Her story

A creature, born to look and appear human, but what's underneath the surface is a completely different story.


5. My Journey Begins

He said he wants me to join him on a journey.......WHAT?!? "I'm sorry, did you say a journey?" He took a deep breath of irritation and replied with "Yes, I said journey. I want you to help me find the rest of our gems, I've found two so far." Gems? What is this guy talking about, I was finally done with his crap and started for the door. When I went through it I felt this weird sensation. I saw another door in front of me, I opened it and then there was another door, and then another, then another, and I stopped. It took me a minute to realize what was going on, I figured out what type of Fae he was....he was an Illusion Fae. Illusion Faes can make you see things that aren't there and can make you go into a loop. I've seen them around a couple times, they like tormenting people. "Okay, you can stop now, I won't run away!" I said yelling.

I stood there for a couple seconds and then I saw the door in front of me disappear like a mist. And all of my surroundings with it. I saw Kreman standing in front of me as the mist like illusion lifted. "Are you ready to listen to me now?" he said in a agitated tone. I nodded my head yes "So what about these gems? And why does involve me?" He reached into his hoodie pocket and pulled out two gems, both were unknown to this planet and to me. "Where did you get those? They're not from this planet, they're not from Earth! How did you get these?" I started rambling off questions to him. He took a deep breath in and exhaled it out. "I got both of them from different solar systems, the bright pink one is from planet Huwess, and the light greenish blueish one is from planet Danseth. Both of those places are many dimensions away from this one." he said in a calming tone, I felt at ease with him now "And, how exactly did you travel through these dimensions?" I asked politely. He then pulled out a ring that had a bright red ruby on it. "This is how. A powerful Fae gave this rig to me, and told me that it had amazing powers, and he was correct, I can travel though all dimensions with this ring. But I'll have to explain the gems later, right now we have to leave before she finds us here." He then grabbed my arm and rushed me towards the actual door out. "Wait a second, who's after us, what did you do?!" I asked in a frightened tone "Let's just say, I pissed someone off and they now hate my guts, alright. NOW LET'S MOVE!"

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