Me, Myself & I 🐠

This is me. I am called Daisy. My account name - daisyt626��. Don't ask about the random fish... I think it just looks cute. Anyways, Me, Myself & I would like to introduce Me, Myself & I...
I live in Britain, England, Leicestershire. First thing to know about me, I play thee BANJO LIKE WINSTON MARSHALL FROM MUMFORD AND SONS BECAUSE THEY ARE AWESOME. Ok, that should lead us nicely onto music, bands etc... ��


3. Me, ma Mom & I ❤️

Me, ma Mom & I ❤️

Me, ma Mom & I ❤️ are best pals. I guess we kinda have to be after every thing we've been through together. I tell her everything. She's awesome and can do basically everything. Some of you may be reading a movellas of mine called - Hidden. The main character in this story is called Lewis. You don't find out about Lewis' family past until around halfway through; his story is my story. I'll give you a private preview right here, right now. Lewis/my mum and dad are divorced. They have been since he/I was 6 months old. In short, things were pretty awful between them/us. He/I moved with Mom up to Scotland with his/my grandparents. Then they/we moved to a small village (I'll explain later) Then Mom remarried and now he/I live here. Am I/is hehappy..?

Swiftly moving on, so that's it for family I guess...

Wait, no; I have a younger half-sister and a cat. Sorry, but the cat wins, he's the best thing ever. He's ginger, fluffy, and a complete maniac, but I love him. I first got him when I was 4. I was living in a small house with my mum. At the time, my Mum and I were around a friend of mine called Amilly's house at the very end of the road. It was around 6 in the evening and it was pelting it down with rain. There was a small farm in the village that had untamed cats. Whilst I was at my friend's house, there was a knock at the door.

The farmers wife had a kitten, a very stupid, ginger kitten that had decided to run away from his mum. The farmer's wife had been all around the houses trying to give the kitten away. Of course, we'd been out so she hadn't gotten a reply at our door. No one had wanted the kitten, and neither did Amilly's Mum. However MY Mum decided to accept the cat for slave labour - lol not really. We had a mouse infestation, so we got the cat to kill the mice. At the age of 6, I was a very slow reader. However I do remember one of the first books I ever read was called "Tiptoe the lost cat" I needn't explain the story because, as with most children's stories, the title says everything. Surprise, surprise, I named my new cat after the book.

So that's the story of Me, My Family, the Cat & I 🐱, how about Me, ma Mates & I 🙃...

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