Twilight Reality: What if?

what if bella had a sister and what if she alwaysed lived with charle and what if she knew the cullens and their secret and what if she wasn't.......
Sorry too much right? well just read it already!


4. night time sharpens,Darkness stirs and wakes imagination

Scar pov.

finally. dad came up and checked on us and went to bed. I checked to see if Isabella was asleep and she was then i left. jumped out my window and ran(not normally but vamp run). i had to feed. but first i took out my contacts. god did they sting. And they mess with my enhanced abilities. after i had feed and calmed down i started crying again. damn fucking emotions!!!! i arrive at the Cullens, i don't bother knocking they know its me. i head to the main floor. Alice is reading, Jasper is working with Emmett on this life style, Esme is writing in living room along with Alice. Rosalie is laugh with Emmett on how Jasper is training. Calrisle is in his study upstairs working on a machine that acts like a cat scan but is for Vampires and can fin their gift(s). then i walk down the hall to Edwards room. we have become best friends. he's is on the couch writing in a journal. he doesn't acknowledge  my entry, he's used to me coming in when ever i feel like it. the light is on but i move to where there is less light so he doesn't see that I've been crying because he'll go all big brother on me and then we will prob get in a fight. he looks up from writing and looks at me. "whats wrong?" he asks. " how can you see? urrrg!!! Nick and i got in a fight again and i broke it off" i say  " he can't accept me for being a vamp."  " im gonna kill him." he says while standing up and start walking out the door. i rush in front of him." nice try" the rest of the night i kept him from killing Nick. he finally gave in and we talked. then i had to leave so i could get ready for school and my dad and sis don't worry.


**authors note***

sorry for taking so long on gettin these to you guys ill try scar 


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