Until You Come Back Home #Destiel



1. It Was All Fine & Dandy

It had been two long years since Cas and I had gotten married. Life was perfect. I had a job in my Uncle Bobby's car shop & Cas was running a homemade bakery from our home. It was nice coming home and seeing him in his famous "Kiss the Cook" apron.  He always managed to look good no matter what he was doing or wearing. Life was great ya know. I had my husband and we both had good paying jobs. But let me tell my story. I'm sorry if I break your heart. 


I had just got home from work when I walked in the door. The lights where dim and candles gave the room an orangeish look. "Castiel! I am home!" I call out loud enough for him to hear if he was upstairs. He comes rushing down the steps a huge grin on his face. "De! I have really great news!" He giggles jumping into my arms. I hold him close and kiss him deeply. "What is it Bumblebee?" I ask. "We are going to be dads!" He reaches in his back pocket holding up a little stick. I take it from his hands and look at it. "Oh my." I gasp. The pregnancy test held a small blue plus. "Aren't you happy for us?" He asks in a small voice. "Of course I am Cas! We are going to be parents!" I smile huge kissing his head. I carry him up to the room gently laying him on the bed. I kiss his sweetly holding him close. "After two years of trying and here we are." He says with a blush. "We done good Cas. We done real good." I kiss the top of his head. "I have a meal planned for us. The table is sat and ready." He admits a small blush still on his face. "Oh dearie you didn't have to." I admit. I hated when he felt like he had to do it all. I mean yes I do work, but I want to come home and cook for him. He's my prince and I need to treat him like the one he is. Of course he would hardly allow me to do any house work. I carry him into the kitchen and sit him down. "Baby you've out done yourself again." I say smiling at the roses and candles that covered the room. "Well we had to celebrate didn't we?" He asks grinning. "Yeah. We did." I smile. 

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