Crimson Carnival

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Welcome to Crimson Carnival a place where the most horrible and haunting stories exist. A place so dark and evil all your FEARS will come true.

So this book is going to be series of short stories focused on horror, murder, mystery and the paranormal.


10. The Devil's Playground

When evil resides in your heart; it becomes the devil's playground.


She takes long strides towards her prey. A look of hatred firm upon her face, rage in her ice cold eyes.

"No, please, I thought you were my friend!"

"I was" She looked down coldly at her once good friend laying in a heap on the ground. "But, you couldn't keep your eyes off of him. You know how I feel about him, but you went after him anyways. I can't forgive you for that."

"No please, A...

With a hard wack, she brings the hammer down on the back of her defenseless friend's skull. With a sickening crack and an agonizing scream her friend's head began to bleed. She scampers a little way on her hands and knees.

She chases quickly behind her ex-friend, the grip on her hammer ever tightening. Her heart pounds with excitement, she likes the feeling of being in control of another person's life. She would decide whether she lived or died, and in this case, she was to die.

Three times she brings the hammer down on the other girl's head, by the time her attack ceased, so did the girl's life. She had ended her life, and it gave her a rush such as she had never felt before. She let the power she felt course through her veins, she rubs her fingers across the hammer, touching the blood that covers it.

She quickly tosses the hammer into her bookbag, she took a quick look around the woods that surround her, she wanted to be sure no one had seen the wicked and evil deed she had committed. But, as she left the area, she failed to see the young boy behind the tree, he had seen all.



Later that day she took a walk, she likes the way the night air feels in her lungs. She wonders if she'll ever be able to match the high she had felt earlier, revolting teenager she had become. An evil youth, swimming in her own sins. 

Katelyn knew that she liked Collin, she had a crush on him for over a year, and Katelyn knew damn well that she was going to finally approach Collin, but Katelyn beat her to the punch. Some friend, who knew that your childhood best friend was going to stab you in the back.

Well, that will never happen again, she had seen to that. Katelyn would no longer be able to hurt her anymore, and now she could have Collin all to herself.

This is what she had become, a heartless creature with evil deeds heavily weighted upon her back. No remorse for her sins, just an empty feeling, no sadness or sorrow. She had crossed a line that there was no going back across now, this sin would be her's to carry forever.


She looked up, "Oh, hi Billy."

He came to her side, they talked about school and the things they did in their free time as they walk. But as they approach the woods where she had ended Katelyn's life, Billy leaned into her ear.

"I saw what you did, but don't worry. I won't tell, it's our secret. Your's and mine."

She pulled away from him, "What do you want."

He smiles, his eyes light up behind his glasses. "Just what I've always wanted. That's you, yes I've always wanted you. Since third grade, I loved you before I even liked girls."

She tosses her bookbag onto the ground, "I never even knew." She looks him up and down, "Well, I could do worse."

With that, she laid down on the grass, "Well, what are you waiting for Romeo, I thought you wanted me."

A wide smile fills his face, his teeth show in between his lips. "Here?"

"Oh how stupid of me, I guess we should go to my house. Hell, let's charge five dollars to each of my parents to watch."

"You don't have to be so sarcastic."

Billy straddles her waist, he moves awkwardly, his hand trembles as he unzips her jacket. She rolls her eyes, she pushes him off of her, he falls onto his back. She climbs onto him, she starts to kiss his neck. And I swear if he were to get any more excited, his glasses would steam up.

She reaches over into her bag, pulling out the hammer, still covered with blood. She smiles. She strikes him, again and again. Until there is little left of his skull, no one would be able to identify him by his face, that's for sure, considering there wasn't any of his face left.

She climbs off of him, she tosses her hair back while looking down at him. "You were so naive, poor Billy."


She came home late, it was well past dark by the time she got back.

"Amelia, where have you been?"

Amelia smiles, oh I went for a walk that's all.

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