Crimson Carnival

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Welcome to Crimson Carnival a place where the most horrible and haunting stories exist. A place so dark and evil all your FEARS will come true.

So this book is going to be series of short stories focused on horror, murder, mystery and the paranormal.


4. The Shadows

A long shadowy figure moves up the wide dark hall, he drags his feet, shuffling them, causing a light scraping sound upon the hardwood floor. He rakes his bony fingers down the wall as he continues to walk forward slowly, I feel my heart thump heavily. My mouth becomes dry, dread fills my throat choking me. It becomes evident I can not scream nor move, just the same as it had been every night for a week, a whole week of this ghastly figure lurking in the hall every night.

I feel the throb of a headache start, although painful, I had come to expect them, just as I expect this sinister shadow of a man I see every night to come as well. The noise of his steps seem to increase, I feel the room spin around me.

Please, just one night. One night free of the shadows and the fears, I would give anything for just one peaceful night's sleep. He nearly reaches the threshold of our bedroom, I see his hands are black with death and gnarled with decay. His eyes glow a menacing fiery red, I hear a raspy hiss escape his throat just as he is about to talk.

I feel the scream that had been caught in my throat for ten minutes or better makes its escape, I let out a series of loud terrifying screeches, each scream last several seconds and are very ear piercing. After letting out several screams of fear I feel a cold hand grab my arm and the light suddenly comes on.

It takes only a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the new lighting that had pierced the darkness that had surrounded me only a few short moments ago. I look down at the hand that grasps me, as soon as my eyes grace the hand I knew instantly it was my husband. As ashamed as I am to admit it when I was in the dark filled with ghastly shadows that came after me, I had forgotten he was there. Forgotten completely that he was there by my side, snuggled into the blankets, sleeping as someone with normal circumstances would be doing.

He doesn't believe me when I tell him of the shadows that plague me and of the darkness that beckons for me nightly. Quickly I shift my attention to the doorway of our bedroom, the figure is gone, making its escape as it always did every time the light was turned on.

"Not again."

His voice pierces the silence like a knife.

"Yes, again. The same thing again, the same creature lurked in the hall again tonight, as it has lurked there since we moved here a week ago."

He places a comforting arm around me, "Honey, it's only dreams. Nightmares, nightmares caused by being thrust into an odd place. The longer you're here, the more you'll become at ease with this place, the more those nightmares will fade."

After a brief moment more of taking comfort in his arms, the light is turned off and he has insisted I get some sleep this night. But, how can I sleep? Was I dreaming perhaps? But, then again I could not have been dreaming, for I know I've been unable to sleep and therefore I must have been awake.


That afternoon Mitchel, my husband, had made me feel more comfortable being in the house, the only person who can get me to enjoy myself in this house, after a whole week of terrifying shadows or dreams as Mitchel insists they are. I love that man, but sometimes he just doesn't understand me.

Me at only twenty-six and him at thirty have known each other for two years and we have been married for one year, three months and five days to be precise. Although we have been married only a short time, it was a good marriage and every moment is precious to me. I know he loves me and I love him.

I can't have kids and although we could adopt kids, we don't feel ready for that yet. I'll be honest and own up to my inner thoughts, I am not ready for that responsibility. I want kids someday, though, just at a time when I know I am ready to be a mom and Mitchel is ready to be a dad.

"Rebecca?" He looks at me mischievously, "I could build a fire, you could bring a blanket down off the bed, it would be romantic, baby,  and maybe a change will do some good." He kisses my hand. "It'll be like our honeymoon remember?"

"Hmm, let me see." I look away as though I am having trouble recalling our honeymoon.

"I can make you remember," his kisses my neck playfully.

"Oh yes, that. I remember that. How could I forget? I'll go get the blanket."

He laughs playfully at our corny joke.


No shadows had come to visit me that night. Now I feel slightly foolish for I am starting to believe that I had been dreaming all along.

I make my way upstairs, the night air comes through the open windows making everything smell sweet of spring flowers. I walk past my vanity in our room, the scarf I have across it is somewhat rumpled, I reach to straighten it, something in me can't stand to see things crooked.

As soon as my fingers brush against the cloth, a hand wraps it black bony fingers around my wrist. My scream sticks in my throat. I try to pull away, prying at the gruesome fingers. The nails dig into my skin, I see several small drops of blood fall upon the white scarf.

I look in the mirror to see the dark shadow with the deep red eyes that had lurked in the hall look back at me. It lets out a long low growl, it's eyes glow with contempt, I feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up as fear takes me utterly over. It grabs onto my wedding ring, it pulls at the object furiously scratching my skin. It gives up on the ring, I try to pull away, my voice still fails me when I try to scream. With its long pointed nails it begins to carve a word into the back of my hand, the skin stings intently.

Suddenly it releases my hand as the shadow disappears. Fearfully I look down upon my hand. The letters the creature had carved into me spell the word "LEAVE!" The wedding ring is covered in blood, small drops fall to the ground. As I watch the drops becomes darker and the blood begins to run faster from my wounds and around the ring, soon the blood becomes the darkest midnight black as a puddle of ever darkening blood forms around me.

My scream finally manages to leave my throat, and what a loud shrill scream it is. After it leaves my lips I fall, everything goes black.


I stand motionless, the black figure circles around me. For some reason, although I am frightened, I still find a measure of ease being with this thing. It has a dark cloak and hood covering its' body and face, the bits of skin that are visible are black, rotten with decay, just as its' hand was when it lurked in the hall.

"You fear me?"

Its' voice was that of a girl, something that shocks me. Her voice almost sounds sweet.

"I do" the words leave me without a moment's thought.

Suddenly her form changes to that of a young woman. Small and fragile looking, beaming pure innocence. My heart races, my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth.

"What do you want with me?"

Her cold fingers touch my cheek, "I wanted to help you. But it's too late now."

"What do you mean? What are you talking about?"

My heart beats rapidly, I begin to breathe so hard my lungs hurt.

She places her icy fingers to my temple, "Michael murdered me. He said that he loved me, but he killed me, in this very house."

Like a vision I see it happen as she talks, he had drowned her in the pool. The young woman's legs kick furiously trying to elude his grasp. Before long her body goes limp, and she ceased to live. My soul is crushed when I see the face of Micheal, for it was my husband Mitchel.

I pull away from the spirits reach, "No. No, it isn't true. It can't be, Mitchel loves me!"

With that, I awake to see Mitchel or Michael or whatever his name is standing over me. I pull away in fear. I don't even know what to believe.

"She's done it again hasn't she? She's lied to you like she did the others."

All those times he had seen her in the hall, he knew who she was and pretended not to.

"She was your wife and you killed her!"

"No, she's lying. I had to kill her, she wasn't my wife but in her mind, she thought she was. She killed my fiance and I had to kill Kate in self-defense. She's haunted me ever since."

I pull myself off of the ground, I make a mad dash for the hall. He's crazy and a liar. He said he loved me, but it was all lies. Just as I reach the stairs I see Kate appear, she mouths the word run, and I obey. Halfway down she grabs ahold of my shoulders.

"You little bitch you think you can take what's mine" with that she throws me down the stairs. 

Pain shoots through my entire body, I hear my bones crack like brittle sticks as I tumble down the rest of the long staircase.

When I open my eyes I find that I can't move, I see her descend the stairs, floating nearly a foot above them. Michael suddenly appears next to me, how he got there I haven't a clue.

"Please help me." my voice is weak and just above a whisper.

My horror only rises when I see both Kate and him turn to black forms of rotten flesh. "Why are you doing this to me."

"Sorry babe, but for every girl or man, either of us kills one of us get to be human for five years. A deal with the devil, literally. You see though it's Kate's turn, and I, well... I'm sorry to say you're her sacrifice."

"Oh," she wraps her body around his, "It ain't perty either." She pulls out a knife, "Ever heard of the death of thousand cuts? Yeah, it's something kinda like that."

Micheal holds me down as she takes the knife and makes long slashes across my skin.


A young woman with flowing red hair approaches a man, "Hi I'm Rebecca."

She holds out her hand, it was Rebecca's body, but it was filled with the evil soul of Kate.

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