Crimson Carnival

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Welcome to Crimson Carnival a place where the most horrible and haunting stories exist. A place so dark and evil all your FEARS will come true.

So this book is going to be series of short stories focused on horror, murder, mystery and the paranormal.


8. Curiosity Killed The Kat

They say that curiosity did, in fact, kill the cat.


"Kat" Ernest whined, "Do we really have to break into a dead guys place?" 

"Yes," she replied quickly, "I told you, he kept that one room locked all the time. The guy didn't use a bank, and in all the time I worked for him he never even let me see what was in that precious room of his. Don't you get it? His valuable stuff must be in there."

Ernie looked away unconvinced. Kat, who was quick to temper, lashed out at him. "What's a'matter baby, scared?" She mocked him, "And you said you loved me."

"I do, I, I.." he turned, "I'm sorry."

"That's better ya bloody wanker." 

He looked down, hoping the ground would swallow him, but of course, it didn't. He wanted to hide meekly from her. He loved her, but she's always just so bloody mean to him. He took her abuse for two years now, both were nineteen and had known each other since they had been kids. He always knew Kat had a temper, but her anger was strongly focused on him since they became lovers.

He knew he would never have the heart to leave her, so he just took her abuse like it was candy. Ernie was smaller than her, skinny with thick black frame glasses. Kat had streaming amber hair, and piercing brown eyes.

She gave up on trying to pick the lock of the front door, she retrieved a large rock from the dirt. She pulled her arm back and sent it sailing through the window. The glass shattered loudly, falling to the ground in a tiny million pieces.

"Kat, are you crazy!" Ernie stares at her wide-eyed, "Do you want someone to hear us? Quit acting so reckless."

She snatched him by his collar, "One, there's no one around. And two, don't you ev'a tell me what ta do again!"

She released him, "Help me up Ern" she pointed to the window.


Cobwebs had already formed across the archway from the living room to the kitchen. It had been a week since the old man's heart stopped ticking, that's the term Kat used. The house was huge, large enough to house three families, at least.

Ernie had somehow lost his way, when Kat looks back behind her he was nowhere to be seen.

"The fucker probably just left me here alone. That chicken, oh well I don't need him," she said under her breath.

Every step she took made several boards creak loudly. The place was entirely more creepy than it had been when Kat left.

How did it fall into disrepair so fast, she was only gone for two months when she got the news that the man she worked for had kick the bucket.

She heard creaking behind her, at first she thought it was Ernest, then she thought it was her imagination. She hated the way the dust felt on her hands when she touched something, she had always wanted things around her to be immaculate.

Something wet glimmered in the beam of her flashlight. She touched the small pool of liquid with two fingers. She was startled to find it was blood on the tips of her fingers.

Drops of blood led up the hall, the trail ended in front of the room she had talked about. The one that her employer wouldn't let anyone in. She jostled the handle of the door, it was unlocked. How strange, she thought.

I have to see what's in there, never mind the blood. I have to see, she thought.

She opened the door to see a putrid sight. She let out a gasp, "Ernie!"

There he sat in the corner of the bare room, against the wall. Blood coated him head to toe, his glasses lay smashed near the doorway. His mouth was frozen open in a scream he had yet to release. His left hand looked odd, she couldn't understand his fingers had been cut off. Deep gouges covered his arms and face, his once sandy hair was red with blood. And worst of all his eyes were gone, taken from his skull.

Kat could have sworn her heart stopped beating for a moment. She started to back away, Ernie suddenly gripped her ankle with his right hand.

He was still alive! As unbelievable as it was he still lived.

"Help me, Kat, please help" he choked.

She kicked his hand away, "Help ya'self."

With that she turned to leave, the door slammed closed. The handle rattle, but the door would not budge.

"You would have left me."

Ernie rose, he came towards her. His looks were gruesome, yet he walked towards her as if nothing was wrong.

"You can't be alive!" she screeched as he grabbed her.

"I'm not" he pushed his face into her's. He kissed her hard, biting her lip.

Kat became limp in his arms, her eyes were rolled up in her head. He let her down, he shook her. 


He let her fall to the ground, "Eric, I think she's dead!"

He backed away, he began to remove some of the gross props and make-up.

"It was only a joke."

Eric stepped from the shadows, "Brother you have to be wrong. The joke was to be played on her, not yo...

He stopped talking as he felt her pulse. She was dead. He looked at Ernie, he shook his head letting him know she was truly dead.

"Her heart must have been bad" Eric explained.

Ernie began to cry, he wrapped her in his arms.

"She can't be dead. It was only a joke, just to teach her for being so mean to me."

"It was just a joke. Just a joke. Just a joke" he mumbles it over and over. 

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