Twilight Reality: What if?

what if bella had a sister and what if she alwaysed lived with charle and what if she knew the cullens and their secret and what if she wasn't.......
Sorry too much right? well just read it already!


1. intro.......

charlie's pov

Renee took everything and left. she even took my girls. she said she couldn't stay here or she'll be stuck. what did i do?


**** teen years later***

Scar's pov. 


"yes mom i want to live with dad. i'm sick of you jumping from guy to guy. i'm leaving and you can't stop me."

"Scarletina, what about me?" said lil Isabella

"urg, fine, go pack." said mom


next day


i get off the plane with mom and head to baggage claim then i see him. my dad. i ran in to his arms. me and dad left and i got in to my dad's police car.  forks is now my home sweet home. 


*** years later***


 the new kid at our school are weird but their different. then i remember something from my past.


***flashback to fifth grade***

i was at home alone . dad should be home soon. then i heard something out side, a scream. 

i go out side and see a guy biting a girl's neck. when he finally stopped he had blood on his face and the girl was dead. he was different. he was pale, he had red eyes but changed to golden after he..., then he ran away faster than lightning. there was also some sort of energy in the air when he was near. the next day i went to my friend Nick's house and his dad told us the Quileute's legends. well apparently there are such things as werewolf's and vampires. 

****end of flash back**** 

the bell rang and i couldn't go talk to them. but i do have next class with one. Edward. 

as i sat down i waited till he came in but he didn't sit next to me like he usually dose, he sat a few empty seats away. then i felt it,that strange energy . as class started i didn't have to do anything because i'm in advanced classes but have to be in this class cause its required. ever so often i looked at him so i can evaluate him. he was pale. paler than the Albion, me. his eyes were golden . wait he's looking at me duh that's how i know. i look away. (Fudge another group of v's, Nick is gonna freak.) i say in my head then i look over at him again and he's staring at me, so i stare back(i know what u r Cullen) i say in my head as i look at him. then his face expression changes from annoyed to worried. (shit is he gifted, can he read my thoughts. ) i look at him then he looks at me ( can you read my thoughts?) i ask him in my head, he looks at me then the ground and nods. my next class was too long. then the bell rings and i head out to my motorcycle, "hey scar do ya need a ride" my friend Jess asks. " no i'm okay" i say pointing to my Harley. i wait till i see him then say(follow me Edward.) in my head he looks my way and nods, then i start walking up the hill towards the forest. whence i knew we were far away and he was close i said" how old are you?" "seventeen" he says  " let me guess you've been this was for a while?"   "yes" he says   "i know what you are" i say finally looking at him. " and before you ask, i'm not afraid." 


over the few months i learned all about the Cullen's and we all became good friends. then that summer i went onto a trip and got in to an accident  (thankfully they didn't call my dad).they had to put in surgery and they found cancer.(those stupid cigarettes) well you could probably can guess what happens next, the only way to save me was to change me. and Carlisle did. that rest of the summer the taught me how to be normal and hide the fact i'm a vampire. when i went back home it was a struggle at first but i got the hang of it. They think i'm gifted because i can sometimes block other's gifts from me.  any way right before school started again Nicky found out about me becoming a vampire and we got into a fight and i found out hes in love with me and so am i. after awhile we started dating.  oh and im the Sing of Champ/Back to back champ. 


***two years later***

as school ended today i went home and the phone rang, it was Isabella.(bella/bells) " hey scar whats up?" she says.  "not much,hows mom"   "she's good. um ...can i come and stay there for awhile? mom is not happy about staying home with me instead of going with Phil on a little league baseball draft picking trip. so i wanna come there."  i talk with her some more and dad walks in " hold on bells."  " hey dad can Isabella come stay with us.  "hell yes!" dad says. "okay bells u can, we will figure out the deatz later" and i hang up. 



wait how will we do this? we only have 2 rooms?  dau dau dauuuuu

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