James Potter and the Marauders BOOK 4

James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew are in their fourth year at Hogwarts. *if this is the first fanfiction you read of me, please read the previous 3 books of James Potter and the Marauders. if there are any mistakes in it you can tell me. English isn't my native language*


3. Jupiter's amulet

​Lily's p.o.v.:

  W​hen dad and James finished talking, I went upstairs and took a shower. After I dried up and pulled on a pyjamas, someone knocked on my door. "Yes?" I said; James opened the door. "Hey, there." James walked towards me and I kissed him. "Thank you." "What for?" asked James. "I don't know. I was just so nervous. So many things could go wrong tonight and none of them happened." Those words came out of my mouth like a waterfall. I guess I just had to get if off my chest. James hugged me. "What's the worst that could've happened? Your parents kicking me out of here or me trying to bewitch Petunia?" I looked at the door; Petunia was eavesdropping. "I'm ​so ​going to tell mom and dad about this!" "What are you going to tell them? I didn't do anything!" James shouted. "James, stop. ​That ​is one of those things I was afraid of. "Oh, c'mon. Nothing will happen. Your dad likes me; I guess. Maybe your mom does too." I sighed. "You don't get it, do you?" "Yes, I do. I know you and your sister don't talk anymore. So what? Petunia is a bloody idiot if she doesn't like such an amazing, beautiful girl like you." James smiled and kissed me. "Close your eyes." James whispered; I obeyed. I felt something cold on my neck. "You can open your gorgeous eyes now." It was some kind of neckless. * the image is the amulet * "What is it?" I asked curious. "It's Jupiter's Amulet. it conduceth to gain, and riches, favor, and love, peace, and concord, and to appease enemies, to confirm honors, dignities, and counsels." I looked into James' eyes. "If you don't like it, I..." James started but I interrupted him. "I love it. It's beautiful." James looked down; almost like he was shy. "James, I love you." "I love you more." "No, I love you more." "No, I do." Someone knocked on the door, it was my dad. "Time to go to bed." James kissed me once more and left my room.  

​Author's message:

  I know it's a small chapter; I'm so sorry. I just thought I should update something because it has been a long time since I updated this story. I hope you like it so far.




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