Me, Myself & I 🐠

This is me. I am called Daisy. My account name - daisyt626��. Don't ask about the random fish... I think it just looks cute. Anyways, Me, Myself & I would like to introduce Me, Myself & I...
I live in Britain, England, Leicestershire. First thing to know about me, I play thee BANJO LIKE WINSTON MARSHALL FROM MUMFORD AND SONS BECAUSE THEY ARE AWESOME. Ok, that should lead us nicely onto music, bands etc... ��


2. Me, Music & I 🎵

Me, Music & I 🎵

Ok. So we have already established I play banjo, I also play saxophone 🎷 yup, blues, country, jazz, folk, ROCK. Everything. I love music, good music. My favourite band by far though is Mumford & sons. I love them so much. I idolise their banjo player but I'll come to that later. Here are a few of my favourite songs by them:

• Feel The Tide ❤️

• Babel

• I Will Wait

• Hopeless Wanderer

• Below My Feet

• Not With Haste - you may know this song from Disney's Pixar animation Brave.

• Sigh No More

• The Cave

• Winter Winds

• Roll Away Your Stone

• White Blank Page

• Dust Bowl Dance

• Believe

• Monster

• Wilder Mind

• Cold Arms

• Hot Gates

Have you guys got any idea how hard that was not just putting down every single song they've ever written?! Ok so now I'm just gonna recommend some must listen to singles, old and new:

• Mr Blue Sky - ELO

• Renegades - X-Ambassadors

• Send Me On My Way - Rusted Root (you may recognise this song from Ice Age 1)

• 7 years - Lucas Graham

• Chasing pavements - Adele

• Take me to church - Hozier

• Immortals - Fall Out Boy (from Big Hero 6)

• You know it - Colony House

• My Demons - Starset

• This is Gonna Hurt - Sixx: A.M.

• Remedy - Seether

• In The End - Linkin Park

• Up & Up - Coldplay

• Back In Black - AC/DC

• Midnight Flyer - Eagles

• Breakaway - George Ezra

• Learning To Fly - Pink Floyd

• Stay Home - Self

• All Star - Smash Mouth

• My Beloved Monster - Eels.

I could go on forever, but I won't cuz believe it or not, there's a little bit more to me than music. I'm very proud to say I've been brought up with an amazing Mum with an awesome taste in music! ❤️

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