Since Gabrielle is attending Hogwarts next year, I want to put her name forward for a Potter Scholarship. I just wanted your opinion before I did so."

"Zat is sweet, 'Arry, but the Delacour family is a wealthy one."

This drew a smile from Harry. "When the scholarship was first proposed, how financially equipped the family in question was to send their child to Hogwarts was one of our main concerns. That is not now the case, those families have the safety net of the sponsorship program to help. The scholarship is awarded to those we think would benefit most from becoming part of the family we are building here. I think Gabrielle falls firmly into that category. She would attend a school where friends would already be waiting on her, and there is a comprehensive support system already in place. Roger and I would still be here too."

"Zat would really be a dream for Gabbie, it is 'ard for a veela to make friends. My father zough would probably insist on paying somezing…"

"I happen to know a veela who made loads of friends at Hogwarts, I'm delighted to be considered one of them. If your father wishes, the Delacours could offer a scholarship in Gabrielle's name to a witch or wizard who couldn't otherwise afford seven years of Beauxbatons. That would also replace the student Madam Maxine is being denied by Gabrielle coming here."

"Zat is a wonderful idea, but are you sure 'Arry?"

His gaze drifted to Luna, she was chatting with their friends and Colin was at her side. "Luna lost her mother, and Xeno wasn't coping too well with that loss either. She was like a little lost waif the first time we met. Just having friends allowed her to grow into the wonderful young woman you see sitting there. She is like a sister to us and Emma has practically adopted her, Luna is family - simple as that. Pauline too has benefited greatly from being a Potter Scholar, it completely removed any stigma over what her father tried to do. I want the same level of acceptance for Gabrielle, to be able to see her happy and reach her full potential is all we ask."

"Oh 'Arry, 'ow can I say non to zat! I will write 'ome today and let my parents know. Zank you so much."

"Hey, just trying to help out a friend. With Gabrielle attending Hogwarts, we'll be able to keep in touch with her big sister. I know that is something Roger wants to do..."

"Thanks Harry, but I can do my own chatting up. I think you should get back there to your wife, and leave my girlfriend alone." All three of them couldn't help chuckling at Roger's comment, though both he and Fleur had already discussed what they would be doing when she returned to France. Neither wanted their relationship to end, and there would be a fair amount of travelling done over the summer by the couple.

The family meeting was a happy affair. All recognised the black cloud of impending doom that had menacingly lurked over them was now lifted, there were only two trials left to deal with. Amelia had sent word with Augusta, Frank and Alice that those trials would began tomorrow - and just whose presence would be required.

Actually planning any holidays was proving a nightmare as there would be three ministry events to attend, whatever The Nation had up its sleeve and then The Queen's request needed to be factored into any plans too. They might be able to influence when the first four happened but The Queen worked to her own calendar, when she set a date and time then that was when you arrived at Buckingham Palace.

"Okay, Harry and Neville's birthdays are sacrosanct, everything else gets arranged around those dates. To be honest, I really just want to relax this summer. Moving between Kingussie and the island would suit me fine. Maybe next year Jamie and Astrid will be old enough to enjoy Florida or some other locations, the island's beach and Kingussie's play park will probably keep them happy for now."

Hearing his name mentioned, Jamie smiled at his sister and attempted her name. "Hemi…"

While smiling back at her brother, all could hear the determination in her voice. "Family rule, only those aged two and under are allowed to shorten my name. No Sirius, mental age doesn't count."

That cracked Barchoke, Sapphire and Harry up. "Love, you've finally got it! That was pure goblin humour."

"Oh dad, please shoot me now…" This just made the goblins in the room laugh all the harder. When Jamie and Astrid laughed along too, the rest of the family couldn't help but join in.


Joshua Logue wasn't laughing, he felt sick. Then again, he'd felt sick since the ministry had contacted him to represent Dolores. Oh how he would have loved to say no but Dolores knew of his indiscretions, and wouldn't hesitate to bring him down with her. What was making him sick though was today's issue of the Prophet, it blasted all their arguments clean out of the air. The ministry, and now the country, knew every tiny detail of what had transpired - including what they had considered to be private meetings.

He watched as the colour drained from Dolores' face as she read details that blew their decidedly feeble defence apart. With only Dumbledore left alive, she had intended to portray herself in as positive a light as possible during these meetings. They had decided to go as far as saying Dolores had been tortured to force her to comply with Voldemort's scheme, she would open her robes and let everyone see her scarred breasts if that was what it took to get out of this predicament. That idea was now as dead as those Dolores was sure couldn't contradict her version of these events.

"How could they possibly know all this?"

"I have no idea. I'm also assuming from your reactions that it is all accurate, in which case there is no other alternative but to plead guilty."

This did not sit well with Dolores. "Am I supposed to throw myself on the Wizengamot's mercy? We both know there won't be any coming in my direction. I had hoped you were better than this, both our futures are at stake here."

"Dolores, I can only work with what I have. The Prophet just left us with nothing. It was always going to be a struggle to keep you out of Azkaban, the entire country being informed of what actually happened during these meetings just made that task impossible. Since the ministry made its position on Voldemort and his supporters crystal clear, what we really need to avoid now is the charge of treason - and the penalty that brings with it."

That was something she hadn't considered, and didn't want to consider now. "They couldn't do that, could they?"

"Voldemort didn't just want to kill the boy, he wanted to rule the country. He never hid his ultimate aims, and those aims are treason. Anyone assisting him in those aims could easily face that charge." Joshua pointed to the open newspaper. "They clearly have evidence that you did assist him, evidence we can't counter because it's the truth. If the ministry really wanted to, they could make the charge of treason stick."

He gave her a moment to mull this over before continuing. "If you plead guilty, we can still play the 'caught between two powerful wizards' card. You went to Dumbledore for help, Dumbledore said he had a plan to solve everything, why wouldn't you go along with that? You didn't approach the ministry because your professional relationship with Fudge and Bones led you to believe, rightly or wrongly, there wouldn't be any help forthcoming from that direction. Our task now is damage limitation. Avoid the treason charge at all cost and hope for a sentence that's less than the rest of your life in Azkaban."

Dolores sat there, the tears now freely running down her cheeks as the reality of her situation kicked in. Dolores' instincts were screaming for her to fight this with everything she had, they couldn't do this to her. One glance at the Prophet in front of Dolores confirmed she had nothing, it was obvious they could do whatever they liked to her - she was well and truly screwed.

Her nod of acceptance brought a sigh of relief from Joshua, he never wanted to have Dolores answering questions in the chamber. Now she would quietly sit there, appearing broken without even having to act, while he handled everything. By pleading guilty, though still pushing as much of the blame onto Dumbledore as possible, Joshua hoped to avoid the treason charge. Anything other than life in Azkaban for Dolores would be an unexpected bonus.


Amelia watched on as the chair containing the chained and now sobbing witch sank into the floor. Her gaze then sought out Harry, his slight nod indicating he thought they had done the right thing. While not as severe as it could have been, a twenty year spell in Azkaban was by no means a light sentence. If Dolores survived it, she would certainly be a changed witch at the end of her stretch.

The entire chamber seemed to recognise that Dolores was nothing more than the appetiser, the main course was just about to be served.

As Albus was representing himself, he couldn't really be chained in the accused's chair like Umbridge. Any thoughts he might have had about making any kind of powerful entrance to the chamber he once presided over however were immediately and comprehensively quashed.

He was led into the chamber at multiple wandpoints, wearing drab prison issue robes. His original robes had a few bullet holes in them, along with quite a lot of Albus' blood soaked into the material. Dumbledore was also shackled at the wrists and ankles. These restraints would not only hinder his movement but actually suppressed his magical abilities too - though there was no intention of letting him anywhere near a wand.

Since Dumbledore was representing himself, he didn't have someone like Joshua to warn him that the truth was all over today's Prophet, including how the Bulgarian Minister of Magic was brought into the secret so as not to sack Albus after his debacle at the first task. Albus had been kept incommunicado and didn't even know how the final battle had unfolded. The chamber was hostile before Amos began reading out the charges Dumbledore faced. Taking a deep breath, Albus answered 'Not Guilty' before setting out on his defence.

"Members of the Wizengamot, you all know who I am. Having worked side by side with the vast majority of you, I hope to put that familiarity to good use today. I'll start with a simple question, when have you ever known me to do anything without a good reason?"

This was greeted with silence, encouraging Albus to continue. "I will admit some of my actions may seem strange, even severe, but I can assure everyone in this chamber there was a very good reason for those actions. We were dealing with a situation that was controlled by a prophecy. Until that prophecy was fulfilled, all our hands were tied. The prophecy is this:

The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches ... born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies ... and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not ... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives ... the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies ..."

In the silence that followed that revelation, Amos asked a question. "Would the accused like that prophecy to be entered as evidence to his trial?"

"Of course I would."

"Do you have any means of corroborating that this is an actual prophecy, and not something you manufactured whilst sitting in your cell awaiting trial?"

Albus stared at Amos as if he had two heads before the Chief Warlock explained his stance. "A true prophecy isn't remembered by the seer who makes it, did anyone else hear it?"

Albus had spotted Severus sitting behind Amelia Bones, he couldn't help here though since he didn't know the prophecy in its entirety. "It should be stored in the hall of prophecy..."

This had Amelia intervening. "Anticipating something like this, a search was instigated of the hall of prophecies, a search that generated no results."

Those words triggered a memory for Albus, his first meeting with Barchoke. "Harry must have it, he and his father knew about it."

Turning his attention to Harry, Amos asked what might have seemed a stupid question. "Centurion Crow, you are under no obligation to confirm or deny the existence of this prophecy. Would you like to say anything?"

Taking a quick glance at Hermione, still with her arm in a sling, Harry didn't hold back. "Chief Warlock, this man had information that could have helped us. Instead, he chose to weave a stunner into the dark lord's portkey and my wife ended up getting hit with Voldemort's killing curse. Dumbledore has had his own agenda all the way through this conflict, going right back to before my parents were murdered. He's never helped me or mine, I have no intention of helping him in any way now."

Dumbledore was still reeling from the wife and killing curse news, that was why he forgot to deny he had anything to do with that stunner. It was imperative the prophecy was entered as evidence otherwise the issue about that spell was immaterial anyway. Albus was racking his brain for a solution to his dilemma when help came from an unlikely source. "Chief Warlock, I am prepared to allow that to be admitted as evidence..." His relief though was short-lived as Amelia outlined her price.

"...providing Dumbledore allows this book to be entered as evidence too." Holding up a copy of 'The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore' started a few sniggers inside the chamber, Albus though wasn't smiling as Amelia continued.

"I have stated in this very chamber that I couldn't find one untruth in this entire biography, and the accused here didn't contradict me at that time. I again offer him the chance to point out the lies, or allow this book to be entered as the truth - and vital evidence in this case."

Albus was between the proverbial rock and a hard place. Without the prophecy being admitted as evidence, his case was already lost. The price of that admission though was a high one. In the end, it was a price he simply had to pay.

Signalling his acceptance, Albus was then asked by Amos to explain his interpretation of this prophecy to the chamber.

Rattled at how things were unfolding, but feeling he was back on safer ground here, Albus gave a basic explanation - intending to go into greater detail later as he justified each of his actions. "The first part is rather simple. It could initially have indicated either of two children, both born at the end of July. Voldemort made his choice though and marked a child that Halloween evening. 'And either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives' is also self-explanatory, one had to kill the other before there was any chance of ending this war."

Again Albus was taking the silence as proof he was being believed, until Amos broke it.

"You never mentioned this power the Dark Lord knows not?"

Going for dramatic effect, Albus lowered his head slightly and managed to inflict just the right amount of sadness into his voice. "That power should have been love, something Tom Riddle certainly knew nothing about, but Harry's upbringing with the goblins robbed him of this. Harry Potter would have recognised that sacrificing himself for the greater good of wizardkind was not only the right thing to do, but really the only thing to do. As we all witnessed just a moment ago, Harry Crow has no forgiveness in his heart. The goblins made him into a warrior, then gained great political advantage by promoting him to the rank of centurion. Harry and his goblin masters would see us all perish to achieve what they want."

Albus expected the boy to explode, those rabid rantings would surely further reinforce his case against Harry Crow. He got his explosion, it just didn't come from Harry.

"That is the biggest pile of dragon shit I have ever heard spoken in this
chamber. Considering some of the shit we've had proposed in here over the years, that's really saying something." Amelia's outburst raised a few twitters but she was only getting started.

"Unlike you, Dumbledore, I know the outstanding young man you tried your damnedest to condemn to an early death. He has a wife who loves him so much, Hermione completed their blood bonding so she could fight by his side - knowing those wards would then accept her as well. Harry loves and trusts her in equal measure. Thanks to you, he entered the battle stunned and relied on Hermione to revive him. They have friends who sent their blood to Voldemort too, refusing to let this couple face the challenge alone."

Dumbledore couldn't hide his shock at this and Amelia went for the jugular. "Her close friendship with the group, and special permission from both The Ministry and The Nation, allowed the creation of a blood bound portkey that put one of my brave aurors right in there with the four friends. These now famous five took down Rookwood, defeated Lestrange and vaporised Voldemort's wand arm before we could get those wards down and finish the job. Only one other person wanted the centurion to become a sacrifice, Voldemort offered to leave the country if we did his killing for him. I was very proud this chamber unanimously rejected that idea, and it sickens me you seemed to be setting Harry up like a pig to be slaughtered."

This actually generated some applause inside the chamber, though Albus certainly wasn't clapping. That Harry had defeated Voldemort was almost as shocking as discovering they appeared to have been onto his plans from the very beginning.

Amelia though was just getting warmed up, it was time Albus Dumbledore discovered just how much things had changed in Britain since his absence. "Could you tell this chamber how Voldemort supposedly marked the centurion as his equal?"

"By giving him a scar..." Albus' words died in his throat as the flaw in that statement became obvious.

"Scar? I don't see any scar. I have seen Harry cut as he fenced with his friends, I hardly think that qualifies as marking him either - do you?. Your interpretation of this prophecy doesn't stand up to even the most basic of examinations, do you want me to tell you why that is?"

Recognising a rhetorical question, Albus knew there was no way to stop Amelia telling everyone her opinion.

"At no point does this prophecy mention the dark lord by name, you just assumed it meant Voldemort."

"Madam Bones, are you suggesting that this prophecy could possibly refer to someone else?"

"Yes, Dumbledore, I am. You!"

Among the shocked gasps and angry growls, only one voice was raised in Dumbledore's defence - his own. "That's preposterous!"

A cool Amelia just twisted the knife. "Is it really? You insisted the prophecy become evidence in this case, I intend to offer a different interpretation of its meaning from yours. It will then be up to this chamber to decide which version they believe. That's how our system works, Dumbledore, we don't withhold crucial information and plot to get innocent teenagers murdered."

This was certainly not something Albus had thought possible, far less prepared a defence against. It was clear from the onset though that Amelia was well prepared, and also out for blood.

"We need to start right at the very beginning, before some people sitting in this chamber were born." A smile to the four teens was at odds with the verbal dagger she plunged into Dumbledore's heart.

"Can you tell the chamber, whilst Headmaster of Hogwarts, how many interviews of prospective staff did you hold in the Hog's Head Tavern?"


"Oh come now, Dumbledore, it's a simple question requiring a one word answer. Bearing in mind that even Tom Riddle's interview for the defence post took place inside Hogwarts, it surely can't be that many. Would that one word answer actually be one? Taking into consideration of course, we would certainly expect the names to match whatever number you give us for verification."

Albus was left floundering, allowing Amelia to push on and leave the entire chamber with the impression that Dumbledore's answer actually was one without him actually admitting it.

"We are then expected to believe that a handsome young potions prodigy just happened to be hanging about the Hog's Head, an establishment frequented by a rather coarse and craggy clientele even back then. This same wizard just happened to hear this prophecy, oh what a pair of coincidences. After being discovered hearing this absolutely crucial to the war effort piece of information, Severus Snape was sent on his way with nothing more than a slapped wrist - with that information still in his head. Every single person in this chamber can instantly see the necessity of using an obliviate on this young wizard, in all my years in the D.M.L.E. I honestly can't think of a better case for using that spell, but you didn't. You are also on record as saying you never do anything without a good reason, what was your reason that night?"

"That's not how it happened..."

Ignoring Albus, Amelia pushed on with her point. "Could it have been that the prophecy was just a bunch of useless mutterings from a seer of questionable abilities, unless Voldemort heard and believed it? After Severus Snape came to you looking for help, you then blackmailed him into working for you. A tactic you attempted on Bill Weasley and also used successfully on Dolores Umbridge - and those are only the ones we know about."

"You are making large jumps with your assumptions there, Madam Bones."

Amelia then hit the protesting Albus with some damning facts he couldn't refute. "I, like you, was also in this chamber when a certain young goblin asked who had cast the fidelius on his parents' cottage. You kept silent, knowing all along it was you. When that cottage was attacked and destroyed, did you rush to aid the Potters? No, you sent a gamekeeper who had his wand snapped and was barred from performing magic. Hagrid already had strict instructions from you what to do with Harry, how could you possibly know that baby would survive? You denied a godfather his legal right to care for his godson, and then said nothing while knowing Sirius couldn't have told Voldemort where the Potters were hiding. From where I'm standing, Dumbledore, those actions are all pretty dark."

Albus had no comeback, stating that he trusted Hagrid with his life wouldn't win any points here. Amelia though was relentless as she pursued her argument.

"You claim a scar that was healed in a matter of days was the dark lord marking Harry as his equal, I disagree. I know the centurion very well, being rejected by wizardkind, and then the muggles whose doorstep you left him on left a mark on Harry far deeper than any scar. It is also undeniable the Dursleys made it crystal clear they wanted nothing to do with the magical world in general, and the Potters in particular. You dumping that baby on their doorstep directly led to the entire family being tortured to death by Voldemort and his death eaters..."

"That wouldn't have happened if they had just done what they were told and kept the baby."

"So, not following the great Albus Dumbledore's instructions, supplied in the form of a letter I have here, and adopting a wizard child the family had already made clear they wanted nothing to do with, led to their death?"


Amelia tried not to appear satisfied that Dumbledore had just admitted being partly responsible for the murder of three people. "Well, by his own admission, there are three more deaths we can also lay at the door of Dumbledore's manipulations. 'As his equal' - what does that mean? We all know Dumbledore is a transfiguration master, and an alchemist of some renown. Harry is already an animagus and also directly responsible for a new transfiguration course now being taught at Hogwarts. His class will be the first to sit the new O.W.L. exam next summer, I'm reliably informed the practical content of that exam falls just short of the current N.E.W.T. one. Harry is also something of a potions prodigy, Master Pitslay assessing his abilities as already well beyond N.E.W.T. - I can certainly see the similarities."

It was clear to Albus that the chamber could too, he just couldn't think how to counter this argument - and Amelia was relentless.

"We all witnessed the centurion destroy Dumbledore's wand in this very chamber, he defeated you again at the Yule Ball - and let's not forget the basilisk fiasco that saw you leave the country. These four teenagers not only solved the riddle, they opened the chamber, defeated the biggest bloody basilisk the world has ever seen, saved the life of the hostage and helped ensure only the guilty were punished. The compassion the centurion displays is helping to change our world. Harry insists only the guilty are punished, could that be why he has no compassion or forgiveness for you?"

"Madam, you are taking a few facts and painting a picture to suit your needs..."

Amelia jumped all over Dumbledore's protest. "You took a few lines supposedly mumbled by a witch who can barely see past the end of her nose and proceeded to map out peoples' lives so they would fit your interpretation of it. What I am doing is due legal process and done in front of the people who make our laws. What you did was secretive, manipulative and, something I intend to prove here today, criminal."

Taking a moment to control her anger, Amelia then continued to build her case against Dumbledore. "Albus Dumbledore considers himself a great leader but the facts don't support that. A great leader listens to the opinion of those around him, shares vital information and reaches decisions for the greater good of those who have placed their lives in his hands. That is not a description that can be applied to Dumbledore, how many of your 'Order of the Phoenix' survived the war against Voldemort?"

"You said it yourself, Madam Bones, it was war. Every one of those deaths weighs heavily upon me, I know you lost family Amelia."

Ignoring his familiarity, she continued building her case. "In this, Harry is not your equal but vastly superior. This I offer as the power the dark lord knows not. Unlike Dumbledore, Harry Crow is a born leader."

Amelia then began giving examples of what she meant. "We have all seen memories of how events in the chamber of secrets played out, what is not so well known is that Harry was responsible for those extra ghosts being in the castle. He shared their suspicions with the Lady Ravenclaw and that resulted in a lot of lives being saved, some of them aurors and also included my niece. When watching that event unfold, we saw Harry immediately summoned reinforcements and listened to his troops' opinions at every turn. There was never any doubt who was leading that rescue mission however, and he brought everyone out alive."

She needed a drink of water before covering the next bit. "When Voldemort and all his death eaters attacked Bones Manor that New Year, Harry was again decisive. He led the attack on Voldemort while I organised the defence of my home. In a single battle, the death eater threat was effectively destroyed - and we didn't lose a single person. Like everyone who was present at Voldemort's final battle, that event will stay with me for the rest of my life."

A genuine smile was aimed at Hermione and the entire chamber could hear the sincerity in Amelia's voice. "You have no idea how pleased I am to report that once more we suffered no casualties. Albus Dumbledore wasn't at that battle though, he was already under arrest at Hogwarts."

Amelia then summed her argument up. "In building a case for Albus Dumbledore being the dark lord of this prophecy we need to consider the facts. In the deaths of James and Lily Potter, his negligence - if not outright manipulations, led to their demise. He then left a baby, barely a year old and with a horcrux in his head, on a muggle doorstep. This action painted a large target over this muggle family, one that eventually led to their deaths too. Did Dumbledore spend the next decade searching for the horcruxes he at least suspected were out there? No, instead he hatched and attempted a plot to separate an eleven year old boy from the only parent he had ever known. Only the sorting hat's intervention stopped Harry Crow being lost to us forever."

This wasn't something that was widely known and quills could be heard scratching on parchment as members took notes. "As we have all read in the Prophet, and then heard confirmed at the previous trial, Dumbledore not only knew what Voldemort was planing, but assisted in every way he could. It was Dumbledore who suggested a method for collecting the blood, he arranged the purchase of the books needed and then placed his own modification on the portkey - all with the clear intention of causing the death of Centurion Crow. Dumbledore knew the location of the final battle but again kept that vital information to himself. We were left with no option but to forcibly recover that information, a decision that certainly played a part on us suffering no casualties when ending this war."

She then spoke to the chamber in her final summation. "Albus Dumbledore faces many charges here today, being a dark lord isn't one of them. My intention is not to add that charge to the list, rather show how easy it is to make those words of the prophecy fit whatever scenario you choose. Dumbledore has already admitted he chose a certain interpretation of this prophecy and no doubt based all his actions on that. I would like this chamber to judge that he was wrong to do so, and that this then in no way excuses these criminal actions he is charged with today. Allowing Severus Snape to use ligilimens on an injured Dumbledore was a 'greater good' situation, letting that same wizard inform Voldemort of this prophecy certainly was not."

As she sat back down, Amelia took Albus' hopes with her. His arguments that had sounded so strong sitting in his cell now seemed at best weak in the harsh reality of the Wizengamot Chamber. There was no plan B though so Albus just had to do his best with what he had. He could see however that every one of his arguments was now being compared to the version Amelia had previously given, and not favourably. Just by installing doubt, Amelia had done her job. Albus needed the vast majority of the chamber to accept his interpretation of the prophecy, and therefore excuse his actions, that clearly wasn't happening here. Even finishing with 'everything I have done was for the greater good of wizardkind' had little effect, Amelia had even taken that away from him with her earlier prime example.

The members of the Wizengamot then asked a few questions to clarify some points, that they were almost exclusively focused on points Amelia had mentioned further marginalised Dumbledore. Reading aloud the letter that had been left on the doorstep with the baby, and then hearing Harry's description of how Dumbledore tried to get an eleven year old facing his first trip away from home to renounce his father was shocking to those in the chamber. Bill Weasley also confirmed Dumbledore had attempted to blackmail him, after arranging a reporter to cover Harry's private visit to the cemetery.

Amelia then threw in that Dumbledore wanted the original rules of the Tri-wizard Tournament upheld, forcing Harry to face a dragon unarmed. That he then disregarded those same rules to inform Durmstrang's champion of what the task actually was just summed up the wizard in her opinion. Albus Dumbledore was a wizard who didn't think rules or laws applied to him, she wanted the chamber to let him know his opinion on that matter was wrong.

As the questions dried up, Amos started the procedure of casting and counting the votes. Although a few gave Dumbledore the benefit of the doubt, the vast majority found him guilty. Amelia then stood to propose the sentence.

"If we were to stick to the prophecy as rigidly as Dumbledore, then his sentence would have to be death - at Harry's hand. I have no intention of following that piece of fiction. Albus Dumbledore though has proven time and time again that he considers his great power and intelligence sufficient excuse to make decisions for other people, moulding them into some greater good scenario only he can see. He has been doing this for so long that it's almost second nature to him now, that just isn't going to change. With that in mind, my recommendation is that Albus Dumbledore should spend the rest of his life in Azkaban."

After handing twenty years to Umbridge, no one baulked at passing that sentence to Dumbledore. Since this would be his last time with an audience, Albus decided to say his piece before being led away.

"You will need me again, when the new dark lord in your midst makes his real intentions known. He has corrupted all of Hogwarts, building his own private army so he can someday rule over us with a power base Voldemort could only dream about. When that day comes, you will once more need Albus Dumbledore to take care of the problems not heeding my advice caused."

As Albus was staring straight at Harry, he stood to answer those charges. "Dumbledore is going to be in Azkaban for a long, long time because I have no intentions of ruling anything. I have enough trouble trying to get my way in my own house." This raised a few chuckles before Harry continued. "The marauder clubs are breaking down house, blood and even gender barriers at Hogwarts. They are something that's having such a positive influence on Hogwarts that they have become part of the curriculum. Dumbledore held final sway over who made prefect - along with head boy and girl for years, was he building his own army?"

A few people knew their plans for the future but Harry thought it was time to kill these accusations once and for all. "My wife and I will actually be leaving Hogwarts next year, after our wedding we intend to study to access a muggle university. There, I will study history and politics for four or five years while my wife prefers law. My only ambitions are to be the best husband and hopefully father I can be, and one day take over from our father as The Nation's Ambassador to the ministry. I have no wish to rule, just as I have no wish to see Albus Dumbledore ever again. I will make this promise in front of witnesses though, should we ever discover proof Dumbledore set my parents up to be murdered - Azkaban won't protect him from me."

With that, a defeated Dumbledore was led away to begin his sentence. Harry already knew the powerful old wizard would be wearing magic inhibiting cuffs for the rest of his life, one escape from Azkaban was enough for the ministry.

With their troubles all behind them, Hermione just wanted to go home. It was now time to start living the rest of their lives.


The discussions between the Patils and the Longbottoms had gone along the same lines as those Harry and Hermione had heard from their parents. No children until they were at least a good few years older, and the family were still looking forward to the wedding next summer. That was why Padma was waking up in Neville's arms and not having to worry about sneaking back to her room.

Something else had also changed, they couldn't seem to sleep past what Padma had previously considered to be the middle of the night. After getting up every morning to exercise, their body clocks were now used to rising at this time.

One thing Padma could certainly get used to was cuddling into the handsome hunk her husband certainly was, which caused another change she couldn't yet quite believe. Their bodies were currently this shape due to all the physical exercise they did. Since Neville adored her body this shape, and they tended to be awake at this time anyway, Padma had suggested they continue exercising in the morning.

They had found that, without the impending threat of battle, morning exercise was actually enjoyable. With Hermione hopefully able to fly again soon, they would be able to stop running too. She kissed her husband good morning before rising to get ready, Neville loved watching her squeeze into her lycra training gear almost as much as seeing her taking it off.


Draco awoke with Pansy draped over him and then remembered what had happened yesterday to cause this wonderful phenomenon. On arriving home from Hogwarts, they found the manor empty of all their guests. With Voldemort finally defeated, they were able to leave the sanctuary of Malfoy Manor and return to their old lives. With both their mothers saying they wanted to raise Bruce at Parkinson Manor, that left Draco and Pansy alone.

After wandering around to enjoy the peace and quiet once more, Pansy had taken him by the hand and said it was time. They had spent a wonderful night together. The tap, tap, tap reminded Draco that something had woken him from sleep, he disentangled himself before opening the window to the post owl.

Draco was reading the letter the owl just delivered when a sleepy voice interrupted his train of thought. "Draco, unless that letter is more important than me, I want you back in bed."

The parchment he held in his hands was from Gringotts, informing Draco his status had just changed. Due to them completing their bond, they were in the eyes of Gringotts married. That meant Draco now had access to the Malfoy vaults. A 'Draco' from his mate saw him weighing up the parchment against a waiting Pansy, the parchment was dropped on the floor as he climbed back into bed with his mate.


An excited Hermione could hardly wait for Harry to wake, he of course wasn't helping by pretending to be still sleeping. Her kisses soon dispelled that ruse.

"What has got you so pleased this morning?"

"Oh Harry, the healers said I could try flying today. It's also the first day of the holidays, we'll have people staying with us."

"Hermione, we always have people staying with us..."

"...not since I became your wife. This really is our home now."

Harry kissed the slight scar on her shoulder, left from getting hit with the killing curse. "You are mine, and I am yours. I also don't want you pushing too hard today, we don't have to push that hard anymore."

"I won't, and this wasn't your fault. We swore we would share everything and now we have one killing curse each. Even though I know I can be competitive, I have no wish to pull ahead of you on that score..." She found Harry's arms tightening around her.

"Sorry love, that's just not funny to anyone who watched you get hit. Even goblins wouldn't laugh at that."

"Yet Hemi cracks you up every time Jamie says it, Astrid is doing it now too...Harry, don't you dare, Harry!"

Harry's laughter resounded around Crow's Nest as the young couple got ready to face the day.

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