This story is about a teenage girl who moved form her home town leaving her sister and dad but discovers she has some secrets


2. The dream

I was there saying weird words with three other girls we were doing some magic changing outfits and we had different names like Flare or Icey or Lightning or Petal it was weird when I woke up I was late for school I grab my uniform and got dress sprinted down stairs to get a banana and ran outside as nervous can be i stopped and close my eyes don't worry everything is going to be ok something awesome is going to happen to you I said to myself when i walk around the corner i see something flying this way i ducked as it flew over my head and droped it was a necklace with a red flame jewel i pick it up and put it on there was a voice " young girl my name is queen Ezria my kingdom was under attack a long time ago i used the last bit of my magic to send you these four necklaces to you and sen one of my pixies to help you form a team. the evil emperor used his last magic to take the gems we used to protect the kingdom in his monsters so his minions can get power source a type of magic found in humans to revive him but the minions need to wait for the spell to finalise after their coming to earth you will meet the pixie now she will have the three other necklaces good luck. A cute,little,purple and white puppy/fox comes walking up to Santana with three necklaces hello said the pixie my name is pebble you must be Flare.  

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