Her story

A creature, born to look and appear human, but what's underneath the surface is a completely different story.


2. Oh...uh. H-hi

I was walking towards the bakery about five blocks away from the wood in which I lived in. I'm an Earth Fae so I can blend with nature on Earth and other planets if needed. So as I was walking, I don't know I just felt like someone was with me, stalking me, following me. And so as an instinct, I hid, I became a small shrub. I stayed that way for about an hour until I was finally comfortable to come out of hiding. When I came out of shrub form I felt a hand cover my mouth "Shhh, it's ok" I heard a males voice say. I then passed out from the lack of air. When I awoke, I was tied up in a wooden chair, duck tape around my mouth and hand cuffs on each of my limbs connecting me to the chair. I felt my heart start to pound at a tremendous rate. I saw a white, tall black haired man come out of the dark part of the room I was in. I started to struggle for my life, then I heard him say "Awwe c'mon sis, don't be like that." SIS!?!?

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