A Cupid: Characters

The Cast for A Cupid.


2. Josephine part 1


Josephine Zaccai Loveros

Also known as Jojo, Josephine is friendly, fashionable, creative and cool. She's the middle child of three triplets. Josephine lives with her brother and parents but as they are always busy and overseas she is often left alone, so for the most part she has lived with her brother. Recently, her brother moved to a boarding school in Spain so she's currently living by herself.

"Soooo Beautiful!" 

-Is Josephine's favorite catch phrase, which is usually triggered when she sees something lovable, whether it be the start of a new friendship, or a new romantic relationship. She loves love. She often gets emotional when listening to the experiences of other people, or when watching tragic movies.


Auburn hair that curls into ringlets, fair skin, innocent brown eyes, and a grown out baby face. She has a petite body frame and due to her previous years as a ballerina has a graceful gait.


Josephine's American. She's mixed with some Irish, French and Grecian.


Josephine is a visionary. She makes her own accessories and is quite skilled at making desserts, she also has quite the eye for fashion and is also good at recommending others suitable clothing. Since she's wise, she's good at giving advice even if she has no experience in that department. She can speak French, Spanish and knows a tiny bit of latin, her first language is English.


Making desserts, accessories, hanging out with friends, collecting clothing from her Uncle's Fashion line and watching romantic dramas/movies.

Facts about Josephine:

She can be clumsy, likes to sew clothes, write poetry and read fashion magazines.  She gets most of her clothes from her Uncle Ferris.

She doesn't like to wear any outfit that doesn't have red in it- she has three favorite colors, burgundy, black and white- though burgundy is her most favorite. Josephine's not a goth, she's very open to all styles of fashion but overall she prefers preppy, lolita and punk styles.

As a child, Josephine  has always been something like an errand girl, whether it was helping her Mother out with chores, waking her brother up for school or being assigned tasks by her teachers. As she got older she leveled up and instead of being an errand girl was sought out for advice by others.

Josephine doesn't mind helping others, so it can be assumed that if she likes the person she will be tolerant with them.

Josephine loves watching Rom-coms. She believes that everyone deserves to be happy and that a special someone is out there for everyone. 

Josephine's ideal guy: Someone who is sweet, funny and attentive. 

They say a girl's first love is her Father but as her Father was often busy, it can be assumed that Joseph, Josephine's older sibling had great influence on shaping her ideals.

Favorite animal: Josephine likes all animals but if she had to chose it'd probably be a guinea pig or hamster.

Josephine used to study ballet as a young girl, she sustained an injury during one of her performances however and was forced by her parents to give up the practice of it. 

Joseph and Eclaire are Josephine's best friends. 

Josephine and Eclaire met at the same ballet school, but they only met after Josephine's accident and Eclaire would often visit her in the hospital. 

Josephine has recovered from injury, she longs to dance again but becomes hesitant when she remembers her accident, she hasn't told anyone but at the time she believed she was being haunted. As a child she would have occasional nightmares and would sometimes see haunting things that she'd rather not talk about.

Josephine hates ghost stories because they remind her of her child hood, you could also that because of this- could have been the one thing that kept her from going through a goth phase as a teenager.

After quitting ballet, Josephine was scouted by her Uncle Ferris and became a model, she was forced by her Dad to take a break from modeling when her grades began to drop...


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