Her story

A creature, born to look and appear human, but what's underneath the surface is a completely different story.


7. Well....Crap

I stood there waiting for Kreman to return, but it felt like I was waiting forever. I started to move about then I stopped and thought for a second 'What if a Farthon finds me here? What would I do? What would they do to me?' I decided to head back to my little safe area. As I was walking I felt something tug at my feet, I look down to see a rope like vine tugging at my ankles. "Oh...no" I say in a quiet voice. I then feel myself being lifted up from the ground and hanging upside down from one the trees. I then start to hear this gibberish like speaking coming from one of the nearby bushes. This red, human like creature crawled out from the bush and started yelling and hollering at me, I was quite terrified so I stayed quiet. He or she then fell silent, and the silence between us scared me more than the ruckus it was making earlier. I started to think to myself 'Oh God, what does it want from me?' Then I heard a voice in my head say 'Can you speak our native language?' I started to panick. Was he talking to me through telepathy?!? I was officially confused and terrified by this. I started to make another thought 'You can speak through telepathy?' I waited a few seconds before I heard him respond 'Yes, I can. Do you speak our native language, if not then....' his message drifted off into silence. I then started to feel the blood rush to my head, and not soon after that I passed out.

I woke up to a branch hitting my head. "What in the world?" I said, still half asleep. "I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO STAY PUT!!!" I heard Kreman yell at me. I was both grateful and a bit guilty, but I'm glad that I was back in his protection. "Sorry, I started to wonder off, and I met a native that could talk to me through telepathy, and I felt the blood rush to my head, and I passed out, and-" "Telepathy?" Kreman cut me off mid sentence. "Yeah. Do all the Farthons speak through telepathy?" He looked down at me worryingly. "You should go back to sleep, I'll find a place for us to spend the night and then we'll find the other gem. But for right now, just sleep, kay?" "Alright....good night I guess." 

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