Midnight and Mystic plans to infiltrate the enemy's base with the intent of killing them. Nobody can dodge the bullet of love. What will happen if one of them falls in love? Will the mission be a success or a failure?


1. Fighter

It was time for Midnight and Mystic to infiltrate the enemy’s fraternity base. The enemy’s fraternity base was located inside a different university campus aside from Midnight and Mystic’s university. They planned to infiltrate the enemy’s base to kill them.

They wanted to annihilate their enemy inside their own university but since they were known inside it, there was no other choice. Midnight was the fraternity leader whilst Mystic was the second-in-command. Their faces were known worldwide considering the fact that they were the strongest fraternity in the whole wide world.

They were bored.

And the only way to get out of their boredom was to kill the enemies.

“Are you ready?” Mystic asked her bestfriend. Mystic was a small girl. She looked quite fragile because of her body structure. Nobody would guess that she was dangerous since she always smiled and looked studious. Her tanned skin stood out in the city since most of the people were pale.

Midnight was the complete opposite of Mystic. “Of course,” she smirked. Midnight looked dangerous and she lived up for her name. Her conscience was close to none at all. If she wanted to kill, she would. Blood splattered on her pale skin excited her.  

They knew what they were doing and they knew what they wanted to do.

With their fake ID’s, they entered the enemy’s realm with the consequences in mind.


“Are you sure you want to join?” the current leader of the Home Fraternity asked them for the seventh time. Her alias was Destiny and Mystic thought that she couldn’t be any more stupid than she already was. Midnight on the other hand knew that this was just her being civil since she was the fraternity leader too. Midnight knew of the process because she went through it all, much painful than what Mystic went through.

Midnight didn’t earn the title of being a leader for nothing.

“Yes,” Mystic told her.

“Do you want to be baptized now?” Fortune asked. She was the second-in-command of the Home Fraternity. Fortune thought that the two looked tough.

A guy caught Midnight’s attention. His name was Jace. He was quiet and that intrigued her. Midnight was a sucker for romance but she knew all too well that she couldn’t have romance with a mortal enemy. But that didn’t stop her from checking him out since he was tall and had God’s favoured looks.

If only he wasn’t an enemy, Midnight thought.

Mystic noticed her best friend’s attraction. She wanted to support it since she knew that Midnight already went through so many heartbreaks but she also knew that it was forbidden. A Magma and a Home couldn’t be together…ever.

“Yes,” Midnight answered Fortune’s question.

Mystic went to the baptismal first. She knew of the consequences and the pain of being baptized. It wasn’t the most painful of the process since the initiation would be after a month of being baptized. Both knew that they weren’t going to be around during the initiation.

“Jace, go somewhere far with Valentine,” Destiny ordered the boy. Midnight used Valentine since her alias was already known all throughout the world. Mystic went with another alias, Neon.

Midnight followed Jace. She never stopped studying his actions. She didn’t know what made her so attracted to him.

“Are you nervous?” Jace asked.

“Not at all,” she answered honestly. Midnight wasn’t afraid of the pain since her fraternity was more brutal than this one.

“That’s good,” he smiled at her and that was enough for Midnight to feel butterflies in her stomach. “When I joined, nobody thought that I would be able to get pass through it,”

“But you did,” Midnight enjoyed the conversation…but she knew that nothing good would come out of it.

“I stayed in school every day until midnight before,” Jace reminisced. “I remember my father beating me up whenever I was late…so that occurred a lot,”

Midnight’s heart broke. It pained her to know that this guy that she was talking with went through some awful beatings. She remembered the time when her mother used to beat her up. She never wanted anyone to experience that, especially the guy that she was attracted to. Jace told her the story about the time that he joined the fraternity and Midnight listened with full intent.

It was time for them to go back so they did. Midnight looked at Mystic and noticed that she was staring straight ahead. Midnight knew that they hurt her because of the baptismal.

Later on, they would get revenge.

Jace placed a blindfold on Midnight’s eyes. She looks tough, Jace thought. Jace was excited to have Midnight in his fraternity.

Jace saw it…he saw how Midnight got beaten up and it attracted him to know that she didn’t even flinch. It was like she was used to the pain.

He never knew of anyone like her.

He didn’t know of what he felt towards her bravery.

He knew that Midnight went through a more painful beating than Mystic since she was tall. Fragile girls like Mystic would have had it more nicely than tall ones like Midnight. In Jace’s perspective, he thought that it was unfair…but it wouldn’t do him any good to question his fraternity’s rules and regulations.

Midnight stood up like nothing happened. She stood up like she didn’t feel anything at all…which was true. She was used to the pain and something like this wasn’t a big deal to her.

“Take a rest,” Fortune’s tone was cruel and she was just doing what she was supposed to do. She needed to act cruel to those people who were going to join. “Go straight back home and be back here after two days,”

“Alright,” Mystic nodded.

Midnight and Mystic started to walk away from them. They stopped mid-way and everybody noticed. They didn’t know that Mystic already pulled her gun out from the holster placed on her right leg and Midnight already grabbed her knife that was hidden inside her left shoe.

Mystic didn’t hesitate to shoot the other fraternity members, including Fortune. Midnight went straight to their leader, Destiny, and stabbed her in the heart. They both took down their enemies one by one until the only one left was Jace…who was shocked of what was happening.

She doesn’t look tough…she’s ruthless, Jace thought. Jace got the hint that these two were members of the enemy’s fraternity…maybe they were the leaders.

Midnight walked his way towards Jace. Mystic gave her the chance to kill him. She knew that Midnight would feel burdened by the fact if she didn’t get to kill him.

Much to Jace’s surprise, Midnight cupped one of his cheeks with her free hand and kissed him. Jace didn’t know why he responded to her kiss. Maybe he was afraid…or maybe he enjoyed it. He didn’t know.

Midnight pulled away from him and whispered, “I’m sorry,” before she stabbed him on the back. She saw Jace fell on the ground, lifeless. Mystic saw that killing Jace pained her friend but she still managed to turn around and tell her, “Mission completed.”

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