Best Friends Brother ( Cameron Dallas And Taylor Swift Fanfiction )

Hey My name is Taylor Swift. I'm friends with Sierra Dallas and I write songs about my ex's.


1. Chapter 1. Hanging out

Chapter 1: Hanging out


  Taylor POV;

I woke up to the aroma of bacon and eggs. My mom must be cooking breakfast. She usually don't cook anything unless she wants something or needs something. She sleeps around so she isn't home a lot. Shocking. I know. 

I walk down stairs to see her making food. "Morning sweetie." She says kissing my cheek and continuing to cook. "Morning mom. What's up?" I ask her. 

"Nothing, wanted to see if you would baby sit the house while I go on a trip for a month." She says. "Sure." I say smiling. I get to have parties and all that. 

She smiles and gives me the food that she made. She goes upstairs and packs her clothes. My phone vibrates. I grab my phone to see a text from Sierra. 

' Hey, wanted to know if you would like to spend the night over here? ' The text reads. ' Sure. I'll be over when my mom leaves. ' I sent back and finished eating. 

I washed my dishes and headed upstairs. 

I packed my clothes and waited til my mom left. Once she left, I rode my bike over to Sierra's house, which is down the road.

I parked my bike and walked to the door. I knocked. "Hey." Sierra said and letted me in. 

I walk in and put my stuff on the couch, I'll bring my stuff upstairs when I go upstairs. We sat and played truth or dare with her boyfriend, Brent. 

An hour later, Brent left and Sierra and I went upstairs and talked. I had brung my stuff up with me. Sierra went to take a shower. Her brother,Cam walked in. "Oh Hi Taylor!" He says and hugged me. "Hey!" I say. I have a huge crush on Cameron. He's very nice and funny. We talked til Sierra was done. We all laid on the ground and watched movies on netflix. I ended up falling asleep cuddled against Cameron since I was cold.

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