Crimson Carnival

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Welcome to Crimson Carnival a place where the most horrible and haunting stories exist. A place so dark and evil all your FEARS will come true.

So this book is going to be series of short stories focused on horror, murder, mystery and the paranormal.


3. Crimson Carnival 2

Amelia saw the story as he told it to her, the brutality made her stomach churn. She never could stand violence, but she had just witnessed the carving of a man. A man stabbed to death by his wife. Rivers of tears flow down her face, her nausea persists to the point she almost loses consciousness.

"Oh god, no more. Please no more. I can't take it."

He laughs heartily, "but dear child there is plenty more to hear and see."

He clasps his hands together and the straps holding Amelia tighten. They dig into her skin, even more, pain consumes her body.

She screams loudly. "Now we can't have all the noise when I'm trying to tell a story." Displeasure and annoyance filled his deep voice.

A piece of clothing wraps around her mouth, it's tight and it makes her want to gag.

He holds a hand up to his ear, "What's that? I can't hear you."

A long evil laugh penetrates her ear. He enjoyed her suffering, relished in it rather.

"Ya ever been afraid of what lurks in the shadows? Oh, you should be." 

He dances across the stage, "Ha ha ha! Have I got a story for you"

He quickly appears behind her, she still hadn't been able to lay an eye on him. He scrapes his nails down her arm, "Oh fun, fun, fun. We are going to have some fun." He sings loudly as he digs into her harder.

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