Twilight Reality: What if?

what if bella had a sister and what if she alwaysed lived with charle and what if she knew the cullens and their secret and what if she wasn't.......
Sorry too much right? well just read it already!


3. drama to the next level

Bella 's pov

ok i can guess the guy in the wheal chair is Billy Black and the short guy, nicely built,long black hair, and native looking guy is Jacob Black, i sort of remember him from when we were little. which leaves the older looking guy, short hair, big Buffy like built,in short sleeves and shorts, Nicholas. ok hes kinda weird, im mean who wears shorts at 40 degrees. im guessing he's dating my Sister or else they wouldn't have kissed. i walk down and out the door. "well well it is true, the one and only Bella is hear." says billy. "welcome sweetheart."      "thank you billy" i say.     "quite the memory you got  there Bells" he said.   " Hi, do ya remember me, we used to make mud pies when we were little."  " yeah, no i remember. Jacob."  i say. " well how about me?"  " let me see, tried me in the mud and took my the one and only  Nicholas. who happens to be dating my sister."    "shiz sorry bell." scar says. 

we all went inside and we had fish fry from a girl named Sue. and of course scarlet isn't well on cooking so i make it. looks like ill be the one to cook around here. its ok it will be like paying rent but with food??!  the boys[dad and billy] are watching the game. Jake is with me, in the kitchen, keeping me company as i cook. Scar and Nicky are coming down stairs. " Me and Nick are gonna take a walk" she said " ok but be back before 11" dad says but she's gone already.  "god she just doesn't care, such a rebel." dad says.


Sacr's pov

as me and Nicky are we talked about school and life. our fav spot was coming up. a huge rock but the woods. he sits down and puts me on his lap. we kissed which led to making out which led to him freaking out about my cold ass lips which led to the same old same old argument on how im a vamp.


bella's pov

me and Jake were sitting at the table eating and catching up when we hear voices on the lawn.  "im sick and tired of the same old argument " scar says. " either one way or the other. pick!"   "scar please ...."  " no im sick of it. you either accept it or not!"  there's a long pause.  "you know what ill make it easy for you , im done!"   she runs inside and and up the steps into her room and slams the door. i know to leave her alone besause she is like me with stuff like this. she wants to be alone.  after a few minuets the boys leave and me and dad call it a night. he stays to finish the game. i fall asleep after a while trying to block out the sobs coming from next door.







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