Crimson Carnival

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Welcome to Crimson Carnival a place where the most horrible and haunting stories exist. A place so dark and evil all your FEARS will come true.

So this book is going to be series of short stories focused on horror, murder, mystery and the paranormal.


6. Candlelight Love

Love be likened a candle,
For a time it burns brightly,
And then it is gone.


Bert Huebard loved his wife with a passion, his heart belonged to her. He would have given her the world or died trying if she asked it of him. They seemed so happy, so loving, so perfect. The envy of all their neighbors.

But then one day Claire was gone. Not even a goodbye was granted to Bert, only a note stating, and I quote 'I've found someone better than you. In every way, including the bedroom'.

This broke Bert's heart, neighbors didn't see him for weeks. His life in tatters and shambles, he found he was lost without her. 

Or, so everyone thought.


"Elmer, he did something to her. I just know it."

Mary Kempner had ridden her husband all week about how Bert Huebard had done something to his wife. Nearly sixty years of age, Mary had nothing better to do than spy on the neighbors. Truth be told she had always been a nosy neighbor. But, she had become borderline obsessed with spying on the neighbors since she retired.

"Mary will you stop spying on that poor man. Can't you see he's in enough pain, with his wife leaving him and all?"

"No! He did something to her. Maybe...maybe he killed her."

Later that evening Mary stopped by Bert's house, a cherry pie in tow. She had waited for her husband to leave for his weekend trip he had planned, she hadn't bothered to mention she was going over to Bert's house. Elmer would have called it snooping, and it was snooping really. She peeped in the window of his front door, while she waited for him to answer it.

A toothy smile on her face was the greeting she gave to him when he opened the door, "Hi, Bert. I thought you might like some home cooked dessert? Since Claire is...I mean, I, uh."

He grumbled slightly under his breath, making it apparent her dropping in like this was certainly unwanted and most likely unwelcome.

He reached out for the pie, "Thankya" he stated in a gruff sort of tone, running both words together.

She pulled back, losing her smile momentarily. "I thought that maybe we could talk for awhile. Elmer has gone fishing for the weekend and I thought we could kill...uh, pass some time talking."

He looked around, so strange. Mary shook away her unease determined to get inside his house that night. "Fine" he nodded, "Come in."

Anxiety clouded his chiseled face, and she could see it well, but did she care? No. She was bound and determined to see the inside of his home. For reasons she was unsure of, but it's like something she just had to do, or at least that's the thought that echoes in her mind.

After fifteen minutes inside of his house, she asked where his bathroom was, and if she could use it. He gave her the directions, but as she approached the bathroom she spied a door at the end of the hall. Obviously, it leads to the basement, her nosy intuition told her to go down the steps and have a look-see.

She retrieved a small flashlight from her purse before descending down the narrow steps. A horrid churning begins in her gut, she quakes slightly with every step. She had never liked stairs, going up steps wasn't so bad, it was going down that bothered her.

A shadowed figured loomed in the darkness, it appeared to be a person in a chair. The closer she got the more detail she could see, her flashlight was dim however it casts a yellow sort of glow. Long blonde hair dangles over the back of a plush red velvet chair, the back of it being towards Mary she couldn't really see who the person was. But it sure as hell looked like Claire to her.

"Oh Claire, thank God. I thought I'd never find you."

No answer.

She then spotted a rope around the chair, Bert had tied his wife to this chair. Shock was her first emotion, then anger and even a certain amount of happiness, for she was right. Bert had done something to her, and Elmer thought that she was a fool this whole time for suspecting him of doing anything wrong. 

"Don't worry Claire. I'll get you out of here."

Not a peep. No movement, not even a little jerk.

She walks around to the front of the chair. Her eyes widen in utter terror, a scream sticks in her throat. A sudden thwack upon the top of her head sends Mary to the ground, dead. Bert stood tall, wiping a bit of blood spatter from his face. He clasps a shovel in his hand.


"Don't worry my love. You will never have to be lonely, for I have found you a second friend to keep you company."

He sat Mary down on the couch opposite of Claire so she could see her. Her lifeless corpse was not alone, next to her sat Claire's lover, Joseph, also dead. Joseph was partially decayed.

He kneels before Claire and strokes her hair, he kisses her bandaged hand.

All this horror and killing was the result of one terrible night when Bert had come home to find his wife and her lover together in his own bed. He struck Claire sending her unclothed body to the floor, he then struck Joseph with a hammer several times, killing him. She was loopy still when he dragged her by her hair down the steps to the basement, he hit her again to keep her from screaming.

"See my cherished one I will take care of you." He looked affectionately at his wife's lifeless corpse for he had choked the life out of her.

In his mind he thought of her as if she were still alive, he had bandaged her like a mummy and sat her in the basement. She too was decaying, but all he saw was the beauty that had once inhabited her.

But he didn't wish for her to be alone, so he brought her some company. 

"I won't let anyone take you from me." he again places his lips to her hand, "I love you, my dear."

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