Crimson Carnival

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Welcome to Crimson Carnival a place where the most horrible and haunting stories exist. A place so dark and evil all your FEARS will come true.

So this book is going to be series of short stories focused on horror, murder, mystery and the paranormal.


5. Crimson Carnival 3

Amelia finds herself in immense pain, as the details of this monster's last story were told, she could feel the very deep gouges that had been dug into the flesh of Rebecca as Kate tortured her unmercifully for hours. It took hours for her to die, hours of pain and suffering. And Amelia could feel every tantalizing second of it within only a few moments time.

"Are you enjoying the stories, my dear? Oh, I know that you are. But fear not my child, the stories have not come to an end, yet."

His eyes glared with hate, his gleeful smile told of the sinful enjoyment that filled his heart. Amelia had yet to lie eyes upon him, at this point, she wasn't sure she wanted to. Then again, a morbid curiosity filled her heart, and she desired to see him more than anything at the same time.

His cruel voice sears into her mind, pain grips her body and soul. She mentally begs for this inhuman torture to end. She prays for an escape. If only she had a moment's peace, a minute to figure out what exactly is happening. A second to try and understand how any of this could be possible. To that she knew the answer very well, it is impossible. No matter how you slice it and dice it, it is impossible.

This is supernatural, whatever this force is he possesses, it is sinister, maniacal and filled with pure evil.

He growls a low hum of the same creepy carnival music she had heard earlier, he stops suddenly. "Alright. Time for another story."

She squirms around, struggling to free herself. her eyes beg him to stop.

"Love, a pathetic emotion I might add, is the driving force for this story." he chuckles. "It's romance with a... bad side" he hisses, "none of that sickening gloppy glop."

He makes the chair Amelia is in spin furiously, a wave of nausea sweeps over her. "See? That's how that lovesick stuff makes me feel."

He cracks out in a gleeful laugh. He wraps his hand in her hair, pulling hard he rips out some of her hair. She whimpers. "Oh shut up! You're pathetic, you're just a simple toy for me to entertain myself with."

She winces and whimpers some more, "Quit that infernal whining, I can't stand it. Your pathetic whines grade my nerves. If you're going to scream, holler like a real woman."

He takes two fistfuls of her hair, he releases the strap that gags her. He rips her head side to side, the strap around her neck digs in deep. She screams in agony, he pulls back quickly, jerking her head against the chair. A massive amount of hair is left in his hands, she screams from the terrific pain. He gags her once more.

Her screams were likened to a symphony for him,  as he sinfully enjoyed her torment.

"There, see? That's how a real woman screams." He chuckles, then tenses. "Let us begin."  

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