Best Friends Brother ( Cameron Dallas And Taylor Swift Fanfiction )

Hey My name is Taylor Swift. I'm friends with Sierra Dallas and I write songs about my ex's.


2. Chapter 2. Asking out.

  Chapter 2. Asking out.


   Taylor Pov;

I woke up and Sierra was still asleep but Cameron was watching tv. I was still cuddled up to him. I had to admit I was comfortable. "Good morning." He whispered. "Morning" I say watching TV. 

I look at Cameron as he looked at me. His eyes were going up and down my face. He started leaning in as I stood there like an idiot. His lips touched my lips and my stomach went in flips. His lips were soft. He kissed me and pulled away. 

"I'm sorry. I don't want to ruin Sierra and yours friendship. I shouldn't of done that." He said. "Your fine. I'm sure she wont mind." I say playing with his hair. 

"How about we stay as friends with benefits until we're ready to be a couple." He asks. He gets up and holds my hand and pulls me up with him. "Uhh... Idk." I say.  "When you want, let me know." He says. I nod. 

Sierra wakes up. "What's going on?" She says. "Nothing." I say smiling. "You know, Cam has been talking about you. He likes you." She says. I knew that. "Oh Okay. What would you feel if him and I dated?" I ask her. "As long as he doesn't hurt you, I'm happy with that." She says. 

"Oh okay." I say. "Why?" she asks. "Well, we kissed and he wanted to be friends with benefits until me and him were ready to be a couple cause we weren't sure if you would be okay with that." I say. "Oh okay." She says. "like I said, as long as he don't hurt you I'm fine." She says. I smile and hug her. "I gotta get going. I'll stop at Camerons room on the way out." I say and she nods.


I grab my stuff and head to Cameron's room. I saw a girl in his bed. I start crying. I headed home fast and laid in my bed crying. 


The next day, my bedroom door opened and I saw Cameron. "That was Nash's girlfriend. Nash was in the bathroom. " He says right away. He sits next to me. "I'm sorry. I thought you were sleeping around. My mom sleeps around a lot so I have trust issues or something like that." I say. "It's fine." He says rubbing my back. "I talked to Sierra." I say. 

"What she say?" He asked. "As long as you don't hurt me, Shes fine with us dating." I say. "Well, Taylor, Will you be my girlfriend?" He asks. I nod. "Yes." I say and kiss him. He kisses back. "Where is your mom?" He asks. "She's on a trip with her guy friend that she sleeps around with." I sigh. "Oh. You should stay at my house until she comes back, I don't want you to be alone." He says. "I have to house sit." I say. He nods. "I'll stay here with you then." He says and I nod. 

Cameron cooked lunch for us. I had to work tonight any ways. "I have to be at work at 5 tonight." I say and he nods. "Okay." He said. I didn't want to go to work but I had to. I took way too many days off. 

Once tonight rolled around, I went to work. 

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