Her story

A creature, born to look and appear human, but what's underneath the surface is a completely different story.


9. You LIED

"HEY, wake up, she found us, we got to move! NOW!" I woke up to Kreman screaming in my face. I suddenly feel my body being lifted off the ground and into Kreman's arms. I'm still half asleep so I barely know what's going on. I see this bright red light start to form and I assume that it's Kreman's ring creating a new dimension for us to escape. Then in the corner of my eye I see this human figure, probably the person we were running from. I decide to just hold on to him until we get to the new planet or dimension, or whatever. I awoke again to a brand new scenery, this one was much more bleak than the one before. This area was very plain and depressing, it was all black and grey, there were no colors at all. Then I felt Kreman put me down on the dry ground. I opened my eyes wider and saw nothing but black and grey, there was barely any plant life, it will be very hard for me to adapt here. "Are you okay?" Kreman asked in a worried voice "Yeah I'm fine. What happened, why are we here now?" "That girl I told you about, yeah.....she found us. So we had to skidaddle." I could tell he was trying to act calm. Oh, I never asked him how we were related. "Uhm....I never asked....how did you know we were brother and sister?" Kreman looked at me with a confused look. I was starting to worry "What...when did I say that-Oh!" He had a scared look on his face. I felt the heat rush to my cheeks from the new found anger boiling up inside of me. "Did...you....LIE TO ME?!?!" I started to scream at him with everything I had, I would have thrown him up in a tree, but we were in some planet where there was no plant life at all! "Please, let me explain, I-I needed you to come with me, s-so I had to lie to you about us being.....siblings. I really didn't mean any harm, I just needed you to come with me. Please understand...." I was so furious with him, he lied to me about everything....well, I don't know about the gems and the lady following us and this whole magical destiny crap but I do know that he lied to me, and it's going to take a lot more than a apology to gain my trust back. "You're not forgiven, but I'll still go with you.....I have no where else to go." I said in an agitated voice. "Alright....let's make the camp."

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