Crimson Carnival

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Welcome to Crimson Carnival a place where the most horrible and haunting stories exist. A place so dark and evil all your FEARS will come true.

So this book is going to be series of short stories focused on horror, murder, mystery and the paranormal.


2. You Are What You Eat

(Present day)

You are what you eat, that's what they say, isn't it?



The large sign above the door reads,

Welcome to Maria's

Its' bold lettering catches Sophia's attention, the delightful smell catches her nose. She makes her way into the new little corner restaurant, the farther in she gets, the better the smell. A middle-aged woman stands behind the marble counter, a radiant smile is plastered firmly upon her lips.

The woman greets her, her voice is thick with an Italian accent. She introduces herself as Maria Fuchellie, her brown hair is pulled tightly into a bun, and her brown eyes shine as bright as her smile.

Sophia smiles, "I'm not sure what to get. Everything sounds, and smells wonderful."

Maria laughs, "Well take your time. Not to brag, but I can assure you it's all delicious."

"Well I'll take the meatball sandwich, it sounds extra good."


(Four days earlier)

"I can't take it anymore if you not hitting me you're asleep!" Maria yells loudly at her husband.

"Why can't you just drop dead?!" Exclaimed her husband.

Unbridled fury rises up in Maria as her husband walks away from her. She grabs a large knife from the wood knife block resting on the counter, the handle feels good in her hand. It almost feels like freedom, it makes her feel powerful, unstoppable.

She raises the knife high above head, "You'll never speak to me that way again!" 

She brings the knife down in a flurry of rage and hatred. It strikes him in the middle of his back, he winces in pain.

He groans loudly, his heart palpitating he falls onto the ground. The blood on the blade of the knife runs down her hand,  it feels warm against her flesh. She stares at him wide-eyed, all she felt was empowerment.

"Maria, stop!" he begs. His hand in front of him.

"Stop you say." she huffs, "How many times have I begged you to stopped? You'd hit and hit, and never once did my begging stop you."

She brings the knife down into his chest, again and again, she stabs him. She laughs loudly as the blade makes a sickening sound as the blade grinds against his bones. Blood peppers the walls and floor, blood squirts across her face.

She keeps stabbing him long after he had died, nearly two-hundred time she had brought the blade down.

She stops. After staring at the bloody knife for what felt like a long time, but could have only been a few seconds, she tosses it into the sink. She looks down at her clothes, now soaked in blood. Her face is covered with her husband's blood, she wipes her hand down her face, then brushes her hair back.

She stares wide-eyed at him, "What to do with you now, you sorry, pathetic excuse for a human being?" 


(Present day)

Maria loves to greet each and every last one of her customers as they enter. The meatball sandwich and hefty meat stew sell like hotcakes. Her customers praise her cooking.


But what did Maria do with her husband's body? Well, I hope her patrons are enjoying her food.

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