Twilight Reality: What if?

what if bella had a sister and what if she alwaysed lived with charle and what if she knew the cullens and their secret and what if she wasn't.......
Sorry too much right? well just read it already!


2. Bella

So Isabella is coming to live with us and we only have two rooms. 

I was sitting in font of the tv doing homework (its easy now scene I'm a vamp) and a show came on about fixing up homes and this guy turned a closet into a room.  WA BAM there we go, i have a huge walk in closet we can transform it into a room BINGO!!!! 

So what we did was took more than half my closet and made it a room, with a window, door and we would share a closet. It looks kinda like a mini hallway in between our rooms. One side is mine with a desk for make up.(looks like a diva one) the other side is for her, she doesn't have a desk just more bars for clothes, shes a tomboy but doesn't dress like one sort of. 

A couple days later and it was too me to pick her up from the airport. Dad just bought her her own car. I mean i bet she wouldn't like riding on my bike (motorcycle) to school every day and we can share it in the winter too. Its a chevy truck prob from the 1900's. Jacob(Nicholas's lil brother) rebuilt the engine too. Dad had to go in to work so i took her truck and before going into the Seattle airport I bought a bow and put it on the truck. Then i went into the airport to the baggage claim and waitd for her. After a while she came out and saw me. She ran to me and dropped everything when she was close and gave me a big hug. "Its been too long loca" i say. With me being a vamp my scenes are elevated by a lot, and her scent was so appealing that it took everything not to kill her. After a while i was used to it. When we go out of their i told her to close her eyes and i directed her to her new car. When we got to it i said "happy homecoming!" I say and she looks. She says "get out, is this for real?"  Great a squealer! that's gonna get old fast and hurt my ears too much. 



Bella's pov


" so what kind of truck is this?" i ask my sister, Scarletina. 
" a 1960's Chevy......." she droned on and on and when she noticed i stopped listening she said "whats the mater?' 

"Sc(i almost called her by her full name-she hates it) sis i don't really know anything about cars. i wouldn't be able to fix it if anything went wrong, and i cant, afford a mechanic..." 


" ok first do you remember the Black twins?"    

"...yeah um Nicholas and Jess, right?" 

"hahahaha no Nicholas and Jacob.  and Jacob is a car freak. he totally rebuilt the engine and can't you see it runs fine, plus he would fix it for free so...." 

sweet. the rest of the car ride was silent. she was right it runs great. 


when we got to the house i finally asked the question that's been eating at my brain. " ok so i remember that we had shared a room any time i visited so how are we gonna do this?"  " well why don't we get your stuff and i'll show you." 

we grabbed my stuff and headed in to the house. we headed up the stairs and something was different. a new door that i don't remember. "go a head and open it." Scar said.  and i did. it was another bedroom. "get out! really, but how?"   "haha remember my big closet?(i nodded) well me and dad rebuilt it to make a room for you, but we share a closet now." she said and i walk to the double wicker doors. i open them up and its a hallway with racks and rails, one side was empty (prob mine) i walk to the other doors and open them, it was her room.  WOW!! i think i'll like living here, sort of. 

then i heard a car door. me and Scar went down stairs. "its just dad." Scar said and dad burst's through the door and saw me, he gave me a hug. we started talking and gave me the jist's of the place and showed me the bathroom. "Right one bathroom" crap. then he gave me an envelope. it was my school schedule.  " you have all the same classes as me" scar said looking over my shoulder. double crap. i love my sister but i heat the fact she is the complete opposite of me other than the fact we're both know it all's. i was hopping to at least get away from her at school. oh well.  then they both left me alone to unpack.


that's one of the things i like about them, they don't hoover.  


as i'm finishing up unpacking i hear a horn beep outside. i look out the window and see another truck in our driveway. a guy in a wheelchair, and two boys who look alike but also don't.

Scar ran out of the house and into the taller one's arms. they kissed.  

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