James Potter and the Marauders BOOK 4

James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew are in their fourth year at Hogwarts. *if this is the first fanfiction you read of me, please read the previous 3 books of James Potter and the Marauders. if there are any mistakes in it you can tell me. English isn't my native language*


2. The Evans'

Lily's p.o.v.:

​Finally it is Friday. During the holiday, it usually doesn't really matter what day it is. But today is different. James will meet my family today. I'm so excited but also nervous. I know my parents will act normal to him, but Petunia... She doesn't even act normal to me since she knows I'm a witch. Even though that is already four years ago. Petunia is now in her room. I don't think she won't show up unless she really has to. I looked out of the window. There, I saw James on his broomstick, quickly coming closer. I ran outside and when he landed I ran towards him so I could hug him; he kissed me. "Hey there, beautiful." James whispered in my ear; I couldn't help but blush. "I missed you so much!" I said. James took his trunk from his broomstick and followed me inside. My parents were in the kitchen. "Hello, mr and mrs Evans. I'm James Potter. Thank you for letting me stay here." James greeted them politely. They looked a bit weird at his broomstick in his hand, but they tried to cover it. "Hello, James. Welcome in our house. I bet you heard about our eldest daughter Petunia, but I'm afraid she locked herself up in her room. Don't worry about though, we'll keep an eye on her." Dad said. There was an awkward silence so I coughed to break it. "I'll show James the guest room." I said; my parents nodded. "Sorry about that." I apologised. "Hey, don't worry about it. I think it's quite a miracle they let me stay here since I'm a bit different than them." James said. I'm glad he's so understanding. Next to my room, there was the guest room. It has a king sized bed with red sheets on it. The walls are dark blue; like the night sky. There is a dark brown closet and next to it, you can find a huge mirror. "What do you think?" I asked James. "I think it's beautiful." James said and he kissed me; with more passion than when he arrived. "Stop worrying." James said after a while. "It's not that easy, you know. With Petunia... I can't imagine how she'll react when she sees you." I whispered and looked at my feet. James lifted my head gently with his hand. "Hey, no matter how she'll react... I can handle it. You know I love you, right? No matter what." "No matter what." I repeated and we kissed; gentle this time. It was already pretty late since James had to fly a long time, so we ate dinner when he unpacked everything. Petunia was also downstairs, but it was obvious she didn't want to be in the same room as James.

​James' p.o.v.:

Lily's parents prepared Chicken Tikka Masala. It's a dish of roasted chunks of chicken tikka in a spicy sauce. "Here we are, this is Chicken Tikka Masala. I'm not sure if you're familiar with it?" Mrs Evans entered the living room with some plates of food. I noticed Lily rolled her eyes. "Yes, I guess our meals are the same as yours." I tried to make eyecontact with her, so she knows she don't have to worry. "I'm sorry, I don't know a lot about the wizarding world." She apologised. "Nor do I about the muggle world." I smiled at her but she looked weird at me. "How did you call our world?" Mr Evans asked. "Oh, uhm, the muggle world. Muggle stands for non-magic people, like you. It's not an insult..." I hesitated. "Oh, I see." Mr Evans replied and he laughed; so did mrs Evans and Lily. Petunia only looked at her plate. "You know, James. During the Christmas holiday, we always go on a skiing holiday. I know it's still far away, but you're always welcome." Mrs Evans told me. "Thank you, but... What's a skiing holiday?" I asked; Lily laughed. "Skiing is a sport, you silly. It's a muggle sport. We use ski poles to hold on to while we stick our feet onto a pair of long narrow strips of wood. Like that​, we slide onto the snow." Lily explained me after she stopped laughing. I just stared at her. "And that is a sport?" I asked; Lily rolled her eyes. "Yes! Not just a sport. It's an Olympic Sport." Mr Evans got more excited while I got more confused. "What..." But Lily interrupted me. "The Olympic Games is like the Quidditch World Cup. Only with a lot of sports." Now that Mr Evans and I found a similar interest, we talked about nothing else. He told me everything about muggle sports, and I told him all about Quiddtich.

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