Her story

A creature, born to look and appear human, but what's underneath the surface is a completely different story.


10. It's Her

After we set up the camp, we went to sleep for the night. When I awoke, still furious with his lie, I looked over at Kreman, he was still asleep. I got up and searched around for something, anything to eat. An Earth Fae can survive many weeks with out eating, but I just wanted something to fill my stomach real quick. I was about, maybe, 100 feet away from the camp, and I saw this vortex start to form in front of me. I stood there in shock and fear, I didn't know what to do. When the vortex took full formation, a woman stepped out. She was beautiful, bright red hair, maybe 3 inches taller than me, and he body was perfectly curved. She was very casually dressed, a T-shirt, skinny-ripped jeans, and some boots that looked fairly comfortable. We stood there looking at one another, thoughts swarming through my brain as we stood there 'Is this the girl, what is she thinking, should I say something?' "Hello, my name is Telisha. Have you maybe seen a tall boy, black hair, white skin?" she said in a curious tone. Was she talking about Kreman? Oh, God, what do I do, should I just run? "Uh...." I said stupidly. "KAIHILLA!!!!" I heard Kreman yell out my name, I decided to ignore it so she wouldn't get suspicious of me and him.

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