Harry Crow

What will happen when a goblin-raised Harry arrives at Hogwarts. A Harry who has received training, already knows the prophecy and has no scar. With the backing of the goblin nation and Hogwarts herself. Complete.



64. The Jewel of the Nile

Goldskin thought he'd hit upon a way for his daughter and her peers to see these people for what they really were, nothing more than a failing Director's pathetic attempt to show Britain in a good light. Goldskin made the bargain that he would allow Sapphire to spend some time with them if they in turn would take part in a class question and answer session at the school. This group had made quite an impression and he intended to see that positive impression torn down in an environment where young goblins would ask the questions that adults really couldn't - at least not without those adults being challenged with blades. Goldskin was rather surprised though at how quickly his offer had been accepted, and just how keen they appeared to do this, they were actually turning up at the school this morning.

Barchoke led Harry, Hermione, Neville and Padma into the class, Tonks of course was still on protection duty and brought up the rear. While his son was in full Centurion regalia, the other three were sporting their duelling robes and all of course wore their swords. Goldskin was labouring over introducing them to the class, saying that the students shouldn't let their guests' nervousness stop them asking the questions they really wanted to - while having no idea these four faced and taught a much larger defence class every week. Whatever this goblin was up to Barchoke was certain his children and their two friends could cope with it, he intended to stand back and enjoy the show.

Seeing they were actually going to be talking to Sapphire's class had Harry really looking forward to this, Hermione of course had a lesson plan for this morning - depending on what other plans Goldskin had. The class tutor then threw the questioning session over to his students and a goblin male at the rear of the class jumped right in.

""You're the same age as us, are you really a Centurion?""

Activating his armour, a now golden Harry dealt with the question. ""You should all know that for anyone other than a centurion to wear this armour merits a death sentence, yes I really am a Centurion.""

Goldskin wasn't about to let Harry get off that easy. ""I think what he meant was are you a real Centurion, or is the whole thing just a lame public relations exercise from the British branch of Gringotts?""

Harry towered over Goldskin and, with his armour still activated, was quite an imposing sight. ""I wasn't aware you were here as an interpreter for what the students really mean, or are you just putting your own slant on an innocent and honest question?"" Turning his back on Goldskin before the goblin could reply, Harry once more faced the class.

""I have commanded warriors as we patrolled Hogwarts after one of our friends was attacked inside the castle, I led four of the people you see here today and Lady Black as we battled a basilisk...""

""There have been some ridiculous rumours flying around about that beast, can you give the class some specific details on it?"" Goldskin's continuing to interrupt along with his patronising 'speaking to children' voice was really beginning to grate on Harry's nerves.

""We were too busy trying not to die to stop and measure the thing but when I delivered the killing blow its death throes saw it land on my mate. The beast was so big it crushed both her legs and we needed thirty goblin warriors with levers to move the basilisk enough for our father to slip Hermione out from under it."" He then turned to Goldskin and there was no mistaking the annoyance Harry displayed. ""Is that enough specific details for you? How about the fact that the carcass has so far generated a profit that's approaching two MILLION galleons?""

The amount of gold involved captured everyone's attention but Harry had returned his to the class and the original question. ""I have also fought an honour duel in the pit, only being a Centurion allowed me to do so at my age.""

This final revelation drew a shocked squeal from Sapphire, she didn't even put her hand up and receive permission to ask her question. ""You fought in the pit, Harry? What happened?""

""Our friend Dragonbreath caused it and then the coward wouldn't face me, his father of course backed his son and I was left to face their nominated champion...""

"Brave words when the goblins involved are thousands of miles away and unable to defend themselves..."" Goldskin never got to finish as Harry had clearly reached his limit on how much he was going to let Sapphire's father needle him, he was a Centurion and would be treated with the respect his position demanded.

""The watchers around the pit all saw Master Sharpshard's memory of how Hermione beat Dragontooth in a fight to first blood, only for the coward to strike at her with his blade after the match was over. I publicly called him a coward and threatened to cut his ears off if he came near my mate again in front of the Director, Dragontooth, his father and at least a hundred goblins gathered around the pit - he still chose to nominate a champion rather than face me. So you can save yourself the trouble of telling tales to Bloodfang, he is well aware of my opinion of him and his family.""

Harry was now standing right in front of a furious Goldskin and decided to apply some needling of his own. ""We had planned on crossing blades with a few volunteers from the class later but I get the feeling you would have something to say about that too! Why don't we just skip all this posturing and you and I get right to it with a fight to first blood? You haven't believed a word I've said so here's your chance to show everyone what a fraud I am. That is what you're trying to do here - isn't it?""

""I accept!""

Thinking on his feet, Harry spotted an opportunity and went for it. ""If you're so sure of yourself then surely a little wager shouldn't scare you?"" He was positive Goldskin wouldn't be able to resist, especially when the stakes became known. Wagering was almost a national sport to goblins though Goldskin obviously wanted to know the terms of this bet.

""I have more gold than my mate and I could ever spend so let's make it something interesting. If I win, you will allow Sapphire to spend a week holidaying with us in Britain...""

""...and when I win you will never have contact with my daughter ever again, I agree!"" The goblin spat on his hand and held it out, Harry reciprocated and they slapped hands to seal the terms of the wager.

Padma nudged Hermione and nodded her head in the direction of Sapphire, the little goblin looked about ready to burst into tears. Neville sauntered over to join Harry as the tutor got the class ready to move to the training room, both witches were soon beside Sapphire like a couple of bookends.

""This is my best friend, Padma. Don't worry, Sapphire, Harry won't hurt your father...""

""Hermione, my father is very good with a blade. I can't believe Harry would gamble our friendship like that, my father will make sure we never see or hear from each other again.""

This drew a short, sarcastic laugh from Padma. ""I watched Harry take Master Sharpshard apart after he made the mistake of harming Hermione, unless your father's better with a sword than Master Sharpshard then you better start packing a bag because you're coming back to Scotland with us. You're clearly important to Harry so he won't be messing about with this fight.""

Sapphire turned to Hermione for confirmation. ""Yes, she is my best friend - though Padma can take some getting used to. She's telling the truth though, Harry is very, very good and has abilities that mean he could draw first blood before your father got a chance to lift his blade. He won't lose, you're coming to Scotland with us for a holiday.""

With that information, a now far more assertive Sapphire moved forward to where the bets were being whispered amongst her fellow students, quickly offering the most favourable odds and covering every wager she could lay her hands on. There were some shocked faces that she would bet against her own father but this was strictly business, Sapphire was now going on holiday and wanted some spending money.

Seeing both girls obviously comforting Sapphire made Harry smile, Tonks though was not amused in the slightest. "Only you, Harry, could turn a school visit into a bloody fight. No messing around here, finish this quickly - Madam Bones will have my badge and arse if I stand back and watch you getting injured."

"Why thanks, Tonks, and here was me thinking it was my health you were worried about."

"Just do this guy without getting injured, you wouldn't want me getting upset with you now - would you?"

"Tonks, you're on my list but certainly way behind Henrica, Moa, Smita and especially Emma - I'll be careful."

By the time the pair got ready to fight, they had attracted quite the audience as word had spread. Goldskin was delighted with this as he wanted everyone to see what a complete fraud this boy being made a Centurion was, his opinion changed the instant the class tutor called fight. He'd never faced an opponent so powerful or so unbelievably quick, and there were barrels full of skill contained inside that iconic armour to back the other two up. While it was taking every ounce of concentration and experience Goldskin had to keep those two flashing blades off him, the brat then had the nerve and time to chat.

""I could shave the hairs off your ears and still not draw blood. I won't publicly take you apart because Sapphire is my friend and you are her father, and that would also be behaviour that was unbecoming of a Centurion!""

In a move that Goldskin barely registered, the golden blur was inside his guard and his cheek was cut just below his eye. This drew gasps from those watching, that move was banned unless you were passed by a master to perform it, too many goblins had lost eyes when their opponents weren't just as good as they thought they were.

Harry gave the Centurion salute then bowed deeper than he needed to, giving credit to his opponent. ""While you are very good, I am a Centurion who has trained under Master Sharpshard for over six years. He did me the great honour of presenting me with my badges of rank during my oath ceremony.""

Harry then spoke to the class tutor, hiding his relief after spotting a beaming Sapphire. ""Sir, sorry but we were never properly introduced, since we are already here could we four give a demonstration of the fighting technique that we train in?""

Like the vast majority of those watching, the tutor was astonished at how easily Goldskin had been defeated. He also, again like the vast majority of those watching, wanted to see what these four were actually capable of. Of course he said yes.

While setting up a warded area with their portable stones, Harry gave a brief explanation of what they were about to witness. ""We are developing a style of fighting that is both magical and goblin, using wands and goblin shields unless close enough for our blades to be more effective. Neville and Padma have only been Friends of the Nation for a matter of months but are working hard to learn the noble art of using the blades our Director personally presented them with.""

As their demonstration began, there were gasps of amazement from the watchers. It was a three on one duel but Harry's speed and mobility meant he was holding his own. There were curses being dodged, reflected off goblin shields and occasionally magical shields were being used too as the quartet impressed all the spectators with their obvious fighting skills.

Goldskin felt sick as everyone now realised the boy was holding back in their fight, that knife of his could have cast a spell and ended the contest before it had truly begun. That sickly feeling only intensified when he sensed Barchoke was now behind him, not something he was comfortable with.

""Isn't my daughter magnificent, is it any wonder our nation are taking her to their heart as she fights at my son's side? Brave enough to charge Master Sharpshard with her blade when he attacked her mate in a fight yet also one of the smartest witches I've ever met. As he's now a Centurion, my son will also inherit our family vaults as well as those of the Potter family, making him one of the wealthiest persons in Britain. That could have been Sapphire at his side, instead you chose to rip her away and leave my son totally isolated for years.""

Goldskin's attention was currently focused on his own daughter, her blue eyes so full of excitement and happiness that they were sparkling as brightly as the gems for which she was named. The thought of his daughter with a human had seen him flee Britain but that human was now a Centurion and had just wiped the floor with him while holding back. Had he listened to the wrong people all those years ago, had he made a mistake? It was as if Barchoke could read his mind.

""We know about the stories coming out of Britain, that is why we are here and I would like to thank you for your help in dispelling most of them. My son was awarded Centurion status on merit and Master Sharpshard thinks he will one day be one of The Nation's greatest warriors - I think that day is no more than a few years away. I love my wonderful daughter as if she were my own and will cherish my grandchildren as the precious gifts they will be. What you've see with your own eyes is the future, goblins, wizards and even muggles all getting along together. There are already dwellings being built on my son's land in Scotland with full approval of the Ministry and The Nation - something I never thought would happen in my lifetime.""

This group had been a big hit last night and word of today would certainly only add to that acceptance, the whispers from London were dissipating like the mist in the morning when faced with the blindingly obvious glare of truth that was right in front of their eyes.

""Change is coming, despite those who plot against it. You have clearly chosen your side but you have an opportunity to play it smart and ensure your daughter is protected no matter what happens. My son will go to any lengths to protect his friends, only my presence prevented him killing Master Sharpshard after the fool injured Harry's mate. By Sapphire's association with him, she might even be able to protect her family when Bloodfang and his ilk finally make their move.""

A shudder of dread ran through Goldskin at that, Barchoke clearly knew about the whispers, who was behind them and that same person had ambitions to take things further than mere whispers.

""Since my son attended Hogwarts as a goblin, The Nation's profile has never been higher and neither has Gringotts profits - up over seventeen percent in just two years.""

Here was something that the whispers never mentioned, probably because goblins would be prepared to accept quite a few changes to see profits increase by a lot less than the margin just indicated. Goldskin then uttered his first words since the fight. ""I shall speak with her tutor and explain Sapphire will be missing lessons, do I have your assurance my daughter will be safe?""

""She will be watched over like my own daughter, no harm will come to her while I still draw breath.""

With that formal oath, Goldskin graciously accepted just as the demonstration ended to much cheering from the swelling audience. With limited space and bare terrain they had put a five minute time limit on the duel and all four were still standing at the end. The next half an hour was then spent having a much more friendlier question and answer session with all four offering their views.

An overjoyed Sapphire left to spend the rest of the day with them, her departure closely watched by a thoughtful father. Goldskin now understood why Bloodfang was so worried about this matter, while he had been somewhat easily defeated in his fight today the group were also outright winners in the battle for hearts and minds. One look at the jealous stares directed in his daughter's direction as she left with her friend was enough to confirm that, leaving Goldskin to wonder what would have happened if he hadn't reacted to taunts and stares of a different kind seven years ago.

That was water over the dam though as the Centurion had clearly made his choice, it was now all about making the best of the situation they found themselves in.


In her wildest dreams Emma had never envisaged herself in this situation. She was in the arms of her prince, cruising along the Nile bathed in moonlight while sitting on a FLYING CARPET! Those last two words reverberated around her brain as if they had been shouted into the mouth of a cave, that seemed very apt as her brain had gone missing the instant this magical rug had lifted off the ground. She had felt as if they had stepped onto the set of an Indiana Jones movie this morning as Bill had led them around an active dig. Holding something in her hand that no other human had touched for thousands of years had given Emma such a thrill, only to be eclipsed by this - this really was magical.

Magical was the only word Sapphire had to describe this experience too! Goblins tended to spend their lives underground, certainly not up in the air and held there by only a rug. It was also magical to be with her friend again, she had cried for days when her father had moved them out of Britain. Harry had certainly changed, he was now a Centurion and had chosen his mate, but there was enough of that little boy she once knew still there for their friendship to reignite almost instantly. His family and friends had been wonderful too, just the term 'Harry's friend' saw her receive immediate acceptance, her being a goblin not mattering a jot.

It could have been awkward meeting his mate but Hermione had accepted her at once and Sapphire was very grateful for that, Luna too quickly became a friend and she was thoroughly enjoying her day - and couldn't wait for her trip to Scotland.

Tonks was sitting behind the Grangers and had to pull out her badge to ensure she was on the same carpet as Harry, the dealer was trying to impose his 'six to a carpet' rule but the auror convinced him this was a special case. With Harry, Hermione, Luna and Sapphire sitting in front of Dan and Emma, they were all having a wonderful time. Her attention though kept wandering to the full moon illuminating the beautiful country below, and what this meant for a certain wizard back in Britain. Remus would be going through his transformation alone and Tonks couldn't believe how much that thought hurt her. In less than a year she had progressed to the point where the handsome Bill Weasley's attentions meant nothing to her, she was truly smitten by the werewolf. They would have to talk when she got back to Britain.

As the caravan of flying carpets silently glided along above the Nile, Padma was sitting beside Neville and enjoying her favourite form of magical transport - until they could complete their animagus transformations that is. Her enjoyment of this evening though was somewhat spoiled by the sight of her sister practically throwing herself at a clearly nervous Cedric. He was also clearly regretting Parvati's invitation to share their carpet and Cedric's nerves were understandable, since their parents were sitting on the carpet too! Her sister's behaviour though was neither understandable nor acceptable and Padma would be having a talk with her later.


"Parvati, we need to talk..."

"I could feel your eyes boring into my back so let's get this over with, I was only having a bit of fun."

"That line might work on mum and dad but not me, you've already got a boyfriend so what the hell was that all about tonight? You were practically in Cedric's lap, and he appeared about ready to jump off the carpet - before our father threw him off!"

They were having to keep their voices down as they got ready for bed, Parvati didn't want to say the next bit too loud anyway. "Blaise and I decided just to be friends. We'll be each other's dates for anything that comes up, until one of us finds someone else."

"I thought you two were getting on well, what happened?"

This drew a sigh from Parvati. "Nothing, and that's the problem. I watch Harry kiss Hermione and reduce that girl to goo, you and Neville are so close too. Kissing Blaise is nice but, without the spark you four clearly have, that's all it is. I just want more than 'nice', is that wrong?"

"No, Pav, it's not wrong and, as long as Blaise knows this, then that shouldn't be a problem. I do see a major one though." She couldn't keep her twin waiting and told her what she needed to do. "Remember how you tried the same approach with Harry and Neville, and how well it worked then?"

"Yeah, but we get on really well now. Neville and me are quite close, he really sees himself as my brother and I love him for it."

"That's what I'm trying to say, Pav, I was Neville's friend before anything else came out of our relationship - Hermione was the same with Harry. I would say that if you're interested in Cedric then get to know him first, become his friend and see what he's really like before looking for anything more."

Parvati couldn't really look at her sister as she asked her something. "Do you think Harry would let me be one of the Marauder trainers and work with Cedric?"

She was sure the chances of that happening were practically nil but couldn't really say that to her twin. "Pav, taking a marauders' class is hard work, for all of us. Neville and me don't walk about making doe eyes at each other, all our time is taken up working with our groups. Cedric worked with me on this year's marauders and we weren't having cosy chats, we were working our arses off. Being encouraging while trying to make sure no one pushed themselves too hard and still ensuring everyone remained safe at the same time as curses were flying - it's hard and bloody difficult work!"

"Are you saying I couldn't do it?"

"No, Pav, what I'm saying is that it's a very big commitment, one that we all enjoy though. What would happen if you don't hit it off with Cedric, and even if he gets a girlfriend, you'll be left the whole year working with him. If this is something you want to do for the right reason I'll certainly put your name forward, but not so you can get closer to Cedric. The Marauders is something that means a lot to all of us, and something we want to see running for years to come. If you want to be part of that then great, but be prepared to be spending the next few months knackered."

Parvati was positive her sister wasn't lying to her so she would have to strike that idea off her list, there were now clear physical differences between the two that Parvati had no wish to emulate. The sword fencing had been the first thing to begin developing Padma's body, her exercising in the morning had only accelerated that development. It was more than the Longbottom ring on her finger that allowed others to differentiate between the twins now.


A certain other pair of twins wore identical looks of disbelief at what they held in their hands.

"She can't do this to us..."

"The woman is mad..."

"Our reputation will be ruined..."

"This is a prank, please tell us this is a prank?"

Bill was roaring with laughter at the antics of his twin brothers, neither had bothered to see that they had both passed their potions O.W.L. with outstanding's as all Fred and George's attention was focused on the Prefect badges their Hogwarts letters had also contained.

Percy's attention was focused on his own letter, and whether it contained that much coveted badge - it did. His jubilation was contained though, the badge alone meant nothing if the wonderful witch who had snuggled up to him on their magical carpet ride last night didn't have its twin. Penny's eyes flashed mischievously before holding her badge up for her boyfriend to see, a loud whoop from Percy alerted everyone who'd been laughing at the Weasley twins' antics that there was another story unfolding at the breakfast table.

Penny was now laughing as Percy had her up in the air and twirling around in his arms, they had done it - Head Boy and Girl, together. There were four very happy younger Ravenclaws all waiting for Percy putting Penny down so they could congratulate her too. With Roger also becoming a prefect and Cedric receiving both Prefect and Quidditch Captain badges it was quickly decided tonight would be a celebration, the only problem being how you topped last night.

Sirius was worried he was becoming a trifle predictable but his wife kissed those worries away. Henrica was currently in his arms and dancing as they once more glided along the Nile, this time though in a cruise boat her husband had hired to celebrate all the good news that had came from Hogwarts that morning. "We had our very first date on a boat like this, dinner and dancing while afloat will always have a special place in my heart. I hope we get to do this in countries all over the world."

An appreciative Henrica made Sirius a very happy wizard.

Bill wasn't exactly unhappy, just feeling slightly unappreciated as he danced with a witch who clearly had something or someone else on her mind. "Do I need to join the fabled ranks of the marauders to get a young lady interested in me?"

This drew a weak smile from Tonks. "Sorry, Bill, my mind was kinda wandering there - and me on duty too!" She looked over to where Harry towered over the little goblin and was attempting to teach Sapphire to dance, it could have been construed as funny but the auror just thought it was one of the sweetest things she'd seen.

"...and here was me thinking your attention was on another wizard, a certain Hogwarts Professor?"

"Sirius is my cousin, and already married."

"You know fine well I was talking about his best friend, Remus Lupin. What's the deal between you two?"

"It's complicated, Bill. We've been spending a lot of time together though, funnily enough this week apart has focused my thoughts more on what kind of relationship Remus and I have - and what I'd like it to be."

"So again I lose out to a marauder, I am so glad there's no more of them!"

Tonks smile switched from weak to wicked. "You do know Harry and his friends are currently training the next generation of marauders?"

"I hardly think I'm going to be looking for dates from Hogwarts..."

"Oh I don't know, Bill, there's just something so sexy about an older man."

He leaned in and whispered in her ear. "I see Parvati thinks the same, you will protect me if I become her next target?"

Watching as Parvati practically dragged Cedric onto the dance floor had Tonks chuckling with amusement and part relief, relief that Bill understood he had no chance. She knew how close Harry was to Bill and didn't need the complication of fending off a suitor while trying to do her job. Now, if that suitor was Remus, there wouldn't be any fending required.

Parvati had decided to approach the problem like a Gryffindor so dragged Cedric onto the dance floor, it was time for some straight talking. "I'm sorry if I embarrassed you last night, Cedric, it was Padma who pointed out that you didn't know Blaise and I were no longer a couple. There was no falling out, we just decided to only be friends." She thought bringing Padma's name into it added a bit of credibility to her apology, and it was near enough the truth for her to live with.

"I think I was rather obvious last nigh that I would like to be your girlfriend, Padma again advised me that it's better to become a boy's friend first. So, can I be your friend?"

It was a relieved Cedric who was able to answer her honestly. "Parvati, next term I have O.W.L.s and we're starting our own marauders club, I'm also a prefect and Quidditch Captain. I honestly don't think I'll have time to fit in a girlfriend but I certainly have room for more friends."

It was a smiling Parvati who kissed him on the cheek. "All I ask is that when you get around to choosing a girlfriend you remember my offer, if anything changes with me before that time I promise to let you know - deal?"

Now wearing a smile of his own, Cedric returned her kiss on the cheek. "We have a deal, Miss Patil, I just hope my Hufflepuff team beating Gryffindor at Quidditch won't spoil our new friendship."

This had Parvati laughing and allowed her twin sister to relax. Neville of course noticed this, it was hard to miss as she was currently in his arms as they danced. "Everything okay love?"

"I think Pav took my advice, she and Cedric look much happier."

Neville actually thought Cedric looked relieved but wasn't about to say so, he'd some first hand experience of what Parvati making a pass at you felt like - relief was certainly what he'd felt when he managed to dodge it.

Harry was back in Hermione's arms but his attention kept wandering to where Roger was now dancing with Sapphire. "She'll be fine, Harry."

"Oh, I know, just as I know how hard this is for her. Culture shock doesn't quite cover what Sapphire's experienced the last few days."

"Yes, but unlike you, she has a very good friend watching out for her..."

"I had a very good friend watching out for me too, she was so good at it I offered her the job full-time."

"Harry Crow, I can see I'm going to have to limit your exposure to T.V., that line was pure cheese!" Seeing her mate's confused look, Hermione made a suggestion. "Just kiss me, Harry, that tells me everything that needs saying.

Harry happily complied with his mate's wishes.

Fred and George had charmed their prefect badges to flash different colours, they proudly wore them as they danced with Hannah and Susan. Percy and Penny had of course left their new badges back in the house, they were for later. His thoughts now were of Penny and also what they had learned on this holiday. Bill had asked them to keep an open mind and the couple just had their eyes well and truly opened too, there was a whole wide world out there away from Hogwarts and the Ministry of Magic - and there was nothing to stop them exploring and experiencing all of it.


The experience of being Harry's friend was both old and new for Sapphire. When they were relaxing in his home in Kingussie it felt as if the years just melted away, watching him with Hermione filled her heart with joy to see her friend so happy. Walking down Diagon Alley with them was certainly new, as was sitting in Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor and the proprietor himself shooting over to serve them. A picture of that event actually ended up on the front page of the Daily Prophet with a headline proclaiming 'Hogwarts Heroes Relax With Friends'.

The entire emphasis of the story was aimed at proving that, despite there being two escaped death eaters on the loose, Diagon Alley was still completely safe. No mention was made that one of those friends was a goblin, just as they were made very welcome wherever they went. This was Sapphire's first real experience of the power her friend wielded, if Harry thought it was safe to shop in Diagon Alley with his friends then this would set the standard for the rest of magical Britain - and all the shopkeepers obviously knew this.

If Diagon Alley was an experience then stepping into Gringotts was a revelation - Harry receiving a Centurion salute from everyone they saw might have been expected but those same goblins then bowing to Hermione was just mind-blowing. That she was by their side seemed to please those they met even more, that took some thought until Hermione whispered that they were obviously pleased to see Harry wasn't forgetting his goblin roots. Meeting The Director as he visited Harry's father had Sapphire shaking with excitement, he even spoke to her. ""Nice to see you back in London young Sapphire"" would be forever imprinted on her mind, The Director knew her name and who she was - all because she was friends with Harry.

Her week seemed to fly past and she was fighting back the tears as it was time to say goodbye, a few did leak out though when Hermione presented her with a sapphire pendant necklace to remind her of their friendship and told Sapphire she would always be welcome in their home. She was returning to Cairo with loads of memories and a copy of the Prophet that had her picture in it - no one would believe her otherwise. She promised to write and thanked everyone for a wonderful holiday before disappearing as her portkey activated.


With it being the holiday period, their busiest time of the year, the disappearance of a tent and full range of camping equipment - and even some clothes - wasn't picked up in the Camping Emporium Warehouse until they did their end of the month stocktake. With no signs of an external break-in, the manager was left with the conclusion that one of the staff had helped themselves and that totally pissed him off. He would make their lives hell until he discovered who the thief was, then he would contact the police to see justice done.


Amelia was pressing to see justice done but there was a definite aversion in the chamber to purebloods being sentenced to death. They'd chosen the first of September for the trial of the Carrows since it worked so well with Malfoy last year, at this rate though the Express would reach Hogsmeade before she could get a decision out of this lot.

"I understand perfectly the view that these two wouldn't have been involved in any of this had Rookwood and Lestrange not turned up at their door, I also understand both feared for their lives from their former compatriots - I am not disputing any of that." Only Amelia's years of experience stopped her frustration from showing as the same arguments were thrown at her again and again.

"What is also indisputable is that they had ample opportunities to report to the ministry where these two deadly fugitives were hiding and didn't take them. On at least two occasions both Lestrange and Rockwood were away from their hideout to murder muggles, a floo-call or even an owl would have seen two different people sitting in those chairs and the Carrows sharing the reward money. Not only did they pass up those opportunities, they then took part in a raid on a muggle pub knowing fully what the consequences of those actions would be."

All those years of experience were telling Amelia this was it, if she didn't win the doubters over this time then it just wasn't going to happen. "Were they reluctant accomplices, yes. Could they have saved themselves and helped the ministry capture two very dangerous criminals, the answer has to be yes again. There are others out there in the same position as the Carrows' and we need to send them a message, they need to fear our justice more than Bellatrix Lestrange or we'll never break this cycle of terrorism..."

The head of the D.M.L.E. was stopped mid sentence by a message patronus ghosting into the chamber and heading straight for her, a silver wolf spoke with Tonks voice. "Dementors stopped the train and wouldn't stand down when I ordered them to, we have three dead here..."

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